1. Just saw this on the news in the UK. Abortion has always been a bigger issue in the US than the UK but it's still scary to see this happening. In general there's been a big push from the right throughout the West in the past few years and I've seen popular views I never thought would be seeing in 2022 ten years ago. We've even got MPs in our Cabinet like Nadine Dorries who believes in limiting abortion and teaching sexual abstinence in schools!

  2. I think the point is less to prevent abortions are more to provide a legal basis to punish women and abortion providers, as well as to deny access to safe abortions.

  3. It’s not meant to stop them. It’s meant to reduce access to poorest women. So they can reproduce the next generation of poverty.

  4. Stop fucking deluding yourself and everyone around you by suggesting they ever gave a damn about logical consistency. You're carrying their water by pretending they care about honest discourse.

  5. The point isn’t to stop women from getting abortions, the point is to punish women who engage in sinful activity. That’s why it’s not actually inconsistent for them to be in favor of abstinence only sex ed and against contraception but also think abortion is illegal. Those positions seem contradictory if you think they genuinely care about the unborn or whatever. But they make sense when you realize the actual goal is to teach people how to live “the correct way” and then punish those who don’t.

  6. This Supreme Court was already on thin ice but holy fuck, it's throwing all its supposed legitimacy out the window with this one. What a kangaroo court of dickholes and toadies.

  7. Also translation: “I will wipe my ass with the U.S Constitution and proclaim my analysis of the shit stain that I left on it as our legal justification to violate your human rights” /s

  8. Considering abortion was only illegal starting around 1900, making it legal and widely practiced for most of US history, seems like abortion is indeed rooted in US tradition and history.

  9. He’s sending a clear signal that this decision does not give a circuit court a free pass to overturn Griswold V Connecticut. Losing Roe is a gut punch, but losing Griswold means Americans lose a right to privacy altogether. Sodomy is instantly illegal in Texas. Sex toys will be banned in many states. Even things like sec before marriage can be regulated.

  10. Yeah that's not how logic works. Logically, logic can not apply to just one situation, it either universal or unsound logic.

  11. Wait till red states start banning the pill and IUDs.. because they believe it prevents a fertilized egg from emplaning… and they think that’s abortion.

  12. Any woman that has a miscarriage will have to worry about being prosecuted on top of the trauma of the miscarriage and the mess of hormones

  13. Don't forget that Griswold includes "medical articles" or even information that's considered contraceptive. This includes information about menstrual cycles and reproduction in general. Period tracking can literally become illegal. Sex ed can become illegal.

  14. My guess is that the line of attack will first come in the form of lawsuits against state funded contraception and insurance providers paying for contraception.

  15. Remember so many women were told we were being "hysterical' and "overreacting" when it was stated that Trump being elected would lead to Roe v. Wade being overturned? Various senators have already telegraphed that they will be going after birth control, gay marriage and interracial marriage next.

  16. I actually feel sickened. Like, I want to throw up. That was the sound of millions of women's rights being yanked out from under them. I've never felt more powerless and small than I do at this moment. I've never felt like less of a human being than right now. I'm a womb, a baby machine, a gestational box. I don't get to have my own wants and desires because my body can make babies and that supercedes everything I am as a human. I feel like cattle.

  17. Congress could have codified this, but idk, this country is a nation of abuse and seems to want to really not want to break the cycle

  18. And I hope that those millions react by making them wish they never had. If people are going to go to prison because the country wants to strip them of their rights, better to go to prison for causing severe damage along the way in my opinion.

  19. Our generation has less wealth so why not less rights too? Let's not forget the decreasing life expectancy!

  20. I have 2 young daughters, and I'm also devastated that they may group up in a country with less rights than I had. I don't even know what to do with all this rage.

  21. And to add to that, remember that no state may pass a law which makes it a crime to travel to another state to do something that is legal there. So, if you cannot leave the state permanently, you can still legally travel to another state where abortion is legal even if it is illegal where you live.

  22. I'd just add that, in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, Justice Kennedy initially voted to overturn Roe, but he ultimately changed his mind and became the decisive vote in a 5-4 majority to affirm most of Roe largely due to concerns about the legitimacy of the Court. So a change of mind is not entirely without precedent.

  23. True, draft and I suspect hence the leak from someone on the court so possibly one of the Justices could be pressured into changing their vote....

  24. Every single one of them is a hard-right partisan. There are no reasonable moderates to change their mind. Now isn’t the time for optimism, but for rage

  25. We fucking said so. But ohhhhh nooooo, that's just fearmongering, it's settled law, you'll just say anything to go against anyone Trump wants to nominate, even if it's a woman. I wonder if the lady who said I was being crazy and overdramatic to think that our rights and lives were at stake with the Supreme Court appointments, is happy now?

  26. In one of the gay subreddits a guy told me, a law student, that I know nothing about the way courts work and I should be embarrassed to be such a fearmonger because i said I thought that roe and obergefell were gonna be overturned. Never been more unhappy to be right

  27. I just want to slap every ignorant asshole who has told me I'm "overreacting" in the last 6 years. Every time I've gone to a march, donated to women's charities, been vocal about the stakes of not voting, etc. some mouth breathing "centrist" comes out of the woodwork to tell me I'm being alarmist. Fuck every one of those people. This is real.

  28. Who wants to join me in getting tubes tied? I'm not going to be forced to carry a child because a bunch of old men decided I have to.

  29. If we don’t hurry they’ll take that from us too. As someone with stage 4 endometriosis I’ve been searching for a doctor to give me a hysterectomy or tubal ligation. But they’ve all refused. Men and women. Said I’m 25 and too young and what about my future husband. I don’t have a future husband.

  30. There is already a strong network of abortion funds throughout the country that have provided financial and practical support for decades! Here is a document with info about abortion funds specific to each state:

  31. "The inescapable conclusion is that a right to abortion is not deeply rooted in the Nation’s history and traditions,” Alito writes."

  32. No one's right to anything was deeply rooted to the nation's history and tradition so do they wanna keep taking those back too. Not even the right for non property holding white men to vote. Senators used to be picked by elitists not voted in by the people

  33. The freedom of black americans is also not deeply rooted in our traditions or history. Guess the Civil Rights Act will be ruled unconstitutional soon too. What a fucking turd.

  34. It is an absolute trash opinion, built on lies by the sheer hatred of women. Sounds like they're giving us no other option than to take what we've learned these last few years about effective protests. We're going to have to destroy Christian nationalist fascism, root and stem and branch. Burn it to the ground.

  35. JFC I'm tired of this fucking traditionalist bullshit when these right wing stooges are trying to justify their malignant beliefs for structuring the country. You know what? Things change, people change, traditions change, we're making history right fucking now. The damn audacity for these people to use the constitution, history, religion, traditions, as a shield.

  36. I’m so angry. I can’t believe a bunch of white boomer men get to decide WOMENS health. Our country is going backwards so fast.

  37. The historical tradition is this is women's business that he has no say in. At the time of the writing of the constitution, women made their own decisions about their fertility. Let's go back to that.

  38. As if early American women weren't getting abortions! Abortions are as old as time and are certainly part of our country's history and tradition.

  39. Conservatives are absolutely insane to me. What in the everliving fuck do they get out of this? Are they all psychopaths who get off on finding ways to harm others? Why the fuck do so many people feel the same way? I feel like I'm about to explode.

  40. And Griswold (contraception). And once Griswold is gone, there is nothing supporting Loving (interracial marriage.)

  41. The article isn't a draft. The draft part is that the Supreme Court is still finalizing the opinion. The leaked opinion is from February. In theory, votes could change as we get closer to that time but it seems unlikely. The final decision should come out in June.

  42. This is what pisses me off the most, the sheer hypocrisy of the GOP. "My body my choice" when it came to masks and vaccines, but when it comes to women's right to choose that goes right out the window.

  43. I had to stop watching that show on the second episode. As someone who unfortunately lives in a red state, and cannot relocate, it was just way too real.

  44. It’s like every day is a challenge to these people to further beat down on my mental health with more ferocity than the last time.

  45. Right?! UGH! Time to rally! Since it is still draft...one of the Justices can be pressured to change their vote. To the streets!

  46. I literally have to have an abortion if I get pregnant. I physically cannot carry a child. Not only is my uterus tilted and whatnot, I have a heart condition. I am absolutely sick to my stomach.

  47. No, no, you've got it all wrong. You're not supposed to have sex. You're supposed to go live in a convent and be celibate if you can't have children.

  48. This is pretty much pure nuttery that shows how absurdly partisan the rightwing justices have become.

  49. At first I felt like I was going to throw up and now my cheeks feels like they are burning from how angry I am. It’s a feeling if “burn it all down.” Not literally. But if this is “democracy” and “freedom” then burn it all and start over because this is bullshit.

  50. Real question - I assume they are coming after birth control next. I take it for a medical condition (not that this should matter). Do people think they will completely ban it? Anyone who knows more than me have a prediction? I've been slowly building up in panic about this.

  51. Plenty of states have already drafted laws to ban things like birth control, and now they’re just waiting. A few states have already added a bans on hormonal birth control to their trigger laws, which go into effect the moment Roe is officially struck down (because a hormone in some birth controls is also a component of abortion meds, so therefore it’s an “abortion agent” on its own).

  52. A lot of these laws do not make exceptions for rape and incest. These people are complete extremists. They don't see anything in shades of gray. Your health is not even on their radar.

  53. Guys if you're pregnant or suspect you might be pregnant do NOT drink tea made from mugwort it can cause miscarriages so DONT drink it guys

  54. This is more of a gut punch than any lengthy rant. How did we get here? I never thought in a million years I would genuinely consider moving abroad, but maybe it's time.

  55. The writing was on the wall in 2016 the second it was announced Trump won. Complacency is a silent killer. Maybe now that it’s too late, people will start to pay attention. Unfortunate that women have to die first though.

  56. What really is awful is we won’t really start to see pushback until men start losing their wives and daughters to forced pregnancies that could have saved a life if abortion was legal, or when women start showing up dead when botched abortions take place.

  57. Fuck it, I’m getting sterilized. I don’t even want to create another life that has to live in this dumb fucking joke of a country.

  58. I have added my doctor who did my bilateral salpingectomy when I was 21 to a list from a subreddit. It was fully covered as a birth control procedure as well a preventive for ovarian cancer since in most cases it starts in the tubes. I recommend anyone looking for sterilization take their steps now. It still bends my spine that we even have to have a list in the first place, but this has fully broken the whole back with recent news.

  59. Good luck with that. It can be absurdly difficult to find a doctor willing to sterilize women of childbearing age. Many won’t even consider it, or will ask for your husband’s permission. It’s infuriating.

  60. Sadly unless you are married and your husband agrees almost no doctor will sterilize you unless you already have several kids or are over 40. My fiance has tried since she was 18 in California and no one including planned Parenthood had been willing to do it. She is 32 now. I'm getting fixed in a couple of weeks since there is no issue at all getting sterilized if you are male. This might be different in other states but California is pretty liberal and this happens here...

  61. Absolutely what I’m seriously considering. I don’t want kids. If I got pregnant and was forced to keep it I’d literally end up in jail or dead. This is horrific.

  62. This is where I am too. I’m 36 and my husband and I have toyed with the idea of eliminating our birth control and seeing what happens over the next couple years. But with my age, I just don’t think I can risk pregnancy without the option to abort if necessary. And anyone who thinks exceptions will be made for the health of the mother is dead wrong. Women will die without access to abortions.

  63. Are you happy now conservatives? Sure you advocated for the unborn and their right to life, but will you bear responsibility for the deaths of women who die due to lack of access to safe abortion? Will you bear responsibility for the deaths of women with ectopic pregnancies?

  64. They won’t bear that responsibility because they refuse to believe safe abortions save lives. And ectopic pregnancies can just be transplanted into the uterus/s

  65. Will they increase funding for single mothers, for educating and providing services to the unwanted children, to the vast majority of poor people who are seeking abortions over every other group?? Will they make sure every child we are forced to have is fed and clothed and housed and has the UN guaranteed right to a peaceful existence? OR ARE THEY GOING TO KEEP CUTTING FUNDING SO BARRIOS AND GHETTOS TURN EVEN WORSE INTO NIGHTMARES THAT THEY WOULDNT SET FOOT IN, FILLED WITH DRUGS AND CRIME AND HUMAN MISERY?

  66. Honestly speaking from an American man, I have lost all faith in my country to be able to properly resolve legality and constitutional rights for individuals who are not corporations.

  67. Nah next is contraceptives on the shaky (biologically speaking) reasoning that they induce abortion (what they do is either prevent ovulation, prevent implantation, or a mix of both).

  68. When do the babies that kill their moms during childbirth start getting prosecuted? If a human (child) kills another then murder is murder right?

  69. So can we just pull Kavanaugh for lying under oath now before it’s officially decided? Can someone, somewhere, enforce ONE MOTHERFUCKING RULE? Just ONE TIME can we PUNISH THESE FUCKS BREAKING LAWS IN FRONT OF OUR DAMN FACES? Or no, do I just have to keep paying taxes so you old septuagenarian fucks can kee doing absolutely fucking nothing? And also while we’re on the subject since I am no longer seen as a whole human with constitutional rights, can I stop paying taxes?

  70. I would like to upvote this ten thousand times. I can't believe the fate of millions of women will be decided by what are essentially illigitimate justices appointed by a literal fascist traitor. Fuck these people and the nightmare theocratic kakistocracy that the US is becoming.

  71. How far will we let them go before we all decide on a collective effort to stop them? Like where is line? Because it seems like there is none sometimes.

  72. I was 17 when Trump was elected. I was furious that I could not vote. The night of the election, I barely slept. My parents told me to go to bed. Hillary was predicted to win by a landslide. When I woke up, I checked the results immediately. I cried. That day I was told by my friends, my family, everyone, that I was being so dramatic. Nothing would happen to our rights. Nothing would change.

  73. So like is this punishment for us because women are smarter these days hence less births. Like is this supposed to increase numbers for their sick entertainment? Its just going to have women die. This is pointless.

  74. I say this in all sincerity, fuck every single conservative. Every single one of them for regressing and ruining the country.

  75. Its hard to believe my Granddaughters will eventually have less rights than I did. Growing up in the 60's, I recall a girl in my high school class who got pregnant. She told no one. She starved herself and wore a heavy coat even on the hottest days. Eventually she gave birth in her boyfriend's bathroom while his parents were out. They couldn't stop the bleeding. She ended up in the hospital. The police found the body of the baby buried in his backyard the next day. Is this really what we are going back to? This and back alley coat hanger clinics?

  76. I’m a man, I have no children, and I’m not in a relationship with a woman. And yet, reading this, I feel my skin crawling, and like my heart has dropped into my stomach. Not too long ago, I couldn’t fathom the direction this nation has taken. I saw things like Roe v. Wade as hallmarks of progression, its detractors as fools who history would leave behind. Now, little by little, it’s like we’re reverting back to the Stone Age with cheers and applause. Not just with this, but with people celebrating a deadly pandemic, willingly electing an egotistical man-child as their leader, or violently storming the Capitol over nonsense. Now I think, what’s next? What victory will these animals claim after this? What pillar of liberty is next to fall? Gay marriage? How long will it take before things turn around for the better again?

  77. You have a point on this. What you just stated all make sense. This is why we must never take women's reproductive rights for granted. Our foremothers fought for this long ago and it is time we do not let their fight be in vain only to for this to be overturned by a bunch of people who do not respect women's rights let alone basic human rights. Abortion is not just a basic human right but also a medical right

  78. “Boy, these conservatives are really something, aren't they? They're all in favor of the unborn. They will do anything for the unborn. But once you're born, you're on your own. Pro-life conservatives are obsessed with the fetus from conception to nine months. After that, they don't want to know about you. They don't want to hear from you. No nothing. No neonatal care, no day care, no head start, no school lunch, no food stamps, no welfare, no nothing. If you're pre-born, you're fine; if you're pre-school, you're fucked.

  79. That's the same feeling I have had since that orange baboon rode down the escalator in his hotel and announced his candidacy. Felt the axe starting to swing right about then.

  80. People forget what Republicans do and how they govern. The last time we elected a GOP president with both popular vote and electoral college? Bush 2. And what was his big agenda? Privatization of social security right before the collapse of the financial system. It was narrowly defeated by a mixed congress, but it was given a very real push.

  81. I am so sick of the literal violence that is the entirety of republicanism today. Their entire being seems to only desire to injure others. Marginalizing brown people and fomenting bigotry? Check. Persecution and bullying of children who are gay or trans? Check. Electing rapists while telling their victims to suck it up? Check. And now turning back the clock on women contrary to the majority will? Check.

  82. Seriously-fuck this country. The earth is fucking boiling, inflation is forcing working class people into poverty, and healthcare is an absolute joke. Yet the government is all up in my fucking uterus?

  83. I’ve read, but can’t vouch for the accuracy, that the US birth rate is lower now than anytime since they’ve been keeping records. If that’s indeed true, then I believe you’re onto something. And here I was thinking that it was just a general hatred for women. I’m honestly not sure what scenario is worse.

  84. This is why voters can't be complacent! It should have been obvious when Trump ran that the judicial make up was going to change. Our country is being governed by religious zealots. I can't believe we've regressed so much. :(

  85. What needs to happen now is that men should begin to be sued for child support beginning at conception (since the legal definition of "life" is now that it begins at conception). You can't simultaneously claim one legal fact without the other. This needs to become standard practice that men are sued as soon as they stick their dicks in.

  86. Yep, except it will be dozens of state level fiefdoms in control. Think Gilead had a baby with Hunger Games - that is the future the right is looking forward to.

  87. I’m a grad student in a chemistry lab (also ironically the only female in the lab). We work with radiation and reproductive toxins. If I get pregnant I’m out of a job for minimum 9 months to 1 year, if I’m not forced to leave the program entirely.

  88. This stopped my heart for a moment. I’m in Australia but shit, this is foul. I’m so very sorry my sisters in the US.

  89. Remember ladies, if you’re not married or available, it’s time to move to Democrat state. It’s the only way to guarantee your safety, health and now God given rights to have freedom of choice over your own bodies.

  90. I haven't felt this level of "oh god this can't be happening" since 9/11, and that's not an exaggeration.

  91. Voting is one thing but quite frankly, we need to be out on the streets. The dems have majority right now. Roe has been in danger for decades with nobody doing anything about it. Many of the places where people's rights are the most restricted have been gerrymandered to hell and back.

  92. If you live in a state where shit laws exist, message me. I live in CA and will happily drive to wherever you are to get you to the healthcare you need. Non-binary femme presenting human with a 5 seater hatchback and a burning hate for the patriarchy at your service. Dm me if you need me.

  93. How long until the people actually start to realize that our government are not working for us? We need to start standing up for ourselves and retake our rights and freedoms

  94. Genuinely terrifying decision. I am a man but thinking my daughter could grow up in a country that doesn’t allow her to make a medical decision is heartbreaking.

  95. Welp. This is it. If I get pregnant, I’m killing myself. My boyfriend has been aware of this issue, and now he will know I’m dead if I get pregnant. Congrats republicans! For ruining a happy, healthy relationship. Fucking congrats, cuz the “baby” is dying with me. You fucking deadbeat asshats.

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