1. I don’t even want to work the same day as her. My manager brushed it off saying she just says weird things and has no filter but it doesn’t change how she embarrassed me

  2. Not only is she a bitch, but she sounds like she puts too much emphasis on superficial values. This is common with a person who lacks desirable qualities like kindness and courage.

  3. This. My wifes side (mexican) has all different kinds of hair. Some thick and curly to thin and wavy. Fuck her. Sounds more to me thats she is just a racist piece of shit. Be proud to be who you are.

  4. I have wavy/curlyish hair and very sporadically I will straighten it. At my old job I always wore my hair down, but it was always combed and I used mousse to keep it in place. One day I decided to straighten my hair and when I walked into work some chick said that my hair looked nice now that I finally brushed it. I was like wtf?! I don't think some straight haired women understand wavy/curly hair.

  5. I brushed it out yesterday and that’s why my hair is frizzy! I heard so many people tell me to brush out my hair it’s so annoying

  6. I am white with curly hair, and I have been told to straiten it because it’s appropriating black culture. bro this is just my hair

  7. Lmao how 😭😭 its natural I hate that. She called me Ms Frizzle from The Magic School Bus

  8. My grandfather used to joke with us that if we ate burnt toast our hair would go curly. I burned my toast on purpose, and I only got wavy hair. Didn't burn it enough or consume enough, I guess. I agree, coworker is being real turd. I hope those curls get worn on the regular.

  9. I’m not Hispanic but I have really tight curls (gotta love those Scottish genes) so I feel this. It’s really easy for curls to get outta hand and I wish people wouldn’t judge so harshly. Curls are so beautiful.

  10. Yeah my mom is Hispanic and my dad is German, so those hair types make my curls hard to maintain and frizzy 😂

  11. Same here, heavy Scottish ancestry from both sides. When I was younger, I didn't know how to manage it so I usually had a curly lion's mane lol. I manage it now, but still is crazy! I like my hair, I'm proud of it.

  12. NO NO NO....My wife has natural curls. UBER SEXY....Men love curls and woman envy them! Trust me....

  13. My own black mother who I literally inherited my curls from used to encourage all those awful chemicals in my curls. I’m mixed so all they did was fry my hair. I realize now she is just an evil woman who was jealous of her own damn daughter and she would do anything to rip me apart. Now that I don’t talk to her anymore I’ve gained the confidence to rock my natural curls and it’s the best feeling.

  14. My mother has curly/wavy hair and she used to yell at me when I wore it naturally. I’m so sorry :((

  15. I agree, to me this does count as bullying 100%. Fuck that bitch, don’t know which country you are writing from, so not going to make assumptions, but wow if people did that to me I would be so outraged. Wtf hair is hair, there are all kinds of different hair, nobody’s business what your hair looks like.

  16. Not just bullying either, this is a microaggression and should definitely not be tolerated in the workplace. OP, you should definitely talk to your manager again or escalate to HR if you can! At the very least this is an opportunity to educate your coworkers on why that type of comment can be so harmful.

  17. Screw that. Curly hair may be harder to work with but it's cute as hell and if that wasn't the case then curling irons wouldn't be sold anymore.

  18. I mean this is racist. I don’t know if you’re Afro -Latina or maybe your hair is where your Afro roots show through but it’s racist

  19. My mother is from Mexico and my father is German and unluckily I got my moms frizzy hair 😂 I can’t believe she would say that, all hair is beautiful and hopefully she learned how to help with her baby’s hair texture

  20. I used to hate my curly hair because of people saying things like that. Also when I used to dance, a lot of the hair styles required for mine to be straightened and it would take me forever! Now I love it and appreciate it so much more. It’s beautiful, its different, and freakin sexy!

  21. Am white of Northern European heritage and have wiry hair with an unruly wave in it. I haven't got the time or the mental commitment to blow dry it straight every day. A friend would beat herself up about "a halo of frizz" after blow-drying for 45 minutes each morning. It's just hair. It happens to grow out of our heads. There's already so much we have deal with each morning. People need to stop harassing us about our appearance when we're already juggling a professional job with its long hours and prep, children, and keeping the house in order. We ourselves need to give ourselves a break too.

  22. I would have responded with "Yes I can definitely do that, but then I would as plain as you". I have curly hair as a Hispanic and love every second of it.

  23. She was being completely inappropriate and rude. Sounds like she’s projecting her own insecurities about her looks into other people to feel better about herself.

  24. I'm white, with straight red hair. I love curly hair, but wouldn't want it for myself because I just know I couldn't maintain it. I think that curly hair is beautiful, even with the frizz. Imo, dark skinned women with their natural curly hair is the epitome of beauty. Like, y'all are goddesses! And I'm not even a lesbian.

  25. Wtf ! Go to HR she should not be commenting on your appearance at all !! Also she sounds incredibly insecure, only people with issues say stupid things like that . Definitely joint the curly hair sub Reddit. I love the community there. I also have thick curly hair and was bullied because of it . I’ve learned all those people don’t have love for themselves

  26. My daughter who is 25 is Hispanic and has the most beautiful black curly hair. She’s the youngest of three, and the only one with curly hair. Ever since she was young, and I kept her hair nicely conditioned and shiny, I told her how beautiful her curly hair was. Once, when she was about 15, she asked me to straighten it for her (not chemically; just with s flatiron). Took me a good hour, and inside I was dying, because I wanted her to be happy with her hair. Not 20 minutes later, it started curling back, lol, humidity. I was concerned that she’d be upset, but when I mentioned it she said, “Yeah, I didn’t like it straight anyway. It didn’t look like me.” She has never wanted it straight again. The rude coworker should mind her own business, and irl, she’s probably jealous.

  27. People like that absolutely die when confronted, they get off on saying whatever they want but never expect anyone else to match their energy. If you tell her you thought that was an inappropriate thing to say in the workplace and she should have known better she will think about it for the rest of her life. Don't respond to any excuse she come up with. Just repeat that she should have known better at her age.

  28. I know it is only my opinion but she definitely made her self look like a butthole . Im predominantly Irish and British with west African and Samoan thrown in , people are always like why do you have such nappy hair for a white guy, god forbid anything’s different!

  29. That's insane. Curly hair is gorgeous. Her remark makes her sound like she doesn't really have a whole lot of common sense, least of all in social situations. I would tell her that you didn't ask for her opinion.

  30. I really have no damn clue where that idea comes from. My whole family would castrate me and my brother if we cut either of our sons' hair since they have really curly hair.

  31. Nope she’s white 😂 she’s didn’t believe I was Hispanic at first since I’m “white passing” but it doesn’t excuse how rude and blunt all of her remarks were

  32. Never understood why women felt this way considering seemingly all men love natural curly hair. I mean I guess many women don’t like men but, it’s definitely a women hating on other women deal.

  33. Listen you curly haired vixen margarita. Fuck the standards and the haters. OWN YOU, DO YOU, ANYONE REJECTS, REPLY "FUCK YOU", mkay? Case closed. Perrrioud.

  34. I have curly hair as well and hated it when I was younger. I realized people pay big bucks for what I have. Personally I would have given her two middle fingers and walked away. Fuck her

  35. I got this "straightened" hair yet I admire the girls with curly/wavy hair. That beauty standard should be cancelled lmao. I hate it when someone just randomly gives an advice without u even asking. Tell her "I dont ask for advice so shut up". Just kidding.

  36. I didn’t ask for her opinion then she tried giving me salons that’ll chemically change my hair??

  37. Is this girls name Isabella and does she have the power to materialize flowers? If so, just ignore her. She’s just mad because she’s marrying someone she doesn’t want to. Stay strong Mirabel!

  38. I've, literally, spent my whole 58 years wanting the OPs hair and some broad are telling her its not good enough?

  39. I have wild hair, not curly, just goes whatever way it wants. Always frizzy. I look like a lions mane. Love it , two of my daughters have it, they make it beautiful, no straightening, just layers and such. You can braid some days. Your work is toxic, tell them to be more encouraging or you walk.

  40. You might want to report her to HR 🤔. Not sure if you're HR sucks, but if this continues to happen you want it put in check and hopefully HR will back you. Note who, what, where and when so that you can show a pattern.

  41. Report her to HR go above the manager! “EW???!” I don’t think you can addresses a colleague that way in the workplace.

  42. My daughter is 1/4 jamacan 1/4 Irish and 1/2 English. She has red tight curls for hair, it's honestly amazing, and we get stopped all the time by strangers. Sometimes the Mrs will put it in multiple plats and stuff and we get dirty looks of black women and I've even heard one say look at the little white girl tryimg to have black hair... of course this is when it's just me and my daughter never when with her mom's as she's mixed race but it's like they assume she's white and I'm some idiot who gives my child black hair styles lol

  43. You don’t have to respond to such an ignorant comment with any explanation. Any time she says something so inappropriate just turn it on her and ask her how she became an adult without learning basic social rules. Tell her she needs to see a counselor about her personality problems but in the meantime you will report her to HR if she ever makes another personal comment to you. She’s the one who should be embarrassed!

  44. Yea but it’s hard bc I have to work with her again 🙃 I can’t tolerate when people are rude for no reason

  45. i thought it was always that people wanted opposite of what they have naturally. my sister in law (white) has BEAUTIFUL curls, like 3a or 3b hair and has always straightened it because she hates her natural hair, yet here i am with pin straight hair that doesn’t hold anything and i deeply want curls like hers.

  46. Honestly I was too stunned to speak 😂 she’s older than me, I’m the youngest at my work and I always get nervous with starting issues at work

  47. I have crazy curly hair. She can shove it. I do enjoy my hair straight from time to time don’t get me wrong, but she can shove it. I always tell people “When you have to deal with it, you can do what you want.”

  48. Wtf does she know? Is she white? I bet she was white. Whatever she is, shes Ignorant af #1. #2 this sounds like it needs to be taken to HR because even I'm stunned and offended by her stupidity.

  49. It’s so stupid for her to even say something like that… I rather her tell me my hair looks bad then to say what she said

  50. That is so incredibly inappropriate. I'd honestly report it to HR. She has absolutely no business tearing someone down for their physical appearances, let alone making comments about their fucking race/ethnicity/background, in public, at work. You should not have to worry about such things while making a paycheck. I am so sorry! I'm sure your natural hair is STUNNING, by the way. Curly hair is gorgeous!

  51. Your coworker sounds like a total moron. Her standard of beauty is based on the crap that is fed to her by the media. I'd be embarrassed for her as she's just stupid and has no thoughts of her own. People have curly hair and dollars to donuts your hair is probably awesome. Not your fault that this brainwashed twit is telling you to be something/someone else. Let her struggle and chase some bullshit beauty standards. You be you. Good luck.

  52. Fuck no I’m Mexican and got straight hair I grew up with black and Puerto Rican. I’ve try so hard to make my hair curly like them but I fail I just grew up accepting that’s how my hair is and to love it. Never let people put you down for your looks

  53. Um, first of all eeewww. She sounds like an awful bitter person. Please don’t let someone like that have any type of affect on you! I absolutely love curly hair and it’s kind of all the rave rn lol seriously have you seen all the TikTok tutorials for how to get it. Life’s to short to waste it on someone that doesn’t matter. Also you should report her because her comments are borderline racist. I’m Hispanic with wavy/curly hair and I absolutely LOVE it.

  54. I don't understand this at all. Wavey or curly hair is so much more attractive than regular straight hair for most women. Also, your coworker is just super jealous

  55. Reading this made me so angry. I have naturally curly hair. When I was younger, I desperately wanted to have straight hair and I considered getting a perm. It wasn't until I started high school and my friends were gushing about my bouncy curls that I started to appreciate them. I'm forever grateful that I didn't go through with it. I'm really into hair care and curly hair brands like Carol's Daughter. I've also heard Ouidad is a good brand, but I have yet to try them. Learning more about my curl pattern and different techniques have helped me so much. Curly hair is beautiful, seriously - screw your coworker. The next time she decides she wants to be "blunt", don't hesitate to , respectfully, put her in her place.

  56. She is a “puta” and I hate every time someone has to say something about our physical features because they don’t even begin to fathom our racial roots and really deep and complex cultural backgrounds.

  57. curly hair is beautiful and most people way rather have curly hair than straight hair. i have curly hair and i love my hair

  58. She's a bitch . I'm sure your hair is fine beautiful even. As a fellow curly hair haver I've had similar things said to me as well and it hurts ( especially when we spend $$$ on product to make it nice ) . Pay them no mind and continue through life with awesome hair.

  59. Have someone deliver a giant dildo at work and have them say sorry we know you needed it on rush please leave five stars

  60. Is it the beauty standard or is your coworker a snobby bitch? I have very long dark curly hair and I get comments ALL the time about how beautiful it is. I don’t think straight is the beauty standard at all. Love what you have!

  61. Don’t let her get to you. Curly hair is gorgeous, even if it is a gigantic pain in the ass and never dries the same way twice 😜 (speaking from experience)

  62. Quite honestly people say things that can be mean and offensive all the time. It's up to us to know our own value and just simply not care. I'm sure you look great in your natural hair, and honestly, who cares what your coworker says. There are more serious matters out there. Ignore it.

  63. That's racist as hell and absolutely abhorrent manners. I'm so sorry that happened to you. Sounds like a problem for HR

  64. Most hispanics have straight hair”??? Uhm, no?? And if so it isn’t none of her goddamn business. Can’t you go to HR? Your manager is a prick too

  65. What the fuck! I'm Hispanic and I have wavy frizzy hair naturally and have always been pressured to straighten it. Sometimes, I like to allow my hair to have its natural look because fuck beauty standards! I don't know why straight has to be the golden standard. All hair types are beautiful just like our bodies. All body types are beautiful in my opinion and we really need to celebrate the beauty of diversity.

  66. I'm so sick of straightened hair!!! On a few rare occasions, I've had coworkers show up with curly/wavy hair and it looks amazing, fabulous!!! When I compliment them, they're like, "no!! I hate the curls, didn't have time to straighten it". I highly doubt if they get any compliments on their well straightened hair because it's so boring, often not flattering to them in reality.

  67. when i was younger, like 12-15, i used to be super insecure about my curly, frizzy hair and i would straighten it every morning. it was awful. but i’m 20 now and ive grown to love my curly hair (not because of the popularity due to tiktok, i hate the self-obsession on that app and refuse to download it), i just look after it and use the proper products to keep it healthy and personally i think it looks better than when i was constantly frying it.

  68. So the person to criticize your hair sounds like, for lack of better wording, an extremely boring and basic bitch. Naturally curly hair is something a lot of people envy too. Take pride in what you have. Let your coworker being boring and basic with her boring basic ass straight hair and delusional sense she has the right to judge anyone lol.

  69. bruh people straighten their hair too sometimes. but a lot of us have curly hair. honestly i'd talk to your boss about her, because that's not a good work environment

  70. Not only is your co-worker a bitch as someone pointed out, she could pretty much be getting into racism territory by assuming Hispanics have mostly flat hair and you should conform to that

  71. If she keeps saying stuff like that to you, you should keep notes of it or email them to your manager so there’s evidence you’re bringing it to their attention. If it gets worse you have a case against her. Her comments about Hispanics sounds.. racist & ignorant

  72. Coworker is dense af. Naturally straight hair is the minority in Latin culture. Most of us have a curly, frizzy mop on our heads 😒

  73. Follow above instructions from insensitive coworker, unless your hair is straight. Then true beauty for you is hours of curlers and heat protecting spray and then, you too will look like you care.

  74. Is it fuck. My hairs as straight as fuck and I can't do a fucking thing with it. Ur Co worker is a daft bitch!!!

  75. Knock the shit outta her and see if she does it again? Or even better get someone else to knock the shit outta her. Some bastards need put in their places

  76. Unpopular opinion: she obviously has filter issues, she didn’t say anything horribl or anything that would make you want to di3 let it go, don’t be a baby…. So what I had a coworker who used to call me chubby boy or big fella or marshmallow man and it was embarrassing for me and everyone around… also I once had a coworker who would ask me about my autism at bad times, My point is tho LET IT GO! It’s not like she pulled you aside or specifically went up to you to bully you, she said the first thing that came to her head and realized it was dumb so tried to play it off with “oh well most….” But if made it worse. I promise you it’s not that big of a deal

  77. I would because she did apologize and I understand how people say things sometimes without meaning it, but then I heard her talking to my co worker about my hair again.

  78. What an unnecessary comment! I am a nursing associate, and one of my colleagues walked into my area one day and shouted “god, who could work like this! It’s so dirty!” I’m front of all the patients and doctors. She didn’t bother checking but we’d been horrendously busy and short staffed. The doctor took her to one side and reprimanded her for being so unprofessional. These people just make fools of themselves

  79. Do NOT listen to her! Curly hair is so, so beautiful. I used to hate mine, but now I can't imagine it being any other way and get sad when it loses some of its curl after blow-drying. No doubt your hair is perfect the way it is <3

  80. Defo bitch coworker, I'm a man with very curly hair and I know alot of women with straight hair that pay alot of money to try and get hair like mine. Don't worry, flaunt that curly hair, your coworkers only jealous

  81. Hi, straight hair person, always wished mine was curly, highly into curly hair as a concept. DO NOT COMPROMISE YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY, PLEASE TRY TO OWN AND LOVE THE CURLS THEY ARE INCREDIBLE ❤️ also, coworker sounds like she is self conscious about her looks. When people say stuff like that IMO, it’s usually more about their own insecurity than it is about you.

  82. I am sorry you have to work with an ignorant person. I would ignore her comment and move forward with your life. There will always be rude people in the world. Curly hair is in and it’s beautiful. I have straight hair until there’s a lot of humidity and it frizzes and becomes “big hair” without the beauty of curls. It sounds like she may be a little jealous of your hair which means you look amazing.

  83. My mum has the most amazing curly hair and her hairdresser didn’t know what to do with it and how to cut curly hair so she straightened it and the cut it. Anyone who has curly hair knows that, that doesn’t work and when your curls bounce back the next day after a shower, it looks all uneven.

  84. Yeah, this is pure jealousy. The amount of money women pay to have curls is insane, knowing you have it naturally is going to annoy some of those people. Probably find out an ex cheated on her with a girl with curly hair

  85. Well now you know your coworker is trash and your manager is useless. Your coworker only made herself look bad, not you. Anyone witnessing that was certainly thinking she was completely rude and obnoxious.

  86. She sounds like a bitch. I once saw my coworker come in without straightening her hair, and it had this lovely wide characteristic to it, which I then made the mistake of saying "your hair is looking very wild today" in what I thought would sound like a compliment, and rgen realised she had not seen it that way, so I apologised and explained I only meant to compliment her on her natural hair that I'd never seen before.

  87. Where do you live? Because I think I may depend on the beauty standards of the country and is definitely not the beauty standards everywhere. I live in Denmark, and the main hair type is straight long blond hair, but everyone I know wants to get curls and are trying this curly girl method to be different and not be like everybody else. I have big blonde curls and get many compliments.

  88. I beg to differ. I’ve always longed for curly hair because it’s the best in my eyes. She don’t know a thing about a thing bruh

  89. I second this, report to HR and if they don’t do anything threaten to sue. This is the only way to get back and racists and stop them from doing what they do

  90. My manager brushed it off and just told me she has no filter and invalidated how rude it was.

  91. These comments in here telling her to go to corporate over a rude comment is the reason people with real issues don't get taken seriously.

  92. I agree, I might talk to my boss about moving our schedules around since this is just rude comments and it’s the first time it has happened

  93. Yep. it's some bullshit. Chris Rock did a documentary called Good Hair about this. it's some bullshit. And it's absolutely racism, so maybe talking to HR is the normal thing to do, but idk if anything will come of it. maybe a "Fuck You" would suffice...

  94. Please keep your hair as you like and love them to be. There is no use falling into this nonsensical pressure. I remember all the time being told my hair are wild and gives me a "not so put together" appearance. I was inches away from falling into the peer pressure of getting them straightened. Never liked straight hair on me so always resisted the pressure. Now my hair, after so many years of not giving into the pressure, are healthy. I like quality product but not high maintenance regimes. All in my favour. On top of that, with more exposure on social media, my wild hair find more acceptance 😅

  95. I think you overreact, it was weird and she’s a bitch I admit it but not wanting to work the same day as her just for that is definitely an overreaction

  96. These are the kind of people I walk away from as soon as I hear their rude remarks and opinions that were not asked for, I leave. I have no problem leaving you talking mid sentence and making you feel dumb as you should for being so gross. I wish more people didn’t just take it from others who clearly are not in your best interests. Maybe you didn’t know this about them but now you do. Don’t let them get away with crushing your self esteem. Love your hair and embrace it even on bad hair days.

  97. These beauty standards change every year. Somewhere down the line it will be curly hair time again and they'll be asking you how did you curl your hair lol

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