1. Came here to post this comment ready to finally bask in reddit fame only to be beat by 7 hours by a platypus I’ll just see myself out..

  2. I can't remember the last time I went to a baseball game and didn't bring my own food. Likely depends on the venue, but most places are more lax than you'd initially think.

  3. I can't believe I had to scroll this far to find the comment. Until the flask appeared I thought the video had to do with the turtle that gets removed at the start. And even then I thought, ok, so there's a flask, but what the hell happened to the turtle?

  4. Yeah I also thought there was a large insect or small animal there at first. Almost missed the actual unexpected part because I couldn’t figure out what I was looking at.

  5. Dumping all the sandwich parts around him like that? Would have been better to rubber band the bread around it and pretend he was slowly eating it instead of drinking it.

  6. Ever been to a baseball game? Food on the ground isn't all that uncommon. What with peanuts being a big baseball snack and all.

  7. Flasks always seemed silly small to me.. shit, my homies would drink a few Four Lokos and/or a bottle of fortified wine just before walking into the ballpark , rather than sneak a couple sips worth of whiskey from a flask

  8. I've found both works best- drink a bunch before entering then maintain the buzz inside. Nothing sucks more than losing a buzz and gaining a headache before the game/show/concert is over

  9. A flask typically holds 5 shots of alcohol. Four lokos are bigger but their alcohol content is way lower than something like whiskey. Depends on what you're looking for. Personally, I'm with you, i like bigger drinks with lower alcohol content so i can session.

  10. That’s why you fill them up with high-octane rum or everclear, and then sip it neat or reconstitute it with stadium water/coke, depending on how much of a degenerate you are. That’s an easy 10-12 drinks per flask right there.

  11. When you go to a baseball game or something you cant bring in outside alcohol, so people get creative on how to bring it in past security since some places let you bring in food as long as it fits in a clear plastic bag. The last two times I went to one, 1. I saw one girl keep little tube shots of something and they were hidden to look like tampons. 2. a guy had a gallon bag of spaghetti.

  12. Seems staged or a little unnecessary. I always just wear a big metal belt buckle and tuck my flask in the front of my pants.

  13. Most stadiums have metal detectors. That makes it hard to hide the flask on you but easy to hide in the middle of a sandwich.

  14. Or you could just put a plastic bottle under your belt moron. Now we get to read all these comments about how clever he is

  15. I went to UT Knoxville which is a dry campus. I knew a chick in college that had a bra she would wear to football games that you would fill up with liquid and it had a little hose attached. Which meant the amount of drunk I was was inversely proportional to how big her tits were.

  16. As a former security guard at football games, pro and college, I've seen a hundred different ways to smuggle booze into the games. This one takes the prize.

  17. Oh snap! That’s my kind of sandwich, that’s what it is. Also, it saves him a months wages by not purchasing overpriced booze

  18. Reminds me of the time my friends smuggled a bottle of tequila into a music festival using a hollowed out loaf of bread.

  19. Venues not allowing you to bring your own food/drinks always seems super sketch to me because they're definitely doing it to sell you the same stuff for something like a 400% markup

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