1. It would supposedly only take about one billion years for a civilization to colonize the entire galaxy. I don’t see why this wouldn’t lead to all manner of different species of this creature over the billions of years it has been colonizing all of these planets. It will morph into very different civilizations, increasing the variety. Out of that massive amount of variety, at least a few of them will be fairly close to us and interested in other intelligent life, such as us, in my opinion at least.

  2. I agree with your general point, but I think it would take much less than a billion years to colonize the galaxy.

  3. If everything started with the Big Bang, most everything is in the same period of evolution. Is unlikely that other portions of the galaxy formed life any faster than here on earth, because the entire galaxy is subject to the same process of the Big Bang cooling.

  4. Caring may be related to the current time period of our civilization. Time where we are living in a nuclear age, taking our first steps towards the space or steps towards self annihilation or a disaster. It is this threshold which we are about to cross which might make us, at this present time, extremely intresting.

  5. We have changed the whole biosphere, and even the geosphere, in the blink of an eye. We have essentially frozen genetic evolution in its tracks, jumping it into the theatre of technology. Lots of good scientific ideas require that we be careful of anthropocentrism. But let's not be naive. There's a massive gulf between what we do and the behavior of wild animals.

  6. Sentient life might be quite rare and considered precious in the galaxy. I wouldn't sell humanity short so soon.

  7. in short, yeah, we’re pretty fuckin interesting. even assuming that we’re not the only life form in the universe (which of course I do, i’m in this sub after all), we’re still a species that was able to harness nearly its entire planet’s power in a relatively short span of time.

  8. I think this is short-sighted and rules out possibilities too quickly. We could absolutely be being observed or preserved, as life as advanced as ours is rare.

  9. We're sending probes to Mars and people to the moon and there's not even anything else alive up there. You don't think a technological civilization might be interested in studying another one? Or if they've been here for thousands of years, might they not be interested in studying the life and ecosystem of another inhabited planet?

  10. Until the general public has full access to the body of data surrounding UFOs, any and all ideas about what they are can only amount to speculation at best, and lies at worst.

  11. Agree with your post, but would like to mention the distinction between reasonable speculation supported by what people say and experience, and unreasonable speculation where people posit positions based solely on their own opinions.

  12. There are so many holes in the extra terrestrial hypothesis if we take the sightings of alien beings as real.

  13. If it turns out that we're the only living creatures with our kind of intelligence in the whole universe, that would make us pretty special, however... if we're the only ones, that means nobody else is around to care.

  14. Because we're the only intelligent consciousness in the entire universe. we're rarer than just about anything else we can think of.

  15. You forgot other common ufo theories like: government aerospace black projects. Your jumping ahead and assuming these UFO’s are alien life forms.

  16. Well, I suppose it could be the black projects, but that wouldnt explain all the sightings going back 2000+ years.

  17. I get that it's self-centered to think so. But you cannot rule out the theory all together. It's entirely possibly that we are a creation or experiment in which case studying us would be necessary to see it through to the end. I hope that this isn't in fact the truth.

  18. I don’t think we’re special. I think we’re like cactus #56761 on a desert highway. I think the great filter would be explained by how ordinary we are… there’s no major reason to stop here or talk to a cactus.

  19. They may literally just be here to extract minerals and elements from our planet, we could just be something interesting to look at for them.

  20. my guess...the most obvious is we are too primitive to have anything useful to offer them. our technological base is a couple magnitudes of order too primitive, we are still in the gravity era cannot make use of special physics.

  21. We're going to look pretty stupid when extraterrestrials finally do make contact and it's only to say 'our dolphin allies keep asking us to tell you to stop throwing burger wrappers in their oceans'. They were never here for us at all.

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