1. I can explain, that is a black screen with some artificially created sound (possibly stolen from somewhere else) put together using minor editing!

  2. So you either purposely put the your phone video on SLO Mo and recorded the dark… Do it with crickets it sounds really weird

  3. Here in Montana we get this bizarre, unknown trumpeting, mechanical grinding sound from the sky...but it sounds nothing like this. This sounds fake

  4. Sounds like a sad attempt to grab attention. Nah but really it's kinda funny, my mother was scared one night after she kept hearing strange awful howling noises outside her window. Eventually I was over when it was happening and I tracked the noise through the trees. Turns out a family had a mentally handicapped son who was howling as they let him sit outside on his favorite trampoline to watch the stars.

  5. I swear to God if this is Rick astley's never going to give you up slowed down to an incredibly low speed I'm going to be very disappointed

  6. Off topic: I’ve always wanted to post a pic of a pencil or a tv to whatisthisthing. I got banned awhile back for making a joke. Some things there are cool, some are so obvious, unless you’re from another planet. Just to see the responses I’d get.

  7. Thats from that film when the aliens turn up and gift planet earth a language that unlocks the secrets of seeing onto the future so earth can prepare for a virus that tears through the universe, I cant remember what its called but fuck yeh that from that

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