1. Why did all of the teams decide to go for loud ass reds, yellows and oranges in their team colors? It just makes all the team uniforms blend together. The breakers have the best colors imo because they’re the only ones that give your eyes a break.

  2. Way, WAY too much red. Compared to the 8 teams of the XFL and AAF designs (especially the latter, those were excellent), the visual variety is too restrained. It's crazy that not a single team uses any green, even as a secondary color.

  3. Loud is dope. Dark is boring unless it's black and is going for a more tonally darker theme that fits the brand i.e. Raiders. Blue and white and snoresville and navy blue is the most overused color in sports. Not unique in the slightest.

  4. And the coolest name! They have the most excellent players... Now if they only had a coach with experience (instead of a former running back coach) then they might win some games!

  5. When I squint, their logo looks like a sloth hanging from a branch. Which, don't get me wrong, is one of the coolest animals ever.

  6. Color scheme is shit. Purple and Orange are the colors of Pittsburgh’s main rivals and they threw it on this jersey. They better at least add some yellow before they start going to home markets.

  7. The shoulder yolks are terrible. Should have gone all purple with very light orange accents. Thin lines maybe the numbers having an orange trim. Full orange yolk just looks weird and out of place from 20 years ago.

  8. Don't like the new age design but yeah, that shade of purple is dope. I can't deny that. I actually think they should have kept the renaissance red as opposed to changing it to orange though. I don't hate the orange but the renaissance red was as unique as the Panthers plum color.

  9. I think the OP is being sarcastic because of the emoticons. I always thought the logos from a distance resemble non-smoking signs.

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