1. Jesus. The brother got adopted by a great family. Dad wanted control and this is what it got poor Harmony. I hope he and the step mom rot.

  2. Her brothers new dads wanted to adopt her. I know social services has to walk a thin line in this instances, but this is just an all around heartbreak.

  3. I’m guessing since they were drug users/homeless they didn’t have this place registered as their official address, either they squatted, paid cash, never updated their mailing address or any mail or car registrations etc, it took a while to track down their where-abouts. Remember that CPS could not locate them.

  4. It blows my mind they haven’t searched here before. I can’t imagine it would be hard to get a warrant to search.

  5. You need probable cause to get a warrant. So something recent gave them enough to get that. My guess would be one of them slipped enough as to lead investigators down this path.

  6. The police apparently brought in a new fridge shortly before removing this one. They’re probably giving the family a replacement while they take that one for forensic evidence.

  7. That poor little boy, the adopters of the boy wanted to adopt the girl once they knew about her because they said he was always talking about his sister and would look for her everywhere they went :’( this is devastating.

  8. Technically they’d use biohazard tape if they even suspected something, but I think we can all draw the right conclusions here.

  9. I just listened to a podcast called ‘Voices for Justice’ she did a two part episode that explains it all.

  10. Yeah honestly I think there should be public judgement for vigilante justice. Because we would all agree POSs like this guy deserves to get “bashed all over the house” and everything else he perpetrated out of pure spite and evilness against his own flesh and blood.

  11. Oh my god. I knew he did something and I hoped for answers for her Mom, but this.... this is horrific.

  12. I live in the area - didn’t have much hope after so much time passed, but what an absolute gut punch.

  13. Ugh:( some in the offical reddit thread who lives in the town said rumours are swirling saying she was found under the floor boards (not confirmed just rumours) have u heard that too?

  14. Especially after having all this time to clean it or something… to think that they would be this stupid or lax .. mind boggling. Please let law enforcement solve this case. These bastards need to go down

  15. something biological was found i was there when they pulled it didnt hear what the reason is but from what i gathered they found something biological that isnt food

  16. Is Brian Entin becoming the Jim Cantore of true crime, I thought he was just a local reporter in the Gabby Petito case?

  17. I don’t think so. He was also around when the whole Vicky and Casey thing went down to. I heard he was a good reporter though.

  18. Why was Harmony placed into Adam’s care if he had substance abuse issues in the past that caused Harmony to be placed into foster care as soon as she was born PLUS he had a violent criminal record…

  19. ugh, ive been keeping up with this case for a while waiting for an update. this is really heartbreaking, and im just so utterly disappointed this ever happened.

  20. I just can’t. I have nieces and a nephew and they are my universe. I have never even raised my voice at them. Spoken to them sternly, yes, but I simply can’t be aggressive towards them. I cannot fathom being able to harm a child, let alone kill one. And the even more fucking vile thing is that they haven’t even had the shred of decency to take accountability. Wait until trial. It’ll be ‘It was an accident, we loved her!’ If that were the case, you’d turn yourself in and not subject Harmony’s mother and other loved ones to this.

  21. I think us normal people can’t imagine it because we are normal, people who do evil things like that have some chemical makeup in there brain that is off so we cant even imagine it. It’s truly terrifying

  22. Ok so I live in the area and personally went to rehab with Adam and never got a good vibe from him and everyone thought I was crazy because when he was there and cleaned up he was good looking but he just made my skin crawl and mind you this was in June-July 2021 and while we all shared about our kids and what not he never even said he had kids.. so these pictures were posted on fb to a page called New England serial killer And they talk about how Adam cut her body up and over time washed her down the drain which would explain why he stored her in the fridge why they had plumbers come in and were checking the sewers…

  23. Ugh. This case and the Oakley Carlson case just makes my heart hurt so bad. These two babies could have had great lives but they were left with their monster bio parents! God.

  24. It’s insane. So many different people involved that all failed this poor child. It’s very sad. I heard about it the first day it broke and before everyone deleted, closed up their social Media accounts. Lots of drug addiction, abusive partners, violence, theft, cps involvement. Just utter chaos.

  25. I’m in CT and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything about it locally. I saw something on the news in MA last summer when I was visiting family. If I didn’t follow true crime, I probably wouldn’t know about it, either.

  26. So tragic. Everyone who was supposed to protect her let her down. It’s just awful. I hope they find that she didn’t suffer, but I’m not betting on it. Do they have the death penalty in New Hampshire? If not, they need to make an exception for this POS.

  27. So tragic. Everyone who was supposed to protect her let her down. It’s just awful. I hope they find that she didn’t suffer, but I’m not betting on it. Do they have the death penalty in New Hampshire? If not, they need to make an exception for this POS.

  28. She's dead. Why else would the refrigerator have been taken away? Harmony was let down by both her parents (I understand that her mother is no longer abusing substances, but, forgive me, I'm gonna be harsh: that's a day late and a dollar short), she was running around with a black eye in her father's care and no one appears to have done a damned thing about it. Her great-uncle Kevin remembers the black eye and said Harmony's father told him he beat her in the house. Did Uncle Kevin contact the authorties?

  29. Yes he did. There are police reports.CPS in MA and NH and the Manchester Police failed. (Yes the parents, but the mother got her punishment,, her kids were removed from her care and eventually her rights were terminated). Police went to check on the bruises twice, an officer noted no visible bruising, the other report the officer noted old bruising near her eye said KM explained the bruising was caused by another child and a toy. This can be found in the recently revealed results of the cps failures in Harmony's case. Kevin, the entire family was cut off at this point because Adam knew they were making calls to report the abuse-which is why no one actually knew Harmony was missing, phone, Facebook, everyone was blocked.

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