1. They're only for show so no one bothers you every five minutes asking why you are wandering up and down looking at the ground for other hints.

  2. I bet they do it because the guy who trained them in told them to do that. If I saw it, I'd definitely be asking WTF they're doing instead of leaving them alone.

  3. They used them in my home town in Massachusetts. Me and a couple coworkers were having a good laugh about it but these old water fuckers really thought they were using science.

  4. They might be confusing listening rods with dowsing rods. Water engineers who repair leaks sometime use a long metal Rod that is placed against their ear and the road. A skilled user can “hear” the sound of leaking water conducted through the rod to their ear. If they are using real dowsing rods - wouldn’t they stop using them if they didn’t work?

  5. The problem is if you Google, there's a bunch of stuff debunking it that comes up first. Which is what everyone is doing here, then pretending to be an expert.

  6. I mean mythbusters refused to do a dowsing episode because it would “literally make a fool” out of the professional “dowser” they would’ve had to bring on.

  7. They for an objective fact do not. It’s two sticks you hold together that move due to slight movements of the hand caused by ideomotor response. They do literally nothing. This has been tested; not because they were convincing, but to stop people from claiming they can tell what’s underground by holding and moving two sticks with their hands. It’s a long dead issue. Nothing at all underground is impacting these rods or sticks. Idk why or how people still exist who could possibly believe this. I’m not just trying to be mean to you. This kind of thing is honestly depressing

  8. They don’t find leaks. The person using them sometimes finds leaks using actual experience and luck, and attributes it to dowsing rods, which 100 percent do not do anything.

  9. I’ve used dosing rods and they worked, my aunt has used them very effectively as well. I’ve seen other people use them and they work. My dad is the only person who I’ve seen that can’t use them

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