1. Just make sure you use royalty free or at least put some thought into it, you don't want to risk strikes against your account or vods with no audio.

  2. If I make absolutely no money from the streams can I still receive a strike? Not saying I will stop either way but still.

  3. Twitch just announced Soundtrack that's literally gonna help with this, its on obs streamlabs and twitch studio and it helps u get music from indie artists to stream and puts that audio in a second channel

  4. On MacOS, I use ishowu audio capture to do something like this. I don't know if the same software is available for windows or not

  5. look into VoiceMeter and Virtual Cables. Yes it is possible, yes there are a LOT of youtube tutorials on how to do it. This was something you could very likely have googled before posting.

  6. Voicemeeter will be able to do what you're looking for, I have it set up for that and more, like separating audio channels for recording, boosting the mic level and effects too.

  7. I mean sure, but relax bud. You didn’t have to respond. Did it really take that much time out of your day?

  8. I have mine so low in the background I barely hear it and then just turn up the desktop audio channel to the stream. It takes a little balancing from the game sound to the music to your mic but you kinda have to balance it anyway. Hope this helps. The easy solution

  9. I have an HDMI audio source to my primary display that I don’t use, I just have my Spotify output to that source and use audio capture in SLOBS. You could check and see if there’s an audio source your stream isn’t already using.

  10. I made a YouTube video about how to do this. I used pretzel.rocks for non copyrighted music. Search Content evolved on YouTube. Plenty of how to videos for streamers.

  11. Whether you are monetized or not I believe they can strike - suspension - ban for dmca strikes. It sucks but it is what it is

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