1. Get a lawyer, cost you a couple grand however judges are lenient to those who are about to go serve. Happened to a friend of mine that was going to join with me, also helped my dad was a cop. However you have to be represented by someone, normally local dui lawyers are “drinking buddies” with prosecutors and court clerks etc. so it’s the good ole boy network and you might get it cut down to a reckless driving charge and do some community service. However depends on jurisdiction, you might live in an area where they have 0 tolerance and the only way you can get out of it is on a technicality.

  2. This was in Waco texas, this one lawyer I’m looking at has 40+ years of doing this and a bunch of 5 star reviews. I have a trespassing charge from 2020 and I’m done with that but I blew a .2

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