1. The US military used to create free fire zones and resettled thousands of villagers to new “safer” areas. I’ve read hundreds of autobiographies of infrantrymen and Huey pilots who mention it. I suggest you read a few - quite good. Obviously they were just individuals who didn’t understand why there were there a lot of the time but still performed admirably. The Vietnam war was screwed up in a lot of ways. There is a doco on Netflix called the Vietnam war (I think) which is EXCELLENT- highly recommend you watch it. Covers so much right from the beginning

  2. I am actually very interested in the autobiographies of infantrymen during that time, know of any good books to recommend? Also is the documentary you’re referencing the Ken Burns documentary? I definitely have to watch that, all his documentaries are great, the last one I saw was about World War II.

  3. The torching of villages used by the VC was done in order to deny them infrastructure. It was not done to make people talk, or to produce fear. It was ineffective and counterproductive because it was not done in any greater strategy of effective counter-insurgency. I could go on and on about this, but it’s 5:30 in the morning here and I’m just getting out of bed. The best thing I can recommend is to read John A. Nagl’s book Learning to Eat Soup With a Knife: Counterinsurgency Lessons From Malaya and Vietnam. It goes into great detail about the reasons for success and failure in each, contrasting the two in many areas. It’s also a great starting point to understanding the theory behind where the “Hearts and Minders” such as myself stand.

  4. Also the fact that so many of these comments are being downvoted really shows how controversial this issue is, even 50 years later, war is hell

  5. The US forces got repeatedly attacked and killed by the viet cong, and often never even saw them - so they took their frustration out on the civilians instead. There was mass murder of civilians in south vietnam on an epic scale, and this was the people the Americans claimed to be there to help! God knows how bad the war crimes would have been if they'd put troops on the ground in the north.

  6. it was a tactic used to make people talk,unfortunately the Vietnamese couldnt and wouldnt talk ,sure they like peace ,sure the want to be left alone ,but their kids man ,their kids were easily influenced by the cong ,and the nva ,some cash some clothes and sum gear and all the sudden you were soldier with a cause . either that or the cong would catch the young men and women outside the vill and either kill them or take them or torture them for refusing anything at all. so this alone was enough non cooperation to basicaly frustrate the shit out of the grunts and gi's in the shit. after being fucked with nasty traps and double crossed by mis information and greedy village leaders i can see why some huts burned the funny Vietnamese barber cutting the hair of young marines inside the qire of a fire base ,very well was the vc outside the wire at night planting toe poppers,and bouncing bitches on and off the trails .either that or walking the base interior and counting footsteps to help dial in mortars in the evening

  7. lemme correct you yankee . the US would catch young men and shot them in the face so later he wont join the VC because they have killed his entire family first , rape young girls and kill her afterwards . tortue people for refusing leaving their home and paddy fields . labbel it as casualties and repeat . no need to spread fake propaganda CIA officals we all know Vietcong are Southerners and it sounds stupid to kill their own families and neighbors . GIs deserved all of it and Vietnam vets who glorifys the war are sons of bitches

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