1. I'm intrigued, cause it was probably the best reaction possible. Running around like crazy would give the fire more oxygen. Batting at it might put it out faster, but also might burn the cat's toes. Evolutionary advantage or just a kitty-brain shutting off for a few seconds when seeing something new?

  2. NEEDS TO BE SAID - PEOPLE - and you KNOW who you are. Don’t go lighting MF cats on fire to prove to your friends something you “saw on the internet”

  3. Who would light a cat on fire? I don’t think this “needs to be said.” Hopefully there aren’t that many psychopaths who would actually contemplate lighting a cat on fire…

  4. I think the more important thing is to be careful with candles around cats, especially if you're a new cat owner

  5. I have a cat and am pretty careful with candles! But they aren't even alone, you can see a person crossing the room (at 0:08) and apparently just not seeing the cat on fire.

  6. What’s even worse is you can see them walking by on the top left while the cat is on fire and not notice anything.

  7. There’s clearly someone in the house. You can see them walk by. Do you really light a candle then stare at it 24 hours a day?

  8. I’m getting a kick out of all the people in the comments who light candles in their house and just stare, unmoving, until it’s time to blow out the candle and do something else.

  9. I guess it must just be fur burning? Someone set my hair on fire once and I truly had no idea until someone else asked me if I knew I was on fire

  10. Cats have undercoats too, suspect the fire snuffed itself before it could get deep. Cat felt probably hot and saw pretty fire but that's it.

  11. I feel like half the comments on here are from people who have never owned children or pets. Mistakes will be made. Lessons will be learned.

  12. seven seconds in you can see someone at the top of the screen walk past as the cat is casually on fire. I feel like they must've felt pretty stupid when they eventually saw the recording and missed that lol

  13. And that’s why we don’t leave unattended candles lit around our pets. That totally could have ended with a panicked cat setting the whole damn house on fire.

  14. “What? I’m on fire? Who gave fire permission to be on me?” Fire: “oh sorry pardon me won’t happen again”

  15. Who else was waiting for this cat to just start busting ass through the house lighting other things on fire?

  16. Someone even walked by when the tail was on fire. Glad the kitty was okay. Bet that smells somethin horrid though.

  17. If anyone needs a proof that cats are dumber than dogs, here it is. Look at the dogs reaction and the cats reaction to fire.

  18. Cats.... Cats!..... They never cease to amaze me. They don't even give a fuck when cought on fire... The cat just stared the fire away... Like they just transfered even the most basic instincts into "being a cat"....

  19. i almost had this happen to me. needless to say i put the candle out and moved the cat off the table. some tail fur was slightly singed but thankfully he moved his tail out of the candle before it fully caught fire

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