1. The game's called Bear and Breakfast and we've spent a little over a year making it so far. Still has some way to go, but we managed to squeeze out a free demo that's up on Steam now, during the Next Fest.

  2. I think it looks fantastic! I would not start your promo but announcing that it's a "dumb game". You've clearly put in a bunch of work and you don't want people lumping your game in with the gazillion ACTUALLY dumb games people announce every week.

  3. Yeah that's what I was thinking, it lowers the viewers expectations and makes them expect something comedic, but it was actually the opposite, showing off a game with alot if effort put into it and some cool mechanics

  4. I love it! the artstyle is just *mwah*, how did you get this camera angle tho? it doesn't look like its 2d top down?

  5. Thanks! It actually just is straight up 2D top down, just being very careful with the perspective when drawing the sprites for characters / objects!

  6. Hahah, the 3GB is probably our out of control textures. Gonna have a lot of cleanup to do before we finish the game.

  7. Hey I saw your trailer of bear and breakfast few months ago and me and my gf loved it ! Can't wait to get it on console to play with her.

  8. I've been waiting for this game to come out for a while, super excited to try the demo! The trailers are very entertaining.

  9. Beautiful. I love tycoon games, cute animals, and quirky humor. Definitely going to be keeping an eye on this one.

  10. Fully 2D. We wanted to try 3D but we could never fully replicate the art style we wanted so we just pushed the 2D view to its limit until we liked it.

  11. I kinda want to know if you and a bunch of friends were riffing one day and someone came up with a dumb pun, like "Bear and Breakfast", and that's all the premise you needed to make a game out of it.

  12. Oh my god, Bear and Breakfast! I've been using your beautiful pitch deck as a reference for a game of our own just last week. Hope you'll do wonderfully with this game!

  13. Crap, is this was indie devs are calling "a little game" now? Full crafting, social, building, cooking, and business management gameplay? Seriously though, this looks awesome! It doesn't look "dumb" at all. It looks like a really good idea implemented well. I'm interested to see how all the different mechanics mesh together. Is this a solo project or part of a team?

  14. Orbital is an LGBT+ friendly Creative/Game Dev Discord focused around making a tight knit community!

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