1. Just like with abortions, there will be an additional travel cost to obtaining IVF for many women. Thus putting both abortions and IVF out of the reach of more women.

  2. So they only care about the embryos when they’re inside a woman’s body. Hmmm..... Almost like it was never about the “babies”.

  3. Either IVF will be outlawed -- and there are some religious powers, especially in the Catholic church, that would like that -- or it will be one of several reasons the Republican opposition to abortion is inconsistent / actually about controlling women.

  4. This is where the Octomom came from. She was going to carry all the embryos. As I recall, my parents are anti-IVF. It's actually a pretty common stance in that group, even if they're not as loud about it as they are about abortion in general.

  5. One way clinics could handle it is doing what some call "compassionate transfer," which is putting remaining embryos in the uterus during a point of the patient's cycle where the uterus won't be receptive and therefore very unlikely to implant. I've previously heard of this being a remedy for patients who have religious beliefs, or for those who don't want to consider other options (discarding, donation to science, embryo adoption). A fertilized egg that doesn't implant isn't a miscarriage, it's an implantation failure, which never got far enough to become a pregnancy.

  6. But wouldn't that be the same thing? Knowingly transferring when you know the embryo will die, is the same as knowingly taking pills when you know an embryo will die.

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