1. If you told me five- no, two years ago Kanye would literally be supporting Nazis and Alex Jones disagreed with him, I would be laughing my ass off at you.

  2. Jones is just terrified because Kanye isn't sticking to the script. They're supposed to talk around the ideas they like (pro-Nazis, anti-semitism) to keep their hands clean. Kanye is just saying it out in the open and he's threatening to fuck up their gravy train.

  3. The majority of my conservative Christian friends and family believe the Jewish control Israel is necessary for the return of Jesus Christ, while at the same time having complete and utter disdain for any Jewish people in their community.

  4. The only thing I like about the Nazis are their uniforms. That's it. And a uniform with the Nazi logo removed preferably. Or put a GN for "Grammar Nazi" as a parody.

  5. Are you kidding me? He’s disagreeing out of self-preservation. He knows he’ll lose potential listeners and his base if he publicly admits what his entire show has been implying for over a decade.

  6. I like how the GIMP cover over Kanye's entire face is the least standout thing about this video to the point where I'm the first one mentioning it...

  7. This is the fifth post I've seen of this video, and you're the first one to say anything about what he's wearing.

  8. Alex isn't blushing out of decency. He's blushing because someone is saying the quiet part out loud on his show.

  9. He's clearly having some kind of psychotic break - anyone who's ever experienced someone in the midst of a manic or schizophrenic episode will recognize the behavior. I wish more people would see this isn't Kanye trying to be controversial or attention-seeking. This is a pure manifestation of mental illness. Nobody is looking out for him. It's sad.

  10. You know what, that would be fucking hilarious if they got some random person there to pretend to be kanye

  11. Why hasn't any one pulled a conservatorship on Kanye? Pretty sure Britney wasn't this fucking wreckless and look how quickly someone took control of her life. This guy is on the edge of doing something (not just saying something) dangerous.

  12. Alex doesn't care if he is crazy. he just won't agree with him because he thinks that is stating more than what is allowed to be said. He will wait and see if there is real push back on this.

  13. He’s like “woah man I just recently found out people listen to this show so you’re going to want to choose those words carefully here”

  14. Yup, his neck followers who buy his boner pills love this shit. Cutting to commercial at that point likely made him a pretty penny.

  15. On the bright side, democrats are sure to win the presidency in 2024, if Ye and Trump split the conservative vote. On the dark side, it's fucking biden that's gonna win.

  16. I don't know if this is a joke but I actually agree. This video alone should be enough to, at max, only allow him to have supervised visitation.

  17. He doesn’t have 50/50 custody, even before they separated legally he took off to another state or country a good deal of the time. Kim raises them and he’s in and out to do the Disney dad thing

  18. I was wondering how that happened after he said in some interview that the Illuminati planted an imposter child in his house to spy on him. It was apparently his friends kid or something, and he’s convinced the child is some clone spy. That is NOT a safe place for any child to be without supervision. Who knows what loony ideas he’s gonna get about the next kid.

  19. She should've done that when he started going off about how his kids' friends are child actors trying to sexualize his kids.

  20. Those poor children have NO HOPE for any normalcy or emotional stability with these parents. I truly feel bad for them.

  21. Alex Jones is all about the globalists, he loses a portion of his audience if he specifies the globalists into any one group.

  22. Honest question, is part of this because there’s no one left to care or “care” about him? I don’t know what sort of relationship/claim you have to have on someone start the process.

  23. Jones laughing here reminds me of Brant laughing in the big Lebowski when Bunny tells the dude she’d suck his cock for $1,000.

  24. We live in the darkest timeline. I think the split occurred when Trump doubled down on the “grab’em by the pussy” comment. We ended up in the Evil-Spock universe and someone else went on to ice cream and unicorns.

  25. Who woulda thought that “i hate these niggas more than the nazis” was about hating niggas not hating nazis lmao

  26. The real answer is it's a statement that people will know who he is with the mask on. Been doing it like 3 years

  27. Anybody who comfortably says they love Nazis, after they have said they love Jewish people, is an ignorant piece of trash. The fact that Alex Jones looks good in this video screams at how fucked up as a human Kanye really is. Fuck that guy.

  28. He is bipolar and is clearly in the middle of a manic episode. Since bipolar is degenerative, every manic episode becomes more extreme than the last. I am 99% certain that what Kanye is saying at this point in time is just something his mind has latched on to and is not even close to his actual views (non-manic state).

  29. Well, the old Kanye that was medicated. You could tell anytime he went off meds because he'd do some self destructive shit. He's been of his meds seemingly since his separation from Kim, maybe even before, and we are seeing the full ramifications of not taking them.

  30. It's clips like this that are propelling me to live life like I might only have another 10 years left. Like don't get me wrong, I don't think the world is going to end and I would hope I have more than 10 years.. but shit isn't getting any better. Reality could be pretty fucked in another 10 years.

  31. This is just so sad! This man OBVIOUSLY NEEDS MENTAL help. This is how you know that no one in his circle gives two shits about him. His mom died and he absolutely lost his mind. He has not been right since and hanging with the Kardashians exacerbated the crazy. Now he’s too crazy for them! This is just so sad. What would old Kanye say about the perverse caricature he’s become?!?

  32. Most mental illnesses are a degenerative disease. If he is bipolar, those are some of the most difficult people to keep medicated. Good chance "old kanye" channeled his manic episodes into his music. As he gets older, his manic episodes will become more unhinged and intense. No one in his circle can force him to take his meds.

  33. lmao if anyone else on the planet said this, the general consensus would be to put him in prison, but as soon as its a rapper who used to make good music, everyone's like "oh nooo poor mental dude get him help, so sad I can't believe it :(".

  34. I will say, the presidential debates just on the republican side are going to be the most unhinged thing we will ever see in politics. Kanye , Trump and desantis and whatever other fuckwit that tries to run will also be fighting each other

  35. idk why people always say he needs help? He clearly doesn’t need any help, he’s just a fucking asshole racist psychopath. If that was anyone else people would start insulting him and wishing him the shittiest life but since this mother fucker is the famous Kayne people suddenly become friendly wtf.

  36. He needs help because he is bi polar and this is clearly a manic episode. If this was anyone else then people wouldn’t be cheering for the clearly mentally ill man’s downfall, they would want him to get help.

  37. 😂 I’m black too and he is officially ex-communicated from the black community and uninvited to the cookout with this bs!

  38. This is just sad. The man is obviously suffering a mental break down. Get him off the air and into a mental hospital so he can recover.

  39. He's being taken advantage of but he's also coherent. He should take accountability, and either way he should own whatever the consequences are. Mental 'Illness ' or not

  40. I thought the Lex Fridman interview of kanye was unhinged but this was next level insanity. Dude needs meds.

  41. It’s crazy to think about what happened to him. You look at the beginning of his career. He preached very liberal in his ideals. He said that George Bush doesn’t care about Black people on live TV, he stood up against anti gay language in hiphop, and didn’t say he was a Nazi. What the fuck happened

  42. Yeah, it's absolutely baffling how he's managed to get THIS far down the rabbit hole. There's absolutely no way back for him now.

  43. Is this some sort of trick from Ye formerly known as Kanye West to drop his wealth down, because of these child support payment coming up soon?

  44. There is part of me that’s all about this. Ye is channeling the crazy that Alex started and sticking it up his fat ass.

  45. Wayment...did I just side with Alex Jones?? I think I'm done internetting for good, I can't figure this shit out...

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