1. Clearly Mebius, Z is good but Mebius was just better. Mebius was my 6th Ultra show in which the order I watched is Tiga, Dyna, Nexus, Gaia, Cosmos. Mebius made me appreciate the Ultra brothers & gave me exposure to the wide ultra universe.

  2. If I want to watch a quick, amazing show that I enjoy I go for Z. If I wanna watch something more longer, and that'll remind me what made me a fan of Ultraman, I'd go for Mebius

  3. Thats not even fair, the way how they made Mebius is like they want to make one final Ultraman Installment, and the symbolized of Ultraman

  4. New Gaia cooouuuuld go back to fusion again, remember that Supreme version was suppose to be the combined power of Gaia and Agul, Agul at that point should've no longer exist, Tsuburaya brought him back only due to his increasing popularity

  5. They both have their strengths, and I love both dearly, but Mebius takes the spot for me. It was my first Ultraman, so I’m VERY biased. And I don’t dislike Z in any fashion. But Mebius felt special to me.

  6. I got to say. I do love Mebius, it’s an amazing story. Great anniversary show with great call backs. Ultraman Zett Story was amazing in the sense that they gave call backs in slight ways with plot twist not expected. Both are equally amazing.

  7. I sadly didn’t get to finish Mebius….I have no excuse. I’ve been meaning to go back again, I did enjoy what I watched, I just made the mistake in trying to watch it on my lunch break.

  8. Going through Mebius now have like five episodes to go before the main show is done. From what I have watched, it is a great show... Still got to go with Z. Mebius is great but Z had some of the better episodes and small moments with it's characters.

  9. Why are we comparing Z to mebius? I remember this sub was saying Z was overrated show. I personally enjoy Z and try to be not as critical since it was shot during pandemic. Maybe Trigger makes you guys think that Z wasn’t so bad after all but comparing to mebius is still unfair

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