1. First I'm sorry you were assaulted. I remember my rapists cross necklace hitting me in the face during his rape and me just thinking of the irony. Your aunt sounds like a waste of air. I'm glad you told her off. Fuck her.

  2. Yeah, fuck those men. I’ve been thinking about metoo mentioning him to his home city feminist groups because he told me I wasn’t the first.

  3. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I think your comment just triggered my memory and connected a few things. I don't know... That you care to know that. But it's something that has been bothering me for a very long time. Thank you.

  4. Holy shit that is horrifying. Just wanted to show my respect for you. It must take so much strength to make it to where you are now

  5. Me too pls. I wasn’t told this sentiment as a child so anytime someone says they’re proud of me in real life, I start crying lol

  6. I also just loudly and publicly announced my abortion I had 3 years ago that saved my life to all my friends and family. I would have died without it. I made that clear. Suddenly a few friends of mine either blocked me from their posts or else got real quiet about anti-abortion bullshit.

  7. Having an extreme view on something until it affects someone personally is far too common. Nobody puts themselves in others shoes anymore. They just say whatever their view is then turn a 180 and scream it shouldn't be like that when it personally starts to affect them negatively

  8. I might be antisocial, but I like to bring it up really soon after meeting someone that while I desperately hope to never become pregnant, I will abort if anything ever tried to grow in my body. I disclosed this with sexual partners before I got married and it's perfectly clear between my husband and I now. We are not suitable parents, and I'm not suitable to manifest a healthy body for a new human. It's like an intolerance detterant.

  9. Blocked you? Wow. Some friend. Friends want their friends to live. Them blocking you was a favor. I don’t know you, but I’m glad you are here and got the intervention you needed to save your life.

  10. This. My sister was told she would likely have a massive stroke and die if she continued her pregnancy. She had 4 kids at home already. These people really believe she should have just prayed really hard that the doctors were wrong? She should have left my niece and nephew's without a mother? It's just disgusting.

  11. This sounds like an effective means of getting the sucks to self-select themselves out of your life. I might start lying about having an abortion just to filter out the dregs of my social circle.

  12. Hopefully a percentage of those that got 'real quiet' did so because they are questioning their position on abortion.

  13. Sounds like some of them are still spouting out anti-abortion shit, they just decided they didn't want you to see it or they have decided to cut you out of their lives completely and the block was the first step. If they are still going on about anti-abortion shit, time to find new friends or if they blocked you, be happy that the trash took itself out.

  14. Their actions tell you that, to them, their opinion about your medical procedure is more important than your life. I'm sorry you lost friends but they sound like awful people.

  15. I have two conservative aunts; one is more country club Republican. The other is an extreme Trumpophile. Who lives across the street. We can go a few weeks, but my T-phile aunt will always start an argument out of the blue. It's been like this since Trump got elected. I know exactly how you feel.

  16. Someone put it like this. Married women who are following all the rules will die. because if they have a natural miscarriage and can't get the medicine to evacuate the fetus. Then they are at risk for septic shock. Many women have died this way.

  17. A lot of women will die because it turns out a lot of medicine for unrelated illnesses are aborificants. Got MS? Sorry, we can't give you medicine anymore because you might be pregnant and we can't risk it...

  18. I’m married and aborted a second pregnancy because I literally could not handle it. Depression hit hard (I was depressed during my first pregnancy too), my son was only 1, and my patience for my son was nonexistent. I was terrified I would hurt him or myself because of this accident. I hurt for the women who get into similar situations and don’t have the option I did. I fear for them and their families.

  19. My mom had an abortion when I was 4 and my brother was 2, because her pregnancy was causing constant morning sickness. She was struggling to care for us two toddlers. Her and my dad chose to abort because they prioritized the children they already had.

  20. Abortion Laws don’t stop abortions, the abortions simply get pushed underground to unsafe, desperate procedures rather than medically controlled ones.

  21. I had to tell one of my aunt's enjoy rotting in hell when you bite it many years ago. Best thing I ever did. Don't regret it at all. And no one in the family messes with me anymore. Win win I say for you!! Setting healthy boundaries 😘

  22. I’m sorry you seem to have been through some awful awful experiences but DAMN good on you for fighting back because that was some killer words. Proud of you from this random internet stranger! I felt empowered reading those words so please stand a little taller today!

  23. I've been telling every pro lifer I find, if you are pro life and happy with this situation, you are happy that rapists can choose the mothers of their children. If you say you don't like that, well sorry, you don't get to choose which parts you support, just as you took away women's rights to choose.

  24. I hold them a little responsible for every woman’s death and every child who has to carry a baby. But they would never accept responsibility for the results of their votes

  25. This was a great response to those Christofascists and you can count me in as proud of you for standing up to them and pushing back.

  26. Oh, I am so sorry that your aunt sucks so badly. I also recently decided to disclose my rapes to my conservative family in an attempt to let them know how widespread it all is. It went about as well as you can imagine.

  27. Re:religion. I will never understand how Christians, muslims, etc just can't seem to understand that I don't care what your book says.

  28. yup. This is how bad it is. No joke. Miscarriages now put women in jail? Pre-eclampsia, placental abruption, and severe fetal abnormalities now cause sepsis, which is a death sentence. They're proud of this? Fuck them all. This is doctors not able to do their jobs. This is women with other children, that may end up leaving their children without a mother. This is raped girls. And this is a teen who made a bad decision, and now will have to pay this price. Awful all around.

  29. I never use the "pro-life" term, because the party has never been pro-life. The fact the US is last in every standard of living among developed countries confirms the republican policies have destroyed life here.

  30. Tell them to sign up to be foster parents. If they care so much about all these babies, great... tell them they can take care of them. Tell them to shut the fuck about being pro-forced-gestation and tell them to do something productive, like filling out the forms at the the link you sent them to apply to be foster parents.

  31. Apparently Christians are responsible for the majority of abortions in the US. Really shooting themselves in the foot right now.

  32. It's way past time to start standing up to these forced gestation assholes who think every life is precious, at least until the baby is born.

  33. You are an amazing dragon of a woman, and I am sat here in awe. You tell them, we have nothing more to lose. We need ferocity, not peace keeping.

  34. I'm still amazed people use Facebook. What a toxic cesspool of a social media platform. Nothing of value comes from it. All it does is make idiot family members accessible to my life. Fuck that. Dump it, delete it, and be free.

  35. I had a discussion with my partner (we live in the UK so we are not directly affected by this) - but I think it's difficult for men to understand the extent of the insult towards women with this decision. Sure, they can father children but it is not the same. Even the open minded ones will find it somewhat difficult I reckon.

  36. I am so sad for our country and for our fellow human beings. Hatred is so hot right now, that and fascism. I have rheumatoid arthritis but since I am a man, I can get my medication nice and easy. Women now on the other hand, cannot in some places. Some places are already denying the medication because of roe v wade.

  37. you can choose your "aunts" and can have as many as you'd like who accept that role. a lot of us really enjoy being supportive to younger folk because we ourselves may not have or want kids, but that doesn't mean we don't have wisdom/love/empathy to share.

  38. Next time you get into a discussion like this, ask them how they'll feel when their guns are ripped from their hands.

  39. I was raised in a very abusive southern baptist home. All we can do is end the cycle of violence and intolerance and expose these hypocritical,power hungry fucks for who they really are.

  40. I'm proud of you. From someone who has cut out a LOT of toxic family members who clearly are the very worst of humanity, you said what you needed to and there is NOTHING wrong with removing assholes like your aunt from your life if you want to go nuclear. Take the trash out, it stinks.

  41. Remind them that their god of the bible endorses abortion. That would know this if they ever bothered to read their holy book.

  42. Blood is not thicker than water. We need to start cutting off toxic, ignorant relatives. My husband and I cut off his aunt and uncle after their ignorance and conspiracy level insanity over COVID and Trump worship in 2020. They went ballistic and verbally attacked my husband’s parents as a result of us unfriending them of FB, so now they too have cut ties with them. If these people don’t want to listen to reason and want to let themselves be indoctrinated so deeply within politically motivated religion and uninformed conspiracies, then let them reap the consequences of their actions and lose their loved ones. We don’t owe them a damn thing.

  43. Yeah. I’m at that point where if you don’t respect me or my basic human rights: fuck you, bye. Don’t care if you’re family, friend, acquaintance, stranger, etc. Fuck you. I have plenty of people in my life who DO respect me and my rights to my body, I don’t need you anymore if that’s how you’re going to insist on acting. The door is right there, see ya, you won’t be missed. Good on you for standing up. I know it’s hard to stand up to family. I was assaulted too and none of my family knows, only my partner and my closest friend. But I’ll pull that card if they force my hand.

  44. I am SO happy I'm not on Facebook right now. I have conservative family I never see on there and I don't even want to KNOW what they're talking about right now. Probably some shit about how better the country is blah blah. I wouldn't be able to take it. I'm having dreams at night about politics already, I don't need to add more fuel to the fire by reading what they have to say.

  45. Christofascism and forcedbirth; we NEED to use these terms more. So sorry your family are horrible OP *hugs*

  46. Your response is amazing and I hope they read and felt every word! We are FURIOUS! They need to know how fucking ANGRY we are! We must use our anger to fight for our rights! I'm not backing down, even if it means making every conservative friend or family member uncomfortable.

  47. Pro-choice here with you. Currently living with my in-laws who are very pro-life amd christian. I have been raw dogging some pretty "insulting" fb posts and havent shied away from some pretty intense convos. Emotionally exaughsted but firm on my beliefs.

  48. I'm sorry you HAD to have that exchange with you aunt, although I'd glad that you were able to stand up for yourself and tell her why she's wrong... because she IS. If she'd rather choose water over blood, I hope she finds herself profoundly lonely.

  49. I'll be your auntie. I'm told I'm pretty good at it. I'm proud of you for standing up to her, and I'm proud of you for getting through a horrible time in your life. I'm proud of you for knowing when to keep silent and when to speak up. You've done amazingly for all of us.

  50. It gives me a chuckle that the same people who call us “baby killers” and tell us we’re going to hell, get upset when we abort them from our lives. They should be thrilled a “murderer” doesn’t want them around.

  51. I have had a couple friends stop talking to me after I went nuclear about abortion rights. It's hard to realize what you thought was a kind, empathetic person actually doesn't value you, or at least doesn't value you more than cheering for their Republican team. I don't miss those people really, I miss the person I thought they were. I no longer trust people who call themselves "moderates" or "not political" because I've learned that means "I'm a fascist, I'm just too chicken to say it out loud."

  52. Good for you. I’m sad that the current events are forcing women to reveal painful, private, truths of their own.

  53. My first experience with sexual assault was by a friend's church friend named Christian. It's no wonder I don't trust Christians to be good people just because they "have faith".

  54. Conservatives don’t care about rights unless it specifically applies to them and their beliefs. The irony is most claim to be in favor of “small government” but then want the government to enforce all kinds of laws that impose their moral and religious beliefs on everyone. Their only core competency is hypocrisy

  55. slams door open I'm your non binary elder now. Deal with it. I fuckin love you and support you. You are a goddamn legend and have survived things that would.make dicks shrivel and ballsacks retract. You are the storm. Let's ride together

  56. Man imagine how much greatness our species could have if we stopped caring about regulating each other’s bodies and loved ones. If we accepted that people need to make choices about their own life and health that not everyone will agree with but that doesnt matter, because personal health is a private choice. I’m so tired of religion and ignorance just dragging us backward into the dark ages when we have such much progress we can make. Fuck ‘em.

  57. Sis you are not a victim, you are a survivor. You survived that horrible thing, and came out stronger and fiercer. Make the world know your opinion.

  58. Very nice. Ask them how many of the 400,000 American kids waiting for adoption they are going to adopt this year

  59. My condolences on your trauma. But it sounds like your spine is still strong, never back down from what you know is right and always show them that the lies that spew from their mouths like untreated sewage will never erode your iron will.

  60. If this shit ever return into society in my country, Sweden, within my lifetime, I hope I can remember Reddit and other sites where I can get ammunition and know how to respond.

  61. I'd say your only mistake is having FB. Just go ahead and shut that down. At minimum deactivate it and just see how much you don't miss that platform of aging goons.

  62. Imagine being so stupid, you think that if another person/government told you, YOU HAD TO CARRY A ROCK for 9 months. Forget it, its a magical baby that can talk. The baby says, carry me around for 9 months.

  63. Well done OP. It's about time everyone stops tolerating the intolerance in our daily lives to avoid "rocking the boat". Women's boats have fucking capsized and assholes on the right think they're "funny" with their teasing from lifeboats because they finally "won". It's amazing how much people can be invested in removing the rights of others when they aren't concerned. "Don't like abortion? Don't get one."

  64. I can’t believe what I’ve heard from men this week, and actually woman as well. I live in a blue bubble and thought most of these types weren’t in my life. Boy was I wrong.

  65. Every pro forced birther should be forced to adopt a child. The only thing about that would be that many would make terrible parents and would traumatize the children they adopt. But maybe they would be a bit less smug and judgmental about forcing women to raise potential children they don’t want, especially when it’s by ugly circumstances like rape, incest or an abusive partner.

  66. These Christians need to start following the example set by Jesus Christ, by which I mean dying in agonising pain.

  67. We need to stop treating them like people, they have lost all form of coherent logic. If you advocate for the harm of another human for your own beliefs then you have lost the status of human being. Simple as that.

  68. Had this argument with my shitty aunt and her equally as loud and stupid daughter two years ago on Facebook when I shared a pro-rights picture and have since abandoned the platform.

  69. Seems like a lot of people have forgotten the whole founding of America was based on escaping religious rule. And the US is suppose to be a separation of church and state. The Christian Right is not much different than nation of Islam now. Both treat women worse than livestock.

  70. Good for you. They can believe what they wish but the second that starts taking people's rights we have a problem

  71. Fair fucks! That was a bridge that needed burning because you don't need any of them in your life. Well done for saying what needed to be said.

  72. I don’t want to hear the words of the pearl clutchers, but damn if only we could televise the mental gymnastics they went through to try and justify their self centred views after this scathing and accurate rebuke.

  73. Thank you. I'm sorry you had to deal with the trauma, however I really enjoyed you unloading on those jerks.

  74. Cutting out toxic older people out of your life is a good thing especially since they'll be the first to come knocking once their health and mobility fail and will want someone to stay at home with them to feed them, clean up after them, take them to doctors, and later to bathe them, clean out their diapers, etc. The irony is that these people had voted against their own self interest all their lives and will find out how little the government is there to help them.

  75. I’m probably the same age as your aunts (58) and I have spent my life fighting for reproductive rights. I’m sorry, but your aunts are dumb and easily manipulated by patriarchy. You should be proud that you spoke out…more people need to do this AND cut ties with reprehensible family members. Shunning and ostracizing people does work.

  76. I feel you, my entire family is far right. Anytime I post anything about RvW or abortion on my fb my aunt consistently writes the same thing: "They are aborting wee humans live and harvesting their organs without ansesthesia for profit. I pray the procedures are unveiled so people know exactly what they are promoting."

  77. Couldn't me more true. Gobsmacked how deficient these useless troglodytes are that makes these laws. Fuck 'em and their law.

  78. I always wanted a big sister, I’d be hella happy to have you in my family! I’m also very being vocal about this and putting up with ZERO ppl who say it’s “ok” like no motherfuckers it’s not.

  79. boomers need to be held responsible for beliefs and actions. just because they grew up in a time where internet and information wasn't widely available it doesn't give them an excuse to be hateful towards others. misogyny is very ingrained in our society and more so the further back in time you go but we aren't doomed to the values and beliefs of our generation. it is an active choice to be ignorant and closed minded at their age. they are capable of changing but they are too arrogant and stubborn to listen to women and younger generations thinking they know better than we do. it is good that you are speaking out for yourself/other women. some people are seriously disconnected from the reality of women and abortion and they need to be taught.

  80. Really, don’t class boomers with republicans. Truly it’s republicans. Republicans can be boomers, but not all boomers are republicans. Some of us are still hippies and cannot believe and will not condone what’s going on in this country. VOTE VOTE VOTE

  81. Remember that the people in office have had 50 years to codify roe into law, and didn't. Vote accordingly.

  82. I'm sorry for what you went through, and I'm glad you got the support you needed to get through. Anyone who doesn't respect your autonomy is trash. I respect your strength in being able to slice this trash out of your life.

  83. I too publicly went nuclear on social media before cutting off multiple family members. Turns out, my life is better without them in it. Mine happened the day after the insurrection. Super happy to not hear their hot takes this past week.

  84. We all need to stop being kind to these evil idiots. Family or not, they need to hear clear words like this. Thank you very much and I hope you can have a better life without these ghouls dragging you down.

  85. You did the right thing. Part of why we are all in this mess now is that those of us with more empathy "go with the flow" and don't fight back.

  86. The problem with arguing with these people on Facebook is that it does nothing. They'll just tell themselves everything you said is fake news and retreat back to the warm safety of their feed, which is just a firehose of confirmation bias 24x7.

  87. The crazy thing about these Theocratic Death Cultists is that they have women who are on their side. How it’s not just a bunch of cis-male knuckle draggers circle jerking to Ted nugent still surprises me.

  88. Thank you for standing up for yourself. Thank you for standing up for us all. The ones who are offended aren't worth your attention, much less worthy of being considered family. You did good.

  89. I admire you and want you to know that those who are truly interested in human rights and common decency are behind you and this cause.

  90. I'm sorry to hear what happened to you, and about your issues with your family. You already know this, but you didn't do anything wrong. I hope your message gets through to them, but if it doesn't, it isn't your fault.

  91. Well said! I’m sorry you have such a scummy aunt and others who think they can preach to you! Yikes, see the hand and keep on walking. Stay strong we’re with you all the way.

  92. We need to normalize the term christofascist because that's what's happening. Dunno if people are afraid to use it or what but I'm not seeing it often enough.

  93. As a new aunt, this blows my mind. I have a nephew and I will always support him and his right to choose how he lives his life, so of course I would do the same for a niece. I’m sorry you had to put up with such ignorance.

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