1. Yup thank you!!!! Our friends and family have sent me all the posts on her facebook about how happy she is now and in love. I've kept them all even the photos

  2. Where is the paternal family of those other two kids? If your ex's family isn't willing to take the kids in, to spare them from living in a freaking car, then where are the kids' father and his family?

  3. No I don't think my son and daughter are in school, well they started a few weeks ago, we live in California but I don't know how they would be in school now? She didn't take all their clothes and told me to toss anything left behind. They have a ton of stuff including backpacks in their rooms.

  4. I'm not sure it's a good idea stop paying the car payment if it's in his name. I'd hate to see this bitch destroy his credit too.

  5. Point 2 is bad advice. Protect yourself but don’t be spiteful. It will backfire on you. Don’t stop paying unless your lawyer advises you to do so. Don’t report the car stollen because it wasn’t. It’s the car she customarily drives and you haven’t demanded she return it.

  6. She did not ask once about our daughter last night, didn't check in on her, she hasn't seen her in 3 weeks! This is a doting mother that always called our daughter "my sweetie, my baby, my nina"...always kissing her and hugging her. she was such a good mother and the shit was all an act, how?????? she is ice cold. its like a switch went off and shes at zero cares. how can I ever tell my daughter about this chapter in our lives? it is blowing my mind thanks all for listening I have no one to vent to at the moment, feels really good.

  7. It has to be drugs. Maybe he introduced her to something more addicting. I can't imagine a mother abandoning her child so abruptly if drugs are not involved. Either way please don't take her back. Your daughter could benefit from child therapy.

  8. Im not into throwing out diagnosing but this sounds like she’s in a manic phase. Hypersexuality, impulsivity… I see people mentioning mental health and it sounds like shes very unstable. This is all so heartbreaking. Hoping you get the support you need. 💗

  9. As others have stated this sounds like a textbook mental health break. It sounds like bipolar or something along those lines and she is not thinking clearly (BY NO MEANS am I saying she is justified in her actions as she is not) I am only saying this because I hope it brings you some relief in the sense that you did not cause this it is not your fault nor is it because of something you neglected! For whatever it’s worth this sounds so much like it was out of your control and there is nothing (no matter how many regrets or scenarios or “I could have done this or that better”) you could have done to prevent this. You cannot control a mental break! I’m not a psychiatrist, psychologist, etc. but Ive taken plenty of classes throughout college to make An educated guess and as a betting man and I would put everything that this is a mental break of one sort or another. Keep your head up OP and keep doing what your doing (taking care of the kids first) and cutting contact with her! Find comfort in knowing you could not prevent this and do what you need to to separate yourself as many have said

  10. You need to take a break and realize you married trash. Stop focusing on the hows and why's, and realize trashy people do trashy things understanding their motive won't bring you peace.

  11. Glad your son is safe with you!! Hopefully your daughter will come around! If she’s threatening herself while your daughter is with you that’s very concerning….is there an adult CPS you can call where you’re at?

  12. Every update gets better. I'm really happy that you are starting to feel happy. I know we are just strangers on the Internet, but I really hope everything to turn out just fine to you and your children.

  13. don’t let her rope you in again, you know exactly where this will go. that type of betrayal doesn’t deserve a second chance. you’re a great man for letting the kids back but keep it at that and follow through with divorce papers. you deserve someone who views you as and treats you like a prize, not someone who runs to the first “sexy man” she sees. you are never too far in life to find the real love of your life

  14. Has cps made contact with them yet? I worked as a perm caseworker and this situation is screaming contact in 2-5 days for cps. Sooner if you suspect drugs and she’s being abused. Message me if you have any questions about cps.

  15. I sincerely hope you never take her back. Mental illness doesn’t suddenly excuse people being AH. You deserve better and so do those kids.

  16. Don't respond to her threats about suicide, keep on topic with your daughter. Contact CPS and the cops and show them her message about suicide

  17. Lawyer up asap. Keep your daughter safe. Communicate through text only. Stop trying to talk to her about anything that doesn’t have to be talked about.

  18. Yup, but right now I'm not even answering these texts. She's so worried that I won't pay the car note on the 12th. I'm so torn because I think about the other kids that are with her. If I don't pay, they'll be homeless.

  19. I dont get it op. Dont waste your time. Call lawyer,change locks,if your name is on the car note report it stolen. Cops will arrest them,takie kids too so CPS will be informed too. That's easiest thing you can do now. Ask your mom/sister to stay at home so she doesnt steal anything. If shes on drugs she might do it. And keep US updated. Dont be so upset about her. She choose him over you. You are great guy. Type of MEN that keeps whole family happy. She wanted romance with a "handsome" guy instead od you? She belongs to streets. You are the MEN hes just a little boy. Being a MEN is not about how you look, it is how you take care of your family so they can have a good happy life with no worries. Its how you taked care of her kids even they werent yours. You are the real MEN.

  20. I was in such shock last night man plus I saw my kids in the backseat and him in the front seat, I just kind of blacked out like is this real?

  21. I won't answer texts so she sent a voicemail screaming at me that I need to meet her at the gas station because it's my fault, thanks for the advice I'm so lost

  22. Sorry man, it's drugs.. Dilated pupils are a clear sign of someone being high. Maybe include that in the CPS report? Plus tell your lawyer and even maybe the police. The kids are living with two druggies, horrific..

  23. Reporting the car stolen would get CPS in gear because she can't lie about a motel if they don't have a vehicle to stay in, you're just prolonging whatever nightmare situation those kids are being subjected to...

  24. IMPORTANT: When the custody battle first starts demand a drug test, if she is positive for anything illegal it is almost an automatic full custody to you. Stay strong!

  25. I'm a petty bitch. I'd stop paying for the car. Call CPS and tell them the kids are homeless. And call her new man's job and let them know their employee is out fucking customer's wives. Get an attorney, get a divorce and custody of your daughter.

  26. So much of that has ran through my mind, I'm trying so hard not to do certain things because I am worried about the kids and she will do anything it seems like to hurt me right now

  27. Hey Op. I don’t want to overwhelm you but I recommend putting the little girl in therapy ASAP. She knows that something is going on but probably doesn’t know what and might be blaming herself. Therapy might help her process and avoid some effects of this trauma. I’m so sorry

  28. She abandoned her children. I’m glad you are seeing some happiness. I hope your legal team can use her actions to ensure your continued happiness.

  29. I hope you get legal custody of the kids before she can try and take them again! Is CPS perhaps helping you with resources to do so? I know it’s harder since the twins are technically your step children but I’m sure there is some way to make it legally possible

  30. My son called me tonight on her phone to tell me happy birthday, weird that she’s letting him use her phone to call me of all people. I asked him where was he at, he said they are staying at this guys mom house for the night. They are staying in one room at his fucking moms house. I felt like snapping even though I’m cold and over the situation, I am beyond angry at her for putting them in this situation. I did tell him I loved him

  31. I feel so sorry for the twins. They need stability and not this. She's ruining their future. I really hope you can take them away asap.

  32. All you can do is be glad they had a safe place to sleep last night. If you ever “meet her at a gas station” or anything again, please take the kids some of their comfort items.

  33. I've ignored all texts today and she has gotten so mad she's screaming on the voicemail to hurry up and meet for gas money and food for the kids, she refuses to come home and says meet her at the post office or i'll ever hear from her again

  34. On the schools website where my kids go to school, I’ve done research! The teachers have a program in connection with the police and CPS, so even though I left a voicemail for CPS I’m going to go to the school and have them make a direct report. Thanks a lot everyone!! You have helped me more than you all will ever know , wishing you guys nothing but the best in life

  35. Her phone bill was due Friday and Verizon sent me a reminder, I did not pay it and I called them to see if I can somehow get out of the contract because not paying eventually will end up on my credit report. So I'll more than likely have to pay money to break the contract, either way she's costing me money.

  36. I have been following ur posts, it's a really shitty situation u and the kids r in, but I want u to know that u have been incredibly courageous through it all, ur kids r so lucky to have u.

  37. I would definitely call the cops and at least let them know, the interaction should be saved on your camera history right? If so you can show them that and hopefully they’ll at least document it. Her giving out your address to a drug dealer when there are kids in the house is a bit terrifying! I would make sure your kids know not to answer the door for anyone in case he shows back up! Have you asked your lawyer how long the kids need to be in your care with no contact from mom to file for custody of the twins? Maybe something to look into! I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this, been keeping up with the post since day one and I’m at least happy you have your kids together and safe again!

  38. Your wife is such a despicable person, I get disgusted reading these updates about her. You need to call every number you think is relevant every time some of this new shit comes up. She has fucked up so much and lived such a disgusting double life I get nauseous.

  39. For Verizon- put the line on suspend. First send her a text saying you will not be paying for her phone anymore, but you will support her splitting the account to her own name or porting it out to another provider. Then call Verizon and have then switch off the line. Also reset your security answers and disallow that line from making account changes and take her name off the account's billing records if it's on.

  40. I guarantee she will come crawling back. Don’t be dumb and take her back. Life is too short and people change. Do what is best for your daughter. Be thankful you have family to help raise her. A lot of people don’t have the extra support.

  41. He also needs to get his other 2 kids out of that situation --it is extremely unsafe for them, they are at high risk for physical and sexual abuse, not to mention the trauma of being homeless, out of schoil with a drug addict mom who is telling them lies to split their relationship with their dad.

  42. UPDATE: I met up with her at the gas station by the house, when she was crying on the voicemail I gave in, sorry I'm only human, I do love her but I am done with her now.

  43. I am so sorry op. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through right now. You’re handling this all amazingly and maturely. You’re doing great despite the situation. I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow even with everything going on, and I wish you and your daughter the absolute best going forward!

  44. Check with a lawyer first but if it was me I would change the locks, drugs and no money leads to desperate actions. Sorry OP, wish you the best

  45. Good on you, I understand that your human and can't blame you for meeting, from this point onwards unless it's to see the kids or get them away from her (with a lawyer), don't see her. Don't give her money.

  46. I would only pay the car note if the older kids can come home. You have a pretty good custody case. Because in the checklist regarding "best interests of the child" it is important for them to keep a routine. And continue going to school. You have a really good custody case. Stability and continuing the routine. Are 90% of what makes a good case.

  47. If the car note is not in your name you don't have to pay it. My fear is if she is using drugs the twins could be used for $$ for unspeakable things. Parents on drugs have pimped out their kids for drugs. Especially 13 yr olds are prime ages. They will need support if they are returned to you. You can call the school and check if they have been withdrawn or attending school. Tell her you will pay the note but for exchange she gives you the twins back. If she is on drugs she will sign off on anything you want her to If she runs out of money. Thus is scary. I hope the twins get back to you or someone who can keep them safe . Follow up with CPS and let them know when & where she wants to meet you. Invest In a dash cam especially if meeting them In street. Record everything.

  48. I will ask again tomorrow, I'll bargain whatever amount to get the kids. even if they want to go stay with her family, I will take them at least they can come home and get their clothes and things they left behind. She literally took nothing for them when she came last night, it was all her clothes.

  49. This is the best advice I've seen so far. Revenge moves like stopping car payments and sending COS after her might feel good, but they also might wake her up. Get the divorce and custody first. Hopefully she'll be too stupid to ask for child support or custody.

  50. From what her sister is telling me, yes they are living in different parks and last night when she came with the cops she was getting all the clothes she could carry. A week ago they all were in a motel, I presume paid for by him because I closed the accounts and said the debit card was stolen. She has no money

  51. She might be physically beautiful but she's a shit person. It takes a certain kind of cold hearted person to leave their kid behind.

  52. Willing to just leave her daughter behind like nothing just shows you that you’re better off. You really want to be with someone who can leave their own child behind like that for some broke ass “soulmate”? Nah, chin-up, stay strong for you daughter and get through this ordeal. I’m sorry you have to go through this.

  53. Yes this is my concern… she sounds like the type to lie to the cops and make up false accusations to get OP in trouble and that can get really messy really fast, especially with kids involved. Such a horrible situation. I really feel for OP. No one deserves this.

  54. You took on a broken woman and treated her like she was special which she wasn’t. You treated her like a celebrity so she saw you like a fan. If it’s all her needs and never yours how will she respect you? I’m sorry bud, she’s a disaster and you’re better off. Love your daughter and make your ex pay child support. Look after yourself and choose a woman who worships you next time.

  55. Yes I worshipped her at one point, felt extremely lucky to have her and was proud she chose me. I was not always confident sadly, this woke me up to take care of myself thank you for reminding me

  56. Get an emergency custody order. If the kids are homeless it should be easy. My wife and I got a temporary emergency guardianship over her siblings when her mom got addicted. Do that, then tell her you’ll meet her for gas. She needs it bad, so she’ll meet up. Bring the cops with you and the court order. Take the kids. I know I make it sound easy. But you’ve got to act, like first thing tomorrow.

  57. Parent did this when I was 16. Left with boyfriend and never came back. Shes obsessed with him (still). He's a very depressing man with, you guessed it, no job, zero good qualities, and drug addiction. She's infatuated with a former meth head. Think about it. She wasn't normal at all until I graduated (she was in prison). I can't make sense of her obsession with him, for years she claimed she was gonna "marry" him (he's in jail). Stayed with grandparents and tried killing myself multiple times. Battled suicide until she got better. I almost died. My mother and father could've been childless.

  58. first sorry you went through that!! no child should have to deal with that, that's why I'm trying so hard to protect and shield my kids! the twins I met them they just turned 9 years old and they were so angry and seemed pretty heartless towards me now they have opened up and are loving! I have to fight for them too thank you for sharing!

  59. It hurts now man, and I’m not gonna lie it’s going to hurt for awhile. If you can pull through that pain one day I think you’ll look back with relief that she set you free to find a woman that loves and cherishes you. There are great times ahead of you OP, prayers for you and your daughter.

  60. Since you pay for the car and it’s your name reported as stolen and have her arrested she loses her kids and both of them both her and the dude end up in jail for theft she wants to ruin everything now she has a criminal record you can do that file for full custody of your daughter unfortunately her two kids go into the system but hopefully their dad is in their lives and he can take full custody of them and it’s on her

  61. Give it like 3 months… you’ll be better healed and she’ll be asking for forgiveness after the honeymoon phase ends and she’s no longer blind to sleeping in cars and parks. The tables will turn dramatically when she misses the life that you gave her which was just being a stay at home mom that had resources brought to her.

  62. Are you sure your wife doesn’t have psych issues? Seems to me kind out left field. She meets a guy and boom she leaves everything else behind to live in a car? Doesn’t add up. But tbh if she tries to come back don’t. If it were psych issues your going to have to deal with a lifetime of shit.

  63. just saw her and she looks different, sadly I believe it might be drugs just from not seeing her for 3 weeks and seeing her for like 10 mins trying to talk to her yeah something is going on

  64. If you continue to pay for her ways, then you are asking for all that will come to you. Take anything back that is yours and take an immediate legal stance to protect your daughter. Seems like she is one of them leech that will latch onto a stable and secure person, it was you, so she could use and abuse. This time, she found a guy that triggered her butterflies and ditched you without realizing that she's abandoning her safety meal. She's going to be back. Do you really think the guy will take her on long term with two teenagers? If he's loaded, I highly doubt he's into her because of "love". Once he's bored, he's just going to pick up another new thing at his next tire rotation.

  65. yup he’s 23 or 24 years old from what I’m seeing on his socials, she is 35 with the kids in tow. I don’t know what they are thinking but I agree

  66. Don’t blame yourself OP. There is always going to be something you could have done better. You are only human and did the best you could. From what you wrote, she seems to have a few screws loose. Are you into the crazy yet hot type? Seems like she was with you because you paid for everything, and had the child to secure the deal.

  67. My wife might be mentall ill, I realize the signs now looking back. I first met her at my friends house, she was there with her friends and we all got drunk. When I woke up the next morning, she was in bed with me, we didn't do anything and from that day, she has been with me. Its like she attached herself to me and came on like a hurricane, shes physically beautiful but yeah cold cold heart. People warned me

  68. What happens in cases like these? Does she have to pay child support or something? Damn, Im sorry man, you seem like a genuine nice guy, don’t let this AH make you change, keep your head up because you haven’t done anything wrong. Wish you the best through these hard times.

  69. 10 sometimes 12 hour days with a commute time of an hour each way. But I make good money to provide them with a house, food, clothes. They never had to ask me for anything, we had it. Sorry I couldnt go to a concert because I was too tired or the movies. Maybe I should have tried harder but why not just tell me so I can try to change instead of this, its shocking and numbing

  70. Seriously 10 hour days is kinda normal if that includes a lunch. 7-5 is a little long but it's not 7-7 with 30-60 minute turnover shift work either...

  71. My son and daughter are 13, they are twins. I never legally adopted but they are my kids. I took on full responsbility 5 years ago and I'm worried about them. She has blocked me on everything. I was shocked she even texted me today and thank you for your advice! Definitely taking action with CPS

  72. Sorry to hear that happened to you my brother, but as I always say “ What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger “ stop paying for that car and let her new Guy take care of her, just focus on yourself now and your daughter, I’m sure in no time your get over this as look back and be glad she’s out of your life now. You’re true soulmate is out there somewhere . Be strong you got this

  73. Idk what either of them are thinking she's shacking up with a homeless man and he's dealing with a married woman and her two children..

  74. The only time I've witnessed this type of personality shift and callous behavior was from someone who secretly became addicted to meth. She started dating someone who also was addicted to meth and moved him into the apartment they shared with their two kids. It was nuts

  75. God I don't fucking understand people. Yeah, let me just leave this person who has a job, works his ass off every day to provide for me and my children and leave it all behind for some deadbeat who often times has no job, no money, no future, and addicted to meth. And then I'll make more kids with him so I can be in even more extreme poverty and bring them into a shitty ass life that they didn't ask for. I see it all the time.

  76. after talking with her sister a little more, this is a pattern. I was just the next victim, she seems to get with guys, and then run. only difference is i was stupid enough to marry her. sad that she had a child and ruined her relationship because I will try to protect my daughter at all costs she wont ruin her!

  77. It’s a good thing that she left the 4 year old behind. Would you want such a small kid to be with her? Living in parks? I feel sad for her two other kids.

  78. I’m glad she left my daughter but depressed she took my other kids. no maybe 2 weeks ago I would have left the door open for her to come back, now I do not want her, our marriage is broken it will never be the same, I gotta get that thru my head

  79. Cut off all financial support immediately. Car, gas or anything. Get a divorce lawyer and get custody of your daughter. She will probably still go for alimony because she wasnt working. She may be over the moon for now, but after a couple of months living in a park and having no gas money she will most likely come crawling back. Make a clean cut.

  80. Exactly, as if she didnt have the cops beating on the door at midnight last night. she told me to toss everything of hers left behind and she will never come back. then this morning, the texts started as "I need gas money, can you meet me at the gas station"? didnt respond. "meet me at the post office! hello I need gas money, this is why I'm done with you!" then says we may be able to talk if i meet her and give money but if I don't do it then forget ever seeing her again. Then she says her car payment is due on the 12th and I need to pay it friday. I have not responded, then she pretends that she sent a text to her friend thanking her for buying her and the kids food. Still have not responded, then the calls started and now the voicemails of her screaming that I need to get to a gas station ASAP for her

  81. Sorry this has happened to you. Keep you head down, get a lawyer and get full custody of your 4 year old right now bc your wife is homeless and can’t take care of the kid. Then get your shit together and take care of that kid. The numbness and shock will wear off and trust me there are other women out there but right now you keep that little kids world from imploding even if you are having a shitty day you keep it together for her. Don’t ever let her see you have a bad day. After she goes to sleep scream at the moon and hit a heavy bag or whatever you need to do but keep it together for her. It gets better. Once you have your shit together then you go out and find a smokin hot 23 year old and show your ex who’s the boss. That’s what I did.

  82. I definitely have cried every single night for 3 weeks and she has cried too, I don't let her see me cry it's usually when she goes to sleep and I stay up all night confused. She asks for her mom all the time and I have no idea what to say

  83. Yup a pattern, her ex husband beat her all the time and abandoned her one day, he never came back and never took care of his kids, and is not in their life. Then she latched to me.

  84. From what I can see they both love to smoke weed which is what she does 24/7, I do not smoke and hated it. We would fight about this all the time, from the pics shes posting on FB they both seem to be stoners

  85. You might consider a private detective to follow the boufriend from work and look up the boyfriend's mom's address and to document their unsafe lifestyles. I'm not sure there's a way to get custody of the twins (if that's something you want) but probably best to have documentation in case you need it in the future before the boyfriend loses his job, and/or before the mom kicks them out and it is harder to track them.

  86. Let me guess the guy is like 19? The only time I ever hear about women simping for broke guys it's when the guy is pretty much a kid. Those are the only times when women feel genuine attraction like men do so they're actually willing to be simps.

  87. Theres a lot of people saying just to stop paying for the car that may not be the best idea unless your name is not on the note. Im assuming this is in the US and it would ruin your credit. You need to consult with a lawyer and follow their advice to a T

  88. Talk to a lawyer about the car before you stop making payments. Don’t screw yourself before talking to a lawyer. It’s been 3 weeks why have you not spoken to a lawyer yet? I would put in a security system because if she is on drugs she might break in to get stuff to sell. You should turn her phone off.

  89. The first week I was in shock, literally I could not think, eat sleep, I would wake up every 15 mins crying I was an empty shell. 2nd week I was hopeful she would come back home and she was just going through something, this week after all the evidence Ive gathered, I'm angry and cold as hell, ready to be done. still dealing with pain and hurt but I'm trying to put it to the side

  90. I think it’s only a matter of time before she splits with this guy and tries to fix things with you. Her new lifestyle isn’t sustainable and she’s not going to make a sustainable life from the choices she’s made. The car she’s living in belongs to you and you should absolutely work with the police to get it back. The fear of being homeless and alone will eventually scare her straight and she’ll beg you to take her back. My advice is do everything to protect yourself and your children legally and financially now then divorce this woman and let her live with the results of her decisions.

  91. she was homeless when I met her. living in her car. My friend threw a party and she came with her friends, I did not know this woman but when I woke up the next morning she was in bed with me. Im talking laying under the covers fully clothed while holding on to me. We didn’t have sex and I was drunk, it’s like she picked me and latched to me from that day forward . So many red flags looking back she had a beautiful fun personality and really attractive. I was wrong

  92. I am so sorry. Please get a lawyer. Stop paying for the car. Document that she’s abandoned your daughter, so she cannot be use as a bargaining chip on her end.

  93. I’m sorry this is happening to you. The hardest thing you are going to have to accept is that you will be truly lucky if she never does come back. She may have said all the right things or did a pretty good job pretending that she loved you but she showed you who she really is. It’s going to take very long time to heal, especially if you were doing your best, but eventually it will get better.

  94. I think she loved me in the beginning because I was so enthralled by her but over time, I think she just started to resent me and my job, my hobbies which dont align with hers. She stayed because of what I can give her and the kids. Thank you so much!! this will take a while to heal

  95. Brother, you need help with anything, reach out. I’m not to far from Rancho, more than happy help you out.

  96. yes I will. left CPS a message and will continue tomorrow. If she doesnt want the kids with me its okay, at least her family can go get them but her family isnt the best either.

  97. One of the first things to come to mind is: If she had such an issue with you working all the time, why couldn’t she GET A JOB to lessen your need to work so many hours?

  98. I told her to get a part time job, she said no she wasn't working. her dream was to be a stay at home mom, I made that happen but then it wasnt enough either.

  99. No she doesn’t do drugs, not when we were together. She was a heavy weed smoker but I don’t smoke and we would fight over this because she did it around our daughter while on FaceTime with me at work and I went into a rage so she stopped the last 6 months she didn’t touch weed at least not while I was home. Other drugs no never ever as long as I’ve known her but who knows I question everything now

  100. Sounds like from the update she’s coming to the realization she’s completely fucked! Stand your ground and your lawyer will do the rest.

  101. If the car and loan are in Op’s name he should have told the cops that he wanted to file a stolen vehicle report since she was so kind to being the car and the police to his doorstep.

  102. You had married an opportunistic and not so smart person (based on her judgement to choose a guy with no future plans and no sustainable income to suppprt family of 4 now). Please be happy now, that she is out of your house. Working hard to pay all the bills and being the sole bread winner of the family is a big responsibility. What was her responsibility then? to just sit and blame. Don't regret anything because you did not do any domestic violence, any physical harm to her. It is wise to choose the equal size wheel for the vehicle of your life. Explore for prosperous future.

  103. yup she'd always complain about being bored or just unfillfulled. I said well you could get a part time job, she acted like that was beneath her. so i have no clue what she really wanted. she would shut down and tell me to stay home more, that was impossible with the lifestyle we were trying to give the kids and she is very high mainteance so nothing was ever good enough. I dont understand her and probably never will

  104. Get a lawyer and protect your daughter. Do you want your daughter to live in a car because your ex is in love with this new guy? Get into some therapy for yourself and your daughter to help you deal with the mess you've been dealt.

  105. Wow. You married a psycho. The worst part is you knew. Somewhere in you knew. But you got what you wanted. A beautiful girl. Its done. This is it. You take her back and you will sett a pattern of behavior where this is ok. Your daughter is watching. Stay firm. Break down where no can see. Talk it out . See a therapist. Do not let her back in. Its done.

  106. LMAO I immediately knew she was hot. Attractive people are like this a lot more than unattractive people. They have too many options and they can't resist the excitement of getting all that attention. You are either also very attractive and don't know this because of being on the inside or you are very naive and this was never going to work anyway because you aren't on her level.

  107. Have the car repossessed since you pay for it. Change the locks and get a restraining order. Also block everyone that’s blocked you so when she’s homeless, she can’t come back to you.

  108. I'm sorry to hear this, you used the right word that I have felt everyday, numbing! I've been falling asleep so early from exhaustion, it's mental exhaustion. I put my daughter to bed and pass out shortly after. Wake up and it all over again.

  109. So as a mechanic, you're telling me i can steal away someone beautiful wife? Damn i didnt know this job had those kinds of perks

  110. To be honest, he's a young handsome man but that doesn't make it right. I'm just thinking how did she even start this, did she go back up there and get his number while I was at work, things are just driving me crazy because I have gotten no answers and was totally blindsided.

  111. Get your car back! Maybe Call CPS for her other kids. And number 1 get full custody of your daughter. She abandoned her and doesn’t deserve to have custody ever again.

  112. Idk where you live but get an attorney. It’s time to put your feelings aside and be a dad. Keep every correspondence you get from the family and her. You need to protect yourself from this woman. Speak to an attorney see what your options are regarding custody of your daughter and keeping your money. If you name is on the car title - call the police and report it stolen. If her name is on the car /loan - stop paying for it. Do not confront her - do not block her - just get your shit together and get as clean of a break as possible form this b*tch.

  113. I hate to say this but thinking about the welfare of the two kids not with you, do you think it’s possible your ex in agreement for her signing custody of the kids over to you you’ll sign the car over to her or even you pay for the car for her so she gives you the kids. I understand that’s a lot to ask but it’s absolutely their lives at risk here and we all know how badly some kids fall thru CPS cracks

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