1. Tbf, the scans didn't really show Tiga anywhere either until he appeared in episode 19 of Trigger's series. Not even in the teaser to episode 19 were there any hints to Tiga's appearance, it was a total mystery (well, other than the dialogue in said teaser)

  2. King Joe is there too on the second scan in the left corner. And i think a legionoid. Maby it’s like a robot graveyard.

  3. I'm just waiting for those two to come in and help save the day. Figure it's either gonna by the Dyna movie or the next Ultra Fight.

  4. The fact that Trigger’s Glitter type design looks so intricate next to Decker’s Dynamic type, gives the feeling that Trigger is the main character, even when it’s not his show. I wish they put as much effort for Dynamic type as they had for Glitter type.

  5. Dynamic being a simpler design than Glitter is not really an indication that they put "less" effort into it, that's simply the design style they decided to go with this year.

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