1. The parachute and wings is the beret insignia of the ARVN Airborne Division, however that was one on a bright red beret, while at least in this pic yours looks more like the maroon beret worn by the ARVN rangers. The "Vietnam" and "Sorry Bout That" tabs were souvenir items popular with US military personnel serving in Vietnam and were mainly worn on "cowboy" style boonies, so much so that the style of boonie was referred to as "Sorry 'Bout That hats" by some.

  2. My sincere gratitude for your thorough and informative response. I caught on to the Airborne, but was curious about the “Sorry Bout That Vietnam.” Yes, this is a burnt umber/chestnut colored beret. I’ve seen the “Sorry Bout That Vietnam” more commonly associated with boonies hats. It’s a bit peculiar that the causal patches were placed on a formally associated hat. The possibilities are endless pertaining to who cobbled them together. Regardless, all the pieces seem original, except the beret. It appears too new to me and there is no tag. I wouldn’t refer to them as a faker, but perhaps an unknowledgeable collector or civilian pieced them together.

  3. It's an ARVN Airborne beret. The “Sorry Bout That Vietnam” 0seems to be from the 1st ACS (Special Operations Air Commando Special Activity Unit)

  4. The "Sorry Bout That" and "Vietnam" (or other place names in the same style such as "Thailand" or Tan Son Nhat") were souvenirs sold by street vendors and tailor shops and while they seem to have been especially popular with US Airmen, they were not unique to them or any specific unit.

  5. My Dad was a bombardier in the Marines and he had a set of the “sorry bout that” rockers in with some loose unit patches. They are obviously hand made, but I couldn’t say much else about them as I found them in some of things long after he died.

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