1. Have some shares in tobacco, oil and defence industries. All showing a capital gains on paper and pay above average dividends. Should I join the woke brigade sell and buy something ethical instead.

  2. I guess the question is whether there's a suitably attractive place to reinvest the proceeds if you sold your "sin stocks" today. If you can get the same (or better) returns in another industry then sure, you may as well switch. If the returns on your alternative investment would be lower, then this really becomes a matter of personal conscience.

  3. If i want to get into gold, platinum, silver etc do i buy physical bullion or can i get something from e.g. vanguard? I'm worried about getting coins through the post but i appear ok trusting a website

  4. My portfolio is 65% sofi (now green) 20% riot blockchain (big red still) and rest assorted stuff 😂 was a good week but still slightly red overall due to blockchain stock

  5. You can't hold non-GBP cash in an ISA account. Open a non-ISA account with e.g. Interactive Brokers (IBKR) instead. They have great fx rates. Other platforms do allow non-GBP cash (maybe II and HL do?) but have awful fx rates.

  6. I'm heavily invested in USA, across different things, energy, tech, semiconductors, shipping etc. Plus holding SCHD.

  7. I have two accounts with Bestinvest, one for ISA and one for uk investment outside isa’s. I use HL for US investments. There will always be pros and cons for selecting a investment platform, you need to think about how often you want to trade.

  8. The s&p 500 increased by approx 2% on the 10th of August but the HSBC American Index C ( it’s meant to replicate S&P 500) didn’t increased by that number, it was 0.3%. I appreciate that it may not increase exactly 2% but I was expected more than 0.3%. Any help to understand would be appreciated. Thank you

  9. In addition to GBP-USD exchange rate changes, the American Index fund prices at about noon UK time (if I remember correctly). US markets are closed then.

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