1. You would think after having so many patients have pain with all these iuds placement, colposcopies, etc. They they’d have a pain protocol before these procedures. She is a liar for saying it doesn’t hurt. I know she’s had many patient cry out in pain!!

  2. The first and only time I had a colposcopy they needed multiple samples and it hurt so much I could not stay still on the table as I was involuntarily shaking.

  3. Yeah I think they took two from me when I was 19, they probably would’ve like to take more but I almost shot off the end of the table.

  4. Good for you! I ended up in the icu after my last emergency c-section. My bladder was cut and I required several blood transfusions and was only given Tylenol 800s from 630am until around 8/9pm. After screaming crying and begging for pain management all day a new nurse started her shift and finally gave it to me. She was appaled that they hadn't even reached out to labor and delivery to see what pain meds they give people after c-sections. Nothing scares me more than a doctor or nurse who thinks she knows everything. We have to keep advocating for ourselves!

  5. Pain meds were demonized because of the opioid Epidemic. Chronic pain patients have suffered the most from refusal to prescribe pain relief. But they swore people with acute pain (like you had) wouldn't suffer. We all suffer when they demonize valid medications.

  6. I hate to paint with a broad brush but L&D is the worst. I work in another specialty and I always have to check myself before I go talk to them because they are so rude.

  7. I just had to have one of these back in January. I didn’t take anything for the pain. Was told I would feel nothing. I had the worst time walking home. (Don’t own a car it was like 3 blocks.) I couldn’t get off the couch for the rest of the day.

  8. I was definitely blind sided when I saw that viral tiktok of a practice video that they did a colposcopy on a piece of baloney or something. Definitely NOT what I expected!!! No wonder it hurt so much...

  9. Yeah I have IUDs put in and the colposcopy was the worst pain I have ever felt. I was screaming in the doctor’s office and nearly in tears.

  10. Recently saw a gyno I found on the childfree list and she was incredible. I was there to talk about sterilization and she asked why I wasn’t interested in the IUD. I said “mainly the pain involved in insertion (among many other things)”. She responded saying when she got her first IUD she couldn’t believe how painful it was and insisted there should be a better way. Once she became an obgyn she decided to do IUD’s with a cervical block to numb you

  11. Sounds like I may need to look into the childfree sub. There seems to be a correlation between believing women when they don’t want children and believing that women feel pain.

  12. Mine agreed to give me anesthesia in the actual hospital if that’s how I wanted to do it. I had no intention of getting an IUD I just wanted to make sure she understood that we know it’s a scam when she says that the cervix does not feel pain.

  13. I just had this same procedure done last week. I was gaslight by every single medical professional involved. They refused to give me anything for the pain. I had terrible cramps for four days after. Almost made me miss the tricare drs and their 800 mg ibprofin answer for everything. Let's not talk about the part where they ripped bits out of my cervix. Never have i ever felt anything like it before.

  14. I hate to say it but this is why my wife also has me accompany her to Doctors. It makes me sick that I have to be there and say verbatim what she just said in order to get the results she should have been allowed on her own in the first place. To hell with these doctors.

  15. I had a colpo done with a biopsy with only Motrin and it was HORRIBLE. Anyone who says pain meds aren’t needed are psychopaths who like to hurt people.

  16. I had one twenty years ago. The doctor almost stopped because of how much pain I was experiencing. No painkillers, not told to take an Advil or anything beforehand, either.

  17. Same. And they gave me the Motrin AFTER WE WERE DONE. the doc was like "oh honey I'm sorry we're meeting like this." I had no idea what was about to happen :(

  18. What I just don’t get is “why”. Why do they not care that their patients are clearly suffering immensely? How can they watch women scream and cry and pass out and still think that we’re not deserving of pain relief?

  19. I almost passed out during my colpo + biopsy last year and then had to drive myself home across town because I was told I didn’t need any pain medicine beforehand or need anyone to drive me home.

  20. Weighing in here with another colposcopy story. The Doc also did an endometrial biopsy “just to be sure” (which my later dr was horrified to hear about) while she was in there, during which I was sobbing and writhing on the table. I felt so violated and uncomfortable and was totally losing my shit.

  21. I wasn’t told anything about mine other than it being a minor procedure and not to worry about it; I burst into tears and was shaking during the procedure. No pain meds at all, it was awful

  22. Most of the OB/GYNs I've had remind me of the kids who insist that it's fine to tear the wings off butterflies because they can't feel it. Except imagine if butterflies could scream and tell you that they CAN feel it, but the kid keeps insisting that the butterfly is wrong.

  23. I did too and the pain was so bad I was light headed, nauseous and shaky. I had to sit on the steps outside before I could walk to the car. I’d rather have cancer than do that again TBH.

  24. I had a similar experience, I was straight up traumatized. My husband and I didn’t have sex for a couple months because I suffered chronic pain after.

  25. I think it just varies so much person to person. I always get the "periods don't hurt" crap from people and like I'm down for a week or I'm on something decent for pain and bleeding. We just aren't all the same and doctors forget that because people just don't give them honest feedback.

  26. It was brutally painful for both my wife and I. She can be a little iffy depending on the type of pain so I wasn't sure what to expect, but fuck did that hurt.

  27. Reading this made me sad, but I will have to be more demanding in the future...Last time I had an IUD put in, it was painful, I bled even, they just gave me a juice box and a cookie like I was some kid

  28. My first IUD insertion went smoothly. My 2nd I almost passed out on the table and had to be walked out of the office after feeding me juice boxes. My 3rd insertion I thought would be better because I took a cervical softener and some Xanax this time, but they had trouble placing it and it was so bad I was uncontrollably sobbing and asking them to stop.

  29. I wish I had a cookie and a juice box. I was told it wouldn't hurt that much, take a Tylenol before and you'll be fine to drive home. LOL that was the worse cramps I had, got so lightheaded driving, and spend the rest of the day glued on the couch in agonizing pain, just trying to sleep the pain away while regretslting my decision/ wondering if I should go to the ER

  30. when I got my first IUD at 23, I couldn’t walk for almost 2 hours with out doubling over in pain and then my sister had to come pick me up bc I couldnt drive bc the cramping was so bad. My doc used lidocaine on my cervix, but that didn’t help with the ridiculous cramping. iTlL bE lIkE pErIoD cRaMpInG. eat my ass.

  31. Thank you for sharing your experience OP. I needed a cervical biopsy and was told to take an Advil beforehand. Suffice to say it was no t enough. My doctor said to go ahead and scream. No one would hear me. I'm still traumatized thinking about it. Why is being treated like this acceptable? What's so wrong with giving someone stronger medication before a procedure? Why do I have to be "strong"? Can't I just be pain free?

  32. I’ve had a colposcopy. I tried to go in with just the Motrin and idk what they did at the start but it hurt so much that I jumped off the table and fucking left. I called back to reschedule and said I wasn’t getting it done without actual medication. They prescribed me two Vicodin and two Ativan and my mom drove me and I didn’t feel a thing. Fuck these medical fucks for thinking our pain doesn’t matter.

  33. I wish I did more research before having a colposcopy done instead of just trusting the doctor. She told me to take 4 Advil before the procedure and it’ll feel like period cramps so I thought “how bad could it be if all I’m supposed to take is Advil?” I cried during it and legit asked “how do people have babies? This is so painful.” I’ll never forget the pain. I was nauseous afterwards too. Good for you for standing up for yourself!! We all need to demand better pain management because our pain is real. I’ll never go thru another procedure without prescription pain meds.

  34. We need to stop being so nice and caving in to these drs. My old male gynecologist was always so rough with me that I started taking pain pills just for a routine exam. He finally quit and became a fundamentalist preacher. He clearly just hated women.

  35. We've developed a cult of competency around Doctors in the English speaking world because the profession was originally aristocratic. Doctors expect deference. We pay them too much, give them too much slack and revere them way too much.

  36. I live in Indiana and doctors here not only refuse to prescribe or provide anything, but if you ask for it they mark you as drug seeking in the records. My wife had MRSA in her nose and was on a morphine drip in the hospital for three days while antibiotics dealt with it. The third day, the new doctor on shift accused her of drug seeking and forcibly discharged her. We didn't have a car and were 45 miles from home.

  37. Core memory unlocked. I had completely forgotten about this, but I had a colposcopy done back in 2002...it was horrific.

  38. I was fed the same line of bullshit about the colposcopy. I had never gotten anything like it though, no IUD or anything so I foolishly believed her when she said it would just be some mild cramping. Ok. I normally have heinous cramping so that can’t be too bad, right?

  39. I had one without reading anything about it beforehand. Doctor said it wouldn’t hurt and a nurse told me to take a Tylenol an hour before. Not only was the pain excruciating, I also began to cry because of how invasive it felt, and how awful the doctor was being. They took multiple cuts of tissue and as I cried the doctor told me it didn’t hurt. I left the office and sat on a curb in the parking lot for about half an hour after. Not because of just the pain, but for how horrible it felt all the way through and how ill prepared I was for it. And I bled the rest of the day too ✌️

  40. My mom had this done and I went to her appointment with her. Same thing, told her to just take Tylenol. Now, the woman is one tough lady with a high pain tolerance. And she was sobbing from pain during the procedure. Absolutely not. It was ridiculous and I was disgusted that this is allowed.

  41. This is exactly what happened to me too! I had to do a colposcopy and then come back for biopsies. I also refused to do it without any sort of anxiety/pain management and my doctor gave me the same bullshit about it not being “standard procedure” to try to shame me into complying quietly. So glad I stood up for myself and was able to be more comfortable during my procedure.

  42. I refused to get an iud after my daughter was born last month because of how much the procedure hurt the last two times. I had intense cramping, flop sweat, my cervix wouldn’t open up for the insertion, I vomited and had instant diarrhea and crazy bleeding all at the same time. My fucking C section was easier on my body than “a simple painless procedure”. Fuck the doctors who won’t give you pain medication.

  43. Seconding this from hungary. Its law of the jungle here. Many times i had medical issues and i was passed off to return in months. No , i am not waiting months when i have horrible bladder pain. So i just sat down in hall ans said i am not going home till they check me. Guess who got checked in 10 mins......

  44. This is always so frustrating and infuriating to hear these stories, but they do help the rest of us to learn what might happen and be prepared to advocate for ourselves.

  45. I had a biopsy, colposcopy, AND cryosurgery all without pain killers or any kind of numbing agent and each procedure was EXCRUCIATING. I was not prepared AT ALL. And each time the doctor acted like I was exaggerating. It has been almost 20 years since, and I'm STILL MAD. Standing your ground was the right choice.

  46. I got a uterine biopsy several years ago. Was told to take a motrin an hour before. I have a high pain threshold but the procedure literally made me scream. I was in tears afterwards because of the shock of the pain. I don't understand who decided that these procedures don't hurt.

  47. As a woman who has to have a biopsy done on her cervix once every six months due to abnormal cell growth, they hurt. I’ve never had a period hurt as much as these hurt. You lose an entire day in achy pain down there. If I knew I could ask for pain meds I would have absolutely every time. Thank you for sharing your story.

  48. You don’t have to explain yourself, most of us understand what you were talking about. If somebody thinks you are a junkie whore, they better come at me, I take oxycodone every day all day for a busted up spine & they can die mad about it.

  49. I used to be a doctor's assistant. I have assisted in more colposcopies than I can count. That doctor is absolutely fucking lying. You will absolutely feel pain.

  50. I have so much empathy for the women commenting here about their experiences with extremely painful gynecological procedures without proper pain management. I had a hysteroscopy, where they dilate your cervix and then go in and take biopsies of the endometrium, and I was shocked that they do that to women without anesthesia, let alone any pain meds. Like some of the other women who have commented here about colposcopies, I was also told before the hysteroscopy that it “may cause minor cramping.” Horseshit. Afterward I was left shaking and crying on the table for a while to give me time to get myself composed. Then last year I went to have an IUD inserted to protect my uterus because of post-menopausal bleeding and thickening of the endometrium. They said it would help protect me from uterine cancer. I had no idea it would hurt at all; I had it in my head it would be akin to inserting a diaphragm. I don’t know how I got that idea. Anyway, it hurt so much I had to make them stop before they got the IUD in. So I just didn’t get it. Question: as these procedures are important for the detection and prevention of cancer, then why don’t they treat them that seriously and use appropriate procedures to prep the patient? That would include anesthesia or at the very least some effective pain meds.

  51. Having a colposcopy is like medieval torture. Even if it didn't hurt and it does, having a brass tree trimmer stuffed in your hoo ha so they can cut bits of off of it whilst laying on top of a metal bedpan should have a prerequisite of drugs.

  52. And doctors wonder why their is a lack of trust smh. My mom just had a routine pap recently, & her GYN found a cervical polyp, and WITHOUT CONSENT immediately biopsied it w/ little warning. I have tried multiple times to tell my mom to file a complaint, but her medical record has been manipulated by doctors because shes a chronic pain patient, so shes worried about retaliation. This is my GYN as well, hopefully not for long because like hell will I put up with that. If you have a uterus, STAND UP TO DOCTORS. It’s disgusting but they constantly dismiss & belittle our pain (especially WoC)

  53. That's just abhorrent. She has the right through HIPAA to access her medical record, would it help to do so? It's illegal to withhold access to them, if she's worried about retaliation you can also make a complaint because absolutely no one should have to deal with that. I'm mad on you and your mom's behalf, we give more agency to corpses ffs what kind of doctor does a procedure on someone without their knowledge and consent?!

  54. Damn, that’s like a mechanic replacing the u-joint when he’s only supposed to fix the brakes. They are supposed to get permission and sign off for something like that.

  55. I had a colposcopy done with no pain medication and it was honestly worse than giving birth with a malfunctioning epidural (aside from the actual pushing). I decided right then and there not to ever pursue an IUD because of the pain. You would think a woman would be more sensitive, a woman did my colposcopy too.

  56. I didn't know they could give you pain meds for your IUD if you asked... When I did mine last I didn't take anything. The doctor told me "I took it like a champ" ....

  57. I had a colposcopy once. It hurt enough that I levitated my butt off the table and yelled “Ow!”. My ob/gyn was shocked.

  58. Good! I've had one unmedicated colposcopy and two unmedicated labors and births. The colposcopy was the most painful of the three experiences. By FAR. Why in the world are we forcing women to "take the pain" with one procedure, but encouraging them to take advantage of pain relief options in the other? It's ridiculous.

  59. not an OBGYN issue, but something similar happened to me a few years ago. i broke my nose and had to have it reset, which is basically when they let your nose heal in it’s broken state and then they break it again to put it back in place. sounds fun right? well i get to the appointment and im expecting the doctor to at least give me a norco or something but when i asked about pain meds she literally laughed in my face and treated me like i was some kind of junkie. then she did the procedure without even a tylenol or anything and i swear to god it was the worst pain ive ever experienced in my life. wayyy worse than initially breaking my nose. immediately afterwards she just walked out of the room and i was discharged, no one asked me if i needed anything. i had to take the train home by myself while bleeding and in pain and i almost passed out a few times. doctors can be so negligent sometimes it’s appalling.

  60. I had to quit my first OB because she didn’t want to give me my first choice birth control right before I got married and being young and naive settled for the HBC that I learned actually made me suicidal (yay for hormonal surges right?) and I only took those for 2 months before arguing with her that I was okay with getting pregnant if it meant staying alive. Then went in for my Paragard IUD placement and it was fine, and she was actually nice enough to prescribe a cervix softener and told me to take ibuprofen an hour before coming and it was mostly painless. What wasn’t fun was the next six months the new type of cramp I would experience that would randomly happen like a strike of lightening up my spine.

  61. I used to get bad anxiety before dental cleanings. It caused me to clench my jaw and giggle at times during the cleaning which is probably unpleasant for the hygienist as well. When I told my dentist that I have anxiety disorder but don't regularly take meds he said, "No problem! Before your cleanings or any fillings, call my office and I will write you an rx for a few Valium. I want you to be comfortable." I wish all doctors were as caring as him. My obgyn spoke to me about getting my tubes tied and when I asked about pain management she said she doesn't write any hyrocodone for that. I said forget it.

  62. Fudge, I had a coloposcopy done when I was barely 17 after one abnormal pap. No pain relief, but AFAIK, the Dr didn't take a biopsy but he may have and not told me (recurring theme of my teenage ob/gyn experiences.)

  63. I had HPV in college and the colposcopy was SO painful I had trouble walking back to my car from the campus clinic and had no one to help me drive home etc.

  64. I see way too many stories of women getting treated like shit at the doctors office. I'm sorry guys it must be horrible.

  65. This is why I love my current doc. She gave me a prescription for two hydrocodone when I had my colposcopy. I didn’t even have to ask. One was for me to take 30-60 minutes before the appointment, the other was for that evening. She also gave me a shot of lidocaine when she did the biopsy and laser.

  66. Thank you for writing this. I'm due to have a hysteroscopy at some point in the future... nothing scheduled yet, because my gyno thinks they found a polyp. Then in a followup call, the senior consultant said that actually, they weren't 100% it was a polyp, but wanted to do the procedure anyway, just to make sure. And while they were up in there, they could "fit an IUD".

  67. Period-like cramping my ass. I fainted right in the doctor's office after they told me I was good to leave after my colposcopy.

  68. I blindly had this procedure having no idea how uncomfortable it would feel. I felt sick to my stomach from the experience. I recommend demanding pain killers too. It’s inhumane to think this should be experienced. Never again.

  69. Dude. I premedicate my patients before painful procedures. Putting in an a-line or central line? Pain med. Pulling a chest tube? Pain med. And those are not as painful as taking a chunk of skin out of your freaking cervix

  70. I have had colposcopies/biopsies and an IUD insertion and I couldn't stop myself from screaming in pain during all of them. Good for standing up for yourself on this. I don't know why they tell us the procedures aren't painful when it is clearly a fucking lie. It's excruciating. It's agony. If men had to have procedures like this you can bet they would be getting Percocet.

  71. I don’t know why we’re lied to about everything not hurting, I’ve had IUD insertion, IUD removal and a colposcopy all done without being offered pain relief.. told it’ll “just be be a pinch” for all of them (spoiler alert they weren’t) :(

  72. RN here. I would never do one of these procedures without being premedicated. I'd also not like to continue going to a physician that downplayed it. It is nothing to request a few Xanax for a procedure or a few Norco for cramps. I advocated for patients all the time simply because I know how it feels and prefer to be medicated even if it was only a "tic tac" being cut from my cervix. What a shitty stupid thing for this doc to say.

  73. I ended up waiting for a month after my colposcopy. The doctor told me that it was normal and it is most certainly not normal to be bleeding for that long. I was also having extremely high INR readings because I'm on blood thinners and they did it anyway for some reason. I bled so much that it made me anemic

  74. Terrible. I have to fight with my Uroligist from a respected practice in my city for pain meds after breaking up my kidney stones 3 times in 2 months!

  75. I thought I would pass out from the excruciating pain of the 3 biopsies I had taken with no pain relief. I had to stay laying down after as they were concerned I was going to pass out. Well done for advocating for yourself.

  76. I've never had an IUD but I literally have never spoken to a woman who had little/no pain. Wtf? Why don't they at least give you twilight or versed, like they do for oral surgery? Oh right cuz dudes don't get colposcopies.

  77. Also make sure she explains to you what this entails. The last one I had, the doctor performed a curettage on me without my consent. 2 er visits later, I find out that's not standard of care. I was in so much pain for months. I avoided doctors for 2 years. I finally found a good one, thankfully.

  78. I'd ask that asshole what hers felt like. I bet $10 she's never had to go through with what she does to her patients.

  79. These are some crazy stories. I have had 2 iud put in with no pain management and they ended up needing an ultrasound machine to place it after several mistakes one time. Both fell out eventually. The first in a large clot during my cycle but the second. Oof. The second one scraped its way halfway down my cervix at 1 am on a Friday. The ER dr asked if I couldn’t wait until Monday when my OBGYN would be available. Like my guy, I don’t want you down there either please shut up and get someone to get it out. So that was done with no pain management as well of course. Now I’m ineligible for a third attempt at an iud I’m told so it’s hormonal birth control for me until I can convince someone to sterilize me in someway or another.

  80. First time I had a root canal, they were prescribing 2 weeks of some strong painkiller. My husband (a pharmacist) said to prescribe 1 week of one med and a second week of another--that I would alternate between the two. Both were very addictive; I’m sensitive to pain and acclimate entirely too quickly to painkillers. He didn’t want me to take either for 2 days in a row.

  81. My first IUD they gave local anaesthetic. My second one they didn't even talk about pain at all and I had forgotten the local from last time. I screamed my head.off the whole time, and a complaint was made about my GP from the Dr that did the insertion because of how cruel she felt it was. I have a history of chronic pelvic pain so it was highly likely to go wrong.

  82. I had a LEEP in 2012 and my doctor told me that the cervix has no pain receptors, right before the procedure. However, she was telling me this as she shot numbing medication into me. (probably around the cervix)

  83. I agree! My husband was ill for several years before he passed. Even for simple procedures they gave him pain medication.

  84. 100% am going to ask my gyno for pain meds at my next colposcopy. No one told me to take ibuprofen or anything. “Slight pinch” my fucking ass.

  85. I don't think so, pain levels can be very different, both from person to person and from this time and that time. Just like menstrual pain.

  86. had two IUDs, one colposcopy. While they don't really compare to the brain-ripping pain of the IUD placement (and measuring for the first one, jesus christ), Before either of them, my top three pain experiences were 1. gall stone blockage that nearly killed me 2. cavity fillings with no anesthetic (don't ask) 3. colposcopy.

  87. I have been trying not to cry all day, but this post is about to send me over the edge. I have a bum left shoulder that has been hurting me for OVER TEN YEARS.. I have been to numerous doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, no one takes it seriously. It hurts to lift my arm up or shrug my shoulders or even just sitting still doing nothing. No one cares or looks into it because I'm a woman.

  88. I could have written this comment — I'm so sorry, chronic shoulder pain is AWFUL. For years, every photo I'm in shows me clutching my shoulder or holding an icy beverage against it. Numerous doctors, PT, pain management, and not a single one offered anything to minimize the pain. Ice and take as much ibuprofen as you want, more than 20 a day if needed. (Note: I have a condition that makes ibuprofen dangerous.) When I finally wrote in all-caps at the top of a pain evaluation form that I no longer used my left arm, the nurse practitioner paid attention. Saw a new orthopedic surgeon who thought my shoulder might be "loose." Thought surgery would take 30 minutes. 5 hours later, I awoke to learn that it was not just loose, but had been partially or fully dislocating nearly daily for YEARS. Meanwhile, my husband is given pain meds any time he coughs and his back twinges.

  89. Good for you! BE YOUR OWN HEALTHCARE ADVOCATE AND IF THEY WON'T DO IT, DON'T DO THE PROCEDURE. Procedures mean money$$ and if you refuse a procedure, they cannot bill your insurance. Ladies, TAKE BACK YOUR POWER!

  90. Guys, I agree with everything OP said except this: Do NOT lie. They can see what you’ve been prescribed in the past. They can see when. Lying will not help you.

  91. That's just utter bs. I'm 2 months postop for a hysterectomy and the cervical biopsy performed a few weeks before surgery was honestly the most painful in-office procedure I've endured and it took all day for the cramping sensations to dissipate.

  92. Posting this here - I was 20ish (F) at the time. I had a year old ingrown toenail. A YEAR! They put me on antibiotics and couldn’t get rid of the infection. I went to my GP to take the toenail out. I went alone. They did try to inject my toe with numbing meds (which was PAINFUL by itself). But they didn’t constrict the blood flow between the foot and the toe - usually they tie a little rubber band on your toe.

  93. If it’s what I’m thinking of, thank rhymes with Shmeveshmand Shminic, I’m not surprised. The doctors in that system, especially on main campus, have the worst bedside manner. I went there when I was having migraines and told my doctor about my worried, because I have brain cancer on both sides of my family, and he essentially told me I was stupid for worrying at all. Granted, it turned out to be because of my thyroid, but still.

  94. I've had 3-4 colposcopies done and 1 LEEP. They are SO painful. I vividly remember scheduling my first one and my OBGYN said it'd be fine to return to work afterwards. Yeah, no. My next pap smear is in a few weeks and I'm already dreading having to get yet another colposcopy. Normally my insurance should cover pap smears for being preventive but they haven't since my first colposcopy. 🙃

  95. It's worth remembering that Doctors are expected to produce income for the hospital and will likely give in to what you want if it means they still get to do the expensive procedure.

  96. If she’s still using the hole puncher, that’s barbaric. I had a colposcopy last year and didn’t feel a thing. They used what looked like an eyelash wand, very similar to a Pap smear.

  97. Utterly insensitive doctors are everywhere. My one favorite was the guy who "diagnosed" my mother with cancer; she had a huge abdominal mass (when it was removed, it weighed about 5 pounds), and that is always cancer, based on his extensive experience (which I later found out was all of a year). Doc says she has 6 months at the outside.

  98. I had a colposcopy done and had zero idea what I was in for. I thought it was just gonna be like a pap smear. Dear god was I wrong. The walk 8 blocks back to my apt was agonizing.

  99. I've had 2 colposcopies in my life and the first hurt but the second was torture. I jumped so bad from the pain and pretty much started crying. Next time I get one I'll be taking pain meds before hand and not just ibuprofen

  100. When I had my baby I was induced because of a complication. They gave me cervidil which they shove up in your cervix to dilate you. Then they check it. So painful. The first round didn’t work so they did it all over again which was awful and then when I came back in, in labor now, they checked again, but the cervidil was stuck and so they left it there because I was only four cm dilated, that check was the worst fucking pain. This tampon like structure with fucking rigid paper cut like sides just hanging around my cervix, I could feel when they moved it and it cut me. So then I’m like I can’t deal with this you have to give me something before you take this thing out, they thought I was talking about my baby which no, get this hell device out of me so they gave me an epidural which I didn’t get a chance to use because I was suddenly fully dilated. They are panicking because they definitely shouldn’t have had it in so long that I am at the pushing phase with it in. So while My baby’s waters are bulging out of me they finally reach in, grab the cervidil and it makes my waters rupture which causes me needing to push and three minutes later my baby was born. I could take the pushing, could take the contractions but fuck do I now hate cervix checks and if I ever get pregnant again I don’t want them to induce me at all. The whole time they thought I was making a big deal about nothing but that whole experience has scarred me for life. I was so mad that I wasn’t taken seriously about my cervix pain. Good on you for sticking up for yourself!

  101. Nurse here- please make a formal complaint. Doctors hate controlling pain, its like pulling teeth to get a good pain regimen even for people in patient- like dude theyre in the hospital and clearly sick, the condition they have is KNOWN to be painful even if they admit to a history of drug abuse. It doesnt mean its not painful! I dont understand what they teach in med school but i bet theyre all just scared of overprescribing opioids for liability purposes

  102. Wow, I didn’t think about making a complaint. What should I write in my complaint? I’m assuming it’ll just go to the hospital gynecologist head of department person who probably agrees with her.

  103. Yeah I’m highly considering not going back to her. But how do I find a gynecologist who takes female pain seriously? I was so lucky with my last doc, he was close to my office so I randomly picked him.

  104. I had one of these done on the NHS and they injected my cervix with local anesthetic before doing the procedure.

  105. Holy shit, there is no way I could have gone through having my colposcopy without taking prescribed codeine beforehand. No way. The injections to numb the cervix warrant good pain relief just on their own!!

  106. What about an HSG? I was supposed to schedule one back in September but the horror stories have stopped me. My (new) OB said just take 2 Tylenol prior and I'm just............that's it?! Plus, no support person!! Gah!

  107. I had a biopsy done and it felt like someone was jamming a spike up there. It’s gross that they try to force us to have it without medication.

  108. You have a right to be believed about pain. If a doctor (or NP, or DO) won't treat pain: demand a signed note explaining why pain treatment or further diagnostics would not be provided and you were sent away without treatment for pain. Most doctors won't do it: they'd rather prescribe or run a few more tests to avoid it. Signing a note like that and having a patient get a dangerous diagnosis later that they worsened for not treating or believing is a career ender.

  109. Doctors will look at you in pain and say "you're doing great!" When they should be asking if you WANT MEDICATION

  110. I’ve had a colposcopy, GET THE MEDS! It was not only painful but incredibly violating. I cried the whole process and was treated like a drama queen.

  111. Seeing my new gyno this Friday, having a bc consultation first before they can prescribe/order me anything. I definitely don't want my second iud put in without some strong painkillers. I saved some from the wisdom teeth removal just in case if they don't give me anything....needed to read this. Thank you for sharing

  112. I work in a clinical role myself (not OBGYN) and I have to be an absolute bully sometimes toward OBGYN providers. I recently booked a colposcopy myself after 2 abnormal PAPs five years apart, and they had a reeeeeeeal hard time convincing me to even do it. My test result showed "high risk HPV" but negative for 16, 18 and 45, which are independently tested for. The other test is undifferentiated. I've been married over 9 years with no other partners and my husband has not had any other partners either. I know how HPV works, I have no family history of gynecological cancers and honestly I am not pressed about it. The test result is vaguely abnormal and during the physical exam there was nothing notable about my anatomy.

  113. Alot has to do with government policies aswell. I just had oral surgery, my doc gave me valium to take. He then apologized for the lack of nitrous he was able.to offer due to it being linked to a computer with government regulations. He couldnt turn it any farther up. He then went on a long rant how the government punishes legit doctors for the actions of the few corrupt ones. Needless to say it was not enough nitrous to do any good and the doc seemed very irritated he could not provide me with the care he wanted to. Im proud of you for advocating for yourself!!!

  114. As someone who had a colposcopy at her first every Pap smear..I was traumatized. TRAUMATIZED. I refused to see another GYN for MONTHS after to get rechecked. It was traumatizing. I was in pain for DAYS. I bled FOR DAYS. I’ve never felt pain like that, and I gave birth o a child with no pain meds.

  115. My OB gave me a Misoprostol prescription after I told her how much my last procedure hurt and told me to take OTC pain pills for my IUD. I also demanded the smaller IUD because I had the regularly recommended one before and I could feel it poking me when I did sit ups. I'm very happy with her/my decision. I could still feel it and it was still a bit unpleasant, but nothing like my previous experiences with my cervix being poked (I've done a lot of procedures related to IVF).

  116. Wow I'm so proud of you! I'm so glad they listened! I've never had a single one listen, if I tried to say something hurt I'd just get kicked out of the office. I'm so glad some women are able to get proper medical care. I won't ever be going to a dr again for anything but I'm SO happy for those who are actually getting help.

  117. I had a colposcopy done 2 weeks ago. I took 600 mg Advil before the procedure as expected. The stinging from the acidic solution, the pain from the two biopsies and intracervical scraping that they did was bad. My doctor had me cough while she took the biopsies, which helped, but I still felt it, and bled. I think a hydrocodone before should be standard.

  118. You were absolutely right to do so. I had to ask for two diazepam for before mine, and despite being in a twilight state it still hurt like hell. You’ve inspired me to start demanding my pain be taken more seriously. Good on you!

  119. Two seconds of googling show there are nerve endings, just not many. So doctors saying there are none are just plain wrong

  120. For my FIRST colposcopy, they gave me ONE motrin before the procedure. It hurt like a sumbitch and the pain lasted the rest of the day.

  121. my colposcopy didn’t hurt. i did take two extra strength tylenols beforehand under the advisement of my dr. obviously everyone is different, but i just want to put my experience out there as well.

  122. Yikes. First of it sounds like all the assholes commenting negatively about you asking for meds are Men. how surprising.

  123. I completely agree with you but also, I don't want to scare girls and women away from getting the medical procedures they need. I've had 2-3 colposcopies and didn't have pain beyond the very mild cramping afterwards. I've had one pap that was much much more painful (f that doctor).

  124. Gynecology is based on the idea that black women and animals who were/are victims of awful experiments don't feel pain, and now it's that women in general don't feel pain or don't matter enough for the pain to be on a level of legitimacy. We need to show them we aren't just going to just take it and be held up on a pedestal of resilience in pain, we're going to have basic care that men get to have, pain killers and respect galore!

  125. I've been through colposcopy without any pain killer and holy FUCK it was a painful, traumatizing experience. Good for you speaking up for yourself!! I wish I did.

  126. Good for you! I am so happy to hear that you didn't put up with the BS. I have been loudly advocating for myself and I try to tell every woman I meet to do the same. These doctors truly don't think women feel pain, and it's especially awful when the doctor is a woman too.

  127. I was given 10 MG of Valium and told to take half before simply because of my anxiety. I took the whole. I took the Motrin I was told to take.

  128. I'm right there with you....haven't had a pap in years and don't care if I never get another one. I'd sooner die of cervical cancer than go through the colposcopy, biopsy & cryotherapy again. I took the even more ibuprofen than the told me to and it did NOTHING for the pain.

  129. I think colposcopy experiences may vary. I’ve had a few and they were not much worse than a Pap smear. Over in a moment and zero pain after, including after biopsy of my cervix and endometrium. So her push back may be due to patients like me- it’s a quick pinch punch feeling, and you are done. If it was prolonged or hurt after I’d be requesting pain management support for sure.

  130. Thanks for speaking up! I didn't know about any of this and recently went for my first OBGYN appointment. The doctor was casual and when I asked aboutany possible risks getting the IUD, she didn't even mention pain beyond "15 mins of mild cramps". What did happen, is that I had a seizure due to the pain and was bed ridden for almost two months. SPEAK UP Y'ALL!

  131. If you have serious pain in America get used to suffering through it. I've had to get aggressive with some doctors. I've had a degenerative spinal disease for the past 33 years. I know what it's like to be called a junkie because someone saw me take a pain pill. A glass of wine would make me far more dysfunctional than a couple of Vicodin. It's mostly people who drink, and smoke every day that tell me I have a drug problem.

  132. Some women, perhaps many women, experience significant pain during a colposcopy if they aren't given pain meds ahead of time.

  133. can none of you READ???? it's colPoscopy, with a P after the L, not an N after the O. she even clarified this. i am downvoting every single one of you if you got it wrong.

  134. It's really not just a question of women-hating or narcissistic asshole doctors here. Even generally good and empathic doctors can go wrong on the issue of pain meds for cervical procedures because they are simply misinformed. As mentioned by OP, all the guidelines tell them differently, all their colleagues and teachers have taught them differently. They're just totally oblivious. It's this giant piece of misinformation that just keeps being ingrained into the medical corps. I graduated med school in 2012 and was taught the cervix doesn't feel pain.

  135. I’ve heard some women have this reaction as well, which is great. That’s why I told my doctor my mom had pain with it and that I had issues with IUD- I told her I have a sensitive cervix and was trying to explain that to her.

  136. Hell yes! I've had both and they both hurt like hell. I almost passed out from the pain and was nauseated and dizzy for hours after.

  137. Dumbest I have ever felt on TwoX was the time someone made a post about how traumatic their Colposcopy was, and I completely misread it as colonoscopy. I was not trying to be malicious at all, but was highly confused since I know many men who get them regularly and had never heard of anything more than some discomfort and pressure and of course embarrassment.

  138. Just an FYI to everyone, the colposcopy is just the part where they use the colposcope (the light) to look at your cervix. The biopsy is the part that can hurt a bit. It’s called colposcopy and biopsy.

  139. To be fair, I had a colposcopy and felt literally no pain, just a little tugging feeling. I did have very mild cramps the next day. My IUD insertion, on the other hand, hurt like hell.

  140. I’ve had several colposcopies. They are uncomfortable, but the part that is very painful is the biopsy. I’ve cried from the pain. I also had a LEEP procedure for pre-cancerous cervical cells. Interestingly, some doctors will put you under for it and some refuse to and administer some kind of a numbing agent. I was under and don’t remember a thing. Women who were awake for theirs often comment how awful it was. I guarantee that if these things were procedures for men, being knocked out would be standard.

  141. I’ve had two and was provided pain relief and in-office light sedation. I’d refuse to do it without, also. I’m a chronic pain patient, but I regularly do procedures without anesthesia or pain relief in order for them to be done sooner, but not ripping chunks out of my cervix. Foot-long needles in my spine? Sure. Needles in my knees? Sure. Chunks of internal parts? No.

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