1. All the respect in the world.. sometimes I reflect on how different service members were treated in Vietnam compared to our generation (OEF/OIF) and I gotta say, while I’m grateful that our generation was treated with respect and admiration for the most part, in contrast, I feel really sorry that your generation had to put up with what you put up with. Both wars were not popular, but along the way, Americans realized it’s not like we choose the circumstances in which we go to war. You guys deserve way better than the treatment you got coming home.. Thank you for your service

  2. I came in wearing woodlands, went on a Race to Baghdad, occupied Iraq a few times, used Money as a Weapon in Afghanistan, broke my body and got out.

  3. Sounds like a hell of a run. And I’m hoping on the back end of all that you have service-connected VA Claims?

  4. Hey I was part of Operation Quantico Freedom (2016 - 2 months - CMC course with WTB), and Operation Yuma Resolve (2021 - 2 weeks) too! I was also part of Task Force Dugway (2017 - 2 weeks).

  5. Reservist from Indiana here. We did a 2 week AT at Fort Knox. Force on Force of us vs Indiana & Kentucky State Police in the summer of 2003. They called it Operation Kentucky Freedom. This is like 2 months after a Marine I grew up with died in the invasion of Iraq. Most demoralizing thing ever. Especially since those cops handed us our assed in the MOUT town. Yet for some stupid reason I bought a $20 “Operation Kentucky Freedom” shirt that I still have. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. 😂 well, Veterans help other Veterans and welcome to the club. Take a peak at my channel for some Veteran Benefit related stuff

  7. One thing I learned man is this…The deployments “that aren’t real” come to be twice as hard. Having access to the outside world and being away from family is 10x worse than just being in the shit and only worrying about what’s in front of you.

  8. 20 years - 10 deployments: Iraq (OIF x3 & OIR x2); Philippines (OEF-P) & HADR mission; Libya; Somalia; 31st MEU & Oki UDP

  9. Same here, 4 tough years in SoCal. From MCRDSD, Pendleton, back down to the depot. Back to Pendleton, to 29 palms and back to the hills of Pendleton. Put some respect.

  10. Hey man, don’t downplay your time. That shit holds 0 weight on the outside world which I’m sure you know

  11. 2015-2020 went over to Sweden for a few months in 2019 for Arctic Challenge Exercise - got to snag the Arctic Service ribbon.

  12. Not for nothing…I’ve got my Cold War veteran certificate somewhere in a box. Also Desert Shield/Desert Storm, OEF/OIF.

  13. Uhh operation Security forces from 16’-19’ then operation 3/2 from 19’-21’ and somewhere in there I went to Norway and got an Arctic service ribbon in the summer where the coldest it got was 40. So yeah. Nothin. Like that one guy said most of us joined to kick the Tbans ass but by the time a lot of us did they didn’t catch a flight over because they stopped sending them lol. How unfortunate

  14. If you stay in long enough I promise you’ll get some. Only problem is, you may not want what it is that actually comes with getting some

  15. Nothing wrong with not deploying. I had to learn that after I had gotten out. It doesn’t matter and isn’t worth anything except probably some VA Claims

  16. 14’-20’, Operation Phantom Fuji in Japan, then spent some time Okinawastan in FOB Schwab and FOB Hansen. Last tour was FOB Wilson with Task Force 2-9 Palms.

  17. 90-98. East Coast 03. Missed the big stuff of the last 20 and was stuck with the dumb shit of the 90s like Kuwait, Haiti and some peacekeeping/humanitarian stuff in addition to a standard UDP. Got injured and finished at the Pentagon which convinced me it was time to move on.

  18. 1980-2000 Never fired a shot in anger. Caught the ass end of Desert Storm, was all over when we got there.

  19. Every generation of Marines has their “Old Breed”. For my peers, it was the OIF dudes. For them, it was “salty” peacetimers. For them it’s was Desert Shield/Storm. Then peacetimers. Then Nam. Korea. WWII. You get the point.

  20. 04-09. OIF in 06 and 08 ,mostly bouncing all over anbar. Rutbah, Rawah, al asad, lake therthar, hadithah, habaniyah, Fallujah, and a few COPs along the way

  21. Take a gander at the comments. Some Nam, some Iraq part 1. Iraq invasion. Post Iraq. Afghan (Yut) Syria (Yut), MEUs, SPMAGTFs all kinds

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