1. I was taught this way. The thing i remember though was that the repercussions were so over the top we all knew it was made up. One class was taught by a nun and she told us that if we had sex before marriage our dicks would rot off, and vaginas would close up.

  2. Another religious favorite of mine is "sexually transmitted spirits." You apparently don't know what's inside someones "spirit" and if you aren't careful to have sex with another Christian before marriage you get spiritual stds.

  3. We were taught that sex isnt as easy as in porn and we should lower our expectations and put a little more effort in. Also were taught how not to get chlamydia. Not in any point did anyone even mention waiting for marriege because well almost nobody here does.

  4. I remember this drawn out as if it were the family tree. Look at all the people you will supposedly have sex with. Then they had us sign an abstinence pledge. The weirdest part about it was that it was a public high school. No religious bits. We learned everything else about Sex Ed like normal, then this curveball.

  5. It actually took me a minute to realize this was meant to be humorous, because every elementary school kid between 1985 and 1995 had this terrifying shit coming at them from all angles. It wasn’t just sex Ed. The AIDS epidemic was so terrifying, and it spilled out into an entire generation’s sexual development. I don’t really fault the powers that be for trying to impress responsibility upon the youth but I do think it completely fucked up most people my age sexually in small and large ways.

  6. Reminds me of my sex ed they were handing out the condoms and I said " no thanks I brought my own" dumped two handfuls from my bag "anyone want a flavored one?" Teacher scolded me in class and told me I had to stay after than after the other students left the teacher asked if I had banana flavored. Funniest freakin day that year

  7. Learning to be ok with your mortality is a great lesson to learn when you're young. It can make the rest of your life so much more enjoyable to not be constantly in fear of death. Go get some son!

  8. Because whatever social media this was posted on originally most likely penalises posts with certain words through their algorithm

  9. For what it's worth, in an era where HIV existed and treatments for it weren't as good as now, scaring kids about sex at least was well intentioned even if it was objectively the wrong approach and ended up causing long lasting social problems.

  10. Same. It was so fucking guilt laden and deadly serious too. Really thought I was going to burn in hell for loving someone and not being able to marry them. Was super emotionally excruciating.

  11. Was? I remember hearing this in home eck. They also gave us a lock and key to symbolize our virginity. Something along the lines of if you give the key to someone and they unlock it, you can never lock it back up. I guess if you have sex, your free game for everyone else and no longer safe.

  12. I get that it's true for virginity but isn't the whole point of a lock and key to be able to lock and unlock it repeatedly? That seems like a really shitty analogy

  13. In all seriousness, what the fuck. So many people need counseling because of this. Some will say anything to get you to do what they want.

  14. You know, as a fat ugly fuck I’m definitely not out there slaying anything. If this is true I have had sex with so many more people than I realized. Does this make me a “player”?

  15. That's funny. My buddy makes music and he used that sound bite in one of his songs. He let me use it for my YouTube Channel theme:

  16. Why does this remind me of prison Mike, and that “be prepared to die” is equivalent to “I AM HERE TO SCARE YOU STRAIGHT!!!”

  17. I mean I guess that’s one way of saying be careful of STDs because they can transfer one they got to you but what a dumb way to say it

  18. Oh god, the first half of that was taught at my school in the mid 2000's! we had to do a "simulation" too! It started with one person standing on a sheet that was laid on the ground, standing in the middle. That person was the one "sleeping" with everyone (roflmao). Every person they "slept" with would have to also stand on the sheet. Of course inevitably everyone was touching the sheet with their shoe by the end. It was hilariously stupid. It's embarrassing how not long ago this was (is??) being taught.

  19. This clip is included in this YouTube video from a YouTuber I watch. This is such a funny video I suggest watching

  20. Ahhhh, how I remember it. The Christian fundamentalists REALLY really really REALLYREALLY loved preaching abstinence to protect you from AIDS.

  21. You’re not just going to bed with that person. you’re going to bed with that person and every other person who’s been in that bed and every person that bed has been in and every bed that that person have been in with another person and every other person who’s been in that bed and every other bed who’s been in every other person who has been in any other bed.

  22. This is how the educators and medical professionals explained that having unprotected sex with someone you were exposing yourself to all of their sex partners who did the same and will be exposing yourself and your future partners to AIDS.

  23. i went to a really shitty low budget middle school and in 8th grade for sex ed they literally made some us do an example of sexual harassments and sexual assault now what they meant was to do something light like placing your hand on their thigh or lower back but this kid straight up wound up his arm and smacked my ass as hard as he could, now yeah i did slap him because it was a reflex but we were eighth graders ofc that was gonna happen. it left a mark too, at least i kinda liked it so it kinda softens the blow.

  24. I guess it's time to get my affairs in order. Waitaminute! What order are they supposed to be in? Is it alphabetical? That's rough -- I'll never get to Stephanie Zimbalist in time with that process.

  25. So if I have premarital sex with someone I've had premarital sex with before, does that count as fucking myself?

  26. This is the shit I grew up with. No talks from parents. Just these 80s religious sex=death scare tactics. And they worked. I was 23 or 24 before I shook it. (Not literally of course. That was all I had)

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