1. Please go and register for tickets under fake names. Flood the site with fake names fake email address. Yes it says tickets may be forfeit 20 minutes before the event starts but at least registering under fake names/emails will make it harder and also when Yaf sees the list of people they will see a lot of "Fuck Shapiros" on the list.

  2. Or, maybe we all could step out of our vacuums and listen to one another. Try to understand where others come from, why they believe what they believe. Not automatically think people that are different than us are wrong.

  3. If you decide to attend, I recommend not engaging in discourse. You won't change his mind, he is a better debater than you, and he is smart. You will wind up looking foolish, even if you are right. The man can debate 2+2 does not equal 4 and win.

  4. Not hard to see who is confused here, what kind of ‘mathematician’ and ‘physicist’ speaks like that? Huge shade on UNCG thanks to Quinton the genius

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