1. Im for canceling student loans but I’m also very worried that they won’t do anything else to change the system. What about the people that start college the day after? Do they still get saddled with debt. Please cancel the loans but they have to fix the broken system that is causing them.

  2. While I was healing after my 3rd surgery, I was on Reddit and they said they found the cure for cancer. I was pissed.

  3. Tbh there are different types of mad. You could be mad that you had to suffer when next day you wouldn't have. Or you could be mad that everyone else wouldn't need to suffer the same as you. The difference is what and who

  4. That’s fair. What these people should be saying to themselves isn’t “Why do other people get it and I don’t” but instead “Why didn’t they do this sooner”

  5. False equivalence. Curing cancer would be the equivalent of free education - no one has to bear the burden of student loans going forward. A one-time cancellation of student loans does nothing. Systemic change will come when we reduce our bloated military spending and use that towards healthcare and education.

  6. That reminds me of another similar short comic I saw once. It was based on the trolley problem, but different.

  7. it's not that it's unfair to people who already paid off the loans, it's that it's unfair to people who skipped school to avoid the loans. if you swap "education" with "house" it makes things clear.

  8. No person in the world should even be helped unless you can give equal amount of help simultaneously to everyone. If any person on the planet refuses this exact help, it should be withdrawn from anyone who needs it.

  9. We're just taught for the first quarter of our lives that our lives will be worthless without a degree

  10. I have no sympathy for anyone who voluntarily contracts cancer out of hope for increased material gain.

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