1. How often should you use lineups for your E ability compared to normal recons to stay less predictable? (I guess this could apply for Sova too).

  2. am i the only one that feels like prowlers have an insane amount of hp? either that or their hitbox is really small, because it always feels like i have to waste 8 shots on the prowler alone

  3. Is it better to aim for the area you want your E to go to, or to aim higher and press E to drop the haunt down in the right position?

  4. I find her kit pretty balanced, great utility and her walls very cool. With Neon having the duelist version of walls it's a shame we don't have another controller being able to split up the terrain, pressing my thumbs that the next controller will challenge her.

  5. OK hear me out ! KJ needs heavy buff . turret can be baited easily now and with addition of neon alarmbot can be baited too easily . Swamp granede can be destroyed and u cannot pick it up from far range in the buy phase . All setups are known and there are anti setup lineup to tackle kj utility from every agent As sova shockdarts , Breach utility , raze granede , Brim stim and u bait entire setup . U get one god Ultimate spot and there comes two shockdart flying and ruining the entire execution ! Wait 4/5 round to get the ult and get destroy by 300$ dart doesnt make sense !

  6. I can even Imagine of a Trailer of Kj Upgrading her Gadgets and her Ult should maybe detect other Players too to make it equal w other Ults

  7. Omen needs a bit of tuning, imo. The buffs to his shrouded step and dark cover are great, and I love seeing him become a meta pick, but as someone who mains him, I think his ultimate is a bit weak, and needs a buff. I think if they leaned into the info denying angle of the ability , where the map goes dark, I think it would be great. The deafen capabilities that Chamber and Fade introduced are really interesting, and just making it so that Omen's ultimate deafens the entire team, or maybe in a radius the size of a killjoy ult, would really give it more utility and versatility, on top of the clutch potential it already provides.

  8. Brim feels pretty healthy right now. Nothing special about him but nothing really overwhelming. Good team player, but if you got a solo mindset just go Omen.

  9. the raze ult timer needs to be changed where the timer only shows up when you’re ready to shoot the rocket. i don’t understand why the timer goes down even though you can’t shoot the ult. i don’t even want the ult to last longer, i just want to know when i’m able to shoot the rocket. i’ve died way too many times when the ult animation “finished” but i still can’t shoot it.

  10. Are any Cypher buffs planned for the future? Namely his ult, it simply feels underwhelming compared to the other ults, especially for the high ult orb price

  11. A quick tip is to place your cage in you instead of placing it on the entry if you have a kill-wire, if you are playing safe, then do the opposite. :3

  12. Let sage ult herself by having a limited period of time after activating it where she can take duels and revive automatically in place.

  13. I've been a sage main for a while now but I still can't seem to do those cool walls that flowascending does on his yt videos! Does anyone have any tips on how i should start to practice walling?

  14. I’m still a firm believer even with the nerf that chamber is the best character in the game. Even more justified if you’re a player with a good shot. Being able to hold any angle you won’t and immediately teleport to wherever you want in the radius they offer is insanely broken compared to any other ability in Valorant. I do think though chamber can be absolutely awful if they nerf him differently.

  15. I’m low elo but I just came here to say I enjoy playing Chamber a lot. I took a break and wasn’t around while Chamber had two of his trademarks but I feel he’s my favorite agent and I do the best with him.

  16. Honestly I feel that the nerf was not justified as that just makes chamber into a very bad agent on attack and noticeably worse on defense as he can cover less area e.g splits mid and on attack has just be come practically useless for holding often used rotate areas

  17. A nerf for his ult could be to make it not last the entire round. Make it like a 30 second window where you can use it, then it goes away. Or, they can just change it to a regular awp, not this dumb marshal-awp monstrosity.

  18. Why is a Sentinel able to peek ridiculous AGRESSIVE angles with weapons that are able to one shot and instantly TP away with 0 to very very little risk?

  19. Idk how non controller mains constantly claim omen is balanced. Just because you see him a lot doesn't mean he's balanced. That's only because Astra and viper are harder to play and viper is map dependant. Therefore people gravitate to Omen. In reality his shrouded step doesn't get a lot of value and his ult gets damn near zero value some matches. He's also map dependant and there's really zero reason to play him over Brimstone right now unless split.

  20. Any higher rank Jett players that could give me some tips that you use on Jett ? Currently gold 3 and I always use my dash(pre pop and proc for the 12 second timer) when I know I’m going to swing a common angle that someone will be or could be.

  21. Can we just change the Jett's dash vfx the wind thingy - Make it on user end only not for others iguess bcz its so absurd and disturbing to eye + showing that effect to use doesnt give any special info - let the jett only know that she is on dash mode and let it be normal to others !

  22. I just want to say I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not, but using her ult only counts to challenges if you deal damage during it which is really annoying and I wish would be changed

  23. Every other character has a molly that weakens or kills the enemy for standing in it too long. Everyone except Kayo. I genuinely don't see the design decision behind this whole zones thing with his molly, is it just supposed to punish you for not hitting some 100% perfect lineup? That seems unfair, given that other agents arent punished for having even better utility for lining up. I cannot tell you how many rounds I lost for being just one zone off and having the opponent just stick the defuse.

  24. how do i get better at using kayo flashes? i feel like every time i use them i end up dying when i dont have the same problem on yoru

  25. With the way they've been designing most other initiators to have some kind of info gathering tool, should breach get anything like that? I don't actually know if he's considered good or not atm but its interesting that he's the only initiator with no info gathering abilities even if some agents have more of them than others. It would be a major buff if he got something like a different sound queue on his E if he hits someone with it but I was wondering does he even need that?

  26. Why is breach consider bad in ascent if both sights have the holy L, he can completely destroy KJ setup in A attack, counter Jett and chamber peak in A, his ultimate cover almost every sight for retake and B for attack?

  27. It's sort of map dependent for me. A lot of the time, I'll but the 4 Headhunter rounds and light shields. If I'm on a really good day, I go 8 Headhunter rounds. Sometimes I just buy a trip and a ghost if I'm not feeling it and I'm on a common flanking map like Bind, Fracture, or Breeze. If I'm on Icebox and we don't have a Sadge, I'll buy the trip and something else instead of the Headhunter rounds.

  28. This might only work in my low elo but a post plant C (“I’m sucking off the defuse!) is a hilarious abs weirdly effective way to win a post plant. Just make sure it’s close enough to hit any weird angle they may have

  29. Barely any comments about the coolest Agent? Her abilities have the best VFX and I *will* die on this hill.

  30. I think Astra is still powerful, she’s just very hard to play. If I encounter a good Astra she gives me a very hard game.

  31. Besides suggesting a new rework on his entire kit to keep up with the rest of the agents, I still think Phoenix fills in a niche that no other agent has: to fulfill as many roles as possible within a single kit.

  32. So i started playing recently and i have seen everywere that phoenix needs buffs, but from what i see his ult is pretty good and idk what makes his flashes worse than say yoru's or his wall worse than neons, can someone elaborate?

  33. Kayo, good flashes and can work as duelist if you are used to yoru. Astra is harder to solo q with and weaker compared to earlier.

  34. Kayo. Astra is very hard to play especially in SoloQ. Kayo is fairly simple to pick up and has powerful flashes and molly’s. On top of that he can gather info with the knife, turn a round with his ult and counter enemy agents with powerful abilities like Chamber.

  35. As a controller main I can’t complain. But I think a new controller would be cool. I would really like a controller with some info gathering ability, not as powerful as Sova, but maybe like a KayO knife without the suppression. Another cool idea could be smokes, molly’s or flashes that suppress.

  36. Yeah. My desktop is mostly used for gaming. Even if it weren't, my assessment as someone who works in tech is that nefarious uses of Vanguard are not worth it for Riot or for anyone who might be inclined to direct this kind of activity. The vast majority of unauthorized data they could gather would be absolutely useless, and in exchange they would run a serious risk of obliterating themselves as a gaming company forever.

  37. I'm not. If i'm not playing valorant I close Vanguard. If I want to play and already closed it, I just restart my laptop. Is kind of a mid specs laptop so Vanguard really uses some resources for nothing while i'm not playing.

  38. Yes, I have a computer just for gaming and a netbook where I do all my private stuff, so for me it is not really an issue. The things I watch or look up on my gaming pc are all gaming related, but it’s a good point to watch out for players who use only one device for everything.

  39. How can I improve when/how to use my dog as skye? I find myself buying it and hardly using it, because either my team has already pushed into site or its situationally unavailable

  40. Late reply but I just started using Skye and I find a lot of success always using dog at the beginning of the round either side you’re on.

  41. I'm new to the game, what does it mean to have a main character? Are they stronger than the others or do you just use them more? I don't get it.

  42. A "main" is just whoever you play the most and are more comfortable with. It doesn't really mean anything besides the fact that you will likely know more about that agent than your teammates who don't play them

  43. Nerf neon ult (you don’t have to aim to get kills) and nerf fade secondary (you get decay and get to track?!) rework yoru to not be flashbang orama

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