1. What I don't like is that they stitched 3 different videos to make us beleave huskie did all of that without bitching like a proper huskie.

  2. What delivery person doesn’t even hesitate, when the door is answered by a dog, to immediately bend down and hand the order to it? Where’s the WTF moment? Still cool though.

  3. Yeah I was gonna say he immediately bent over to hand the food to the dog when the door opened. Seemed expected, but still really cool.

  4. No way a delivery driver would give the food to a dog unless they left it in the notes lol. "OMG You gave my food to my dog and it ate all the food and then ate the Styrofoam and I had to take it to the vet and have it surgically removed!"

  5. It's cut to look like a single "fluid" video. You can see the splicing. Still requires a lot of training and patience. It's still funny.

  6. I called it fake not because of the cut in the middle of the video, or the dog's leg being edited. The fact that the guy immediately handed the food to the dog or that he was looking down already as the door was being opened raised my suspicion. That and the chinese characters on the video lol

  7. I'm only viewing this on a tiny phone but that kick looked fake af. The quickness of the motion from the dog, and the heavy door closing so quickly from such s small driving force, and I almost don't think dogs are capable of moving their leg in such a manner. Yes, their ankle and knee can move like that, but I don't think they can move their ankle independently. To straighten their ankle that far would require them to fully extend the knee, which the doggo in this video did not do. Plus the scared reaction of the dog in the edge of the frame seems fishy. I think this is just the result of some very clever video editing.

  8. Not staged at all... How often do you have a delivery guy poke his head through the door the very moment it's opened?

  9. this video was taken in china. the food is paid for via app. tipping isn't customary in china. even if you wanted to tip the delivery guy or a waiter, they would probably not understand that you are trying to tip since people don't do it here. definitely not with cash. most transactions are done via smart phone apps now. people seldom use cash. you can sort of tip through the app actually. I know you can tip your didi(Uber) driver. but again, tipping isn't common nor is it expected

  10. 2.13 an hour and you tip out the bartender and busboys. You can be a great server keep drinks full food comes out correctly and on time and still get stiffed and cussed out.

  11. Well that's the amazing thing about dogs is they can be trained to do things substantially more epic than this such as hmm I dont know, smell cancer.

  12. I have a husky mix. She has both opened doors for herself and slammed them in my face with her sassy butt.

  13. That is awesome. That breed of dog is very smart. Most animals can be trained with lots of love, attention, and most importantly patience.

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