1. Infinity... Ah yes, I can't wait for Ultraman Force game where we can make our own ultraman OC and have it run along with sonic

  2. So the rumours I saw from an Indonesian youtuber is true then lol.. His design look so cool! Does anyone know about the plot of this stageshow?

  3. TsuPro: sorry fellas, but he's from Taiwan and didn't create by us, we not gonna gave him King Galactron, Kamisori Demaaga and Giestron treatment

  4. They really should add them In the show first before the stage. Make a story around them in an episode first. More interesting characters than just the same old monsters like gomora, gubila, gomess, eleking,etc (whatever they already have in their warehouse)

  5. I find it very interesting that they reveal a new villain in a Taiwanese stage show and not a Japanese one. Maybe, there's a Taiwanese Ultra coming as well?

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