1. It's basically the same weapon it was pre-WoM. Where it was the meta Sienna melee weapon because everything else was shittier and famished didn't exist.

  2. Even before WoM it was bad against multiple enemies, just that people use stagger AoE staff a lot more before e.g. fireball staff and conflag staff to give crowd control.

  3. The 1h axes in general are bad, and the crowbill (Sienna's "1h axe") is the worst out of them all. The crowbill's counterparts — Saltzpyre/Bardin/Kerillian 1h axes were buffed in the

  4. its great on pyromancer! beam staff charge or flamestaff can really help with hoard clear, while crowbill nukes elites and bosses like its nothing, as the high damage and armor piercing really synergizes with your crit. other than that, there's basically no reason to use it lmao

  5. This %100. Don't need much cleave when you're swinging faster than a spider monkey on crack and crit'ing out the wazoo. I love tearing through armor with the crowbill.

  6. I use a lot of crowbill on Unchained legend CW, it's great. Most players use large cleave weapons so it complements the party well and you can really smash the heavier targets. It attacks pretty fast for a not so dense horde, and if it's too dense, you have a staff as well. Probably my fav weapon lately.

  7. Because it's an axe with like 50% or more unarmored damage per light attack missing. The tradeoff there is like 10% more armor damage but only against normal armor. Crowbill heavies are supposed to be what's good about it but they have terrible headshot opportunities.

  8. My favourite weapon in the game, and I know I'm weird. Low cleave actually makes me focus in this game, and i tend to prefer the non meta after all this time. Pair with conflagration for horde clear. Fine on UC or Pyro.

  9. Crowbill is fucking amazing. Its ok if you dont like it but it wrecks face on cata. I assume you're playing on champion or less, when shit gets really really hard it absolutely shreds. That's where it shines.

  10. I feel that the weapon is inconsistent with anti armor and should have a cleave attack with it's push block. That way your horde clear is behind a stamina restriction, making a specialist weapon but still versatile enough to handle other situations. A flame wave would be cool. Then they should raise it's raw damage and make all attacks deal burns. That would make it the single target weapon over the flail.

  11. Crowbils low cleave has always been an issue, and i never liked it due to that. 1 slave rat per swing was never going to cut it.

  12. The only reason I really dislike it is randoming into it on CW means I'm gonna have to down advil once the map is through. The game needs an autoswing toggle. ^

  13. In a time prewom (legend was the highest difficulty) there was a bug or something that allowed 1h axes/crowbill to hit up to 2 targets, I don't remember how it was in the perspective of balance but people liked it a lot and immediately felt it when the bug was fixed.

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