1. Howdy! If you’re able to pay out of pocket for your CDL training, I’d recommend that route. If you sign up and train under contract, you’ll be obligated to stay with that company for the remainder of the contract. If you end up not liking the company and leave they’ll make you reimburse them out of pocket which can be upwards of $5000. Once again, if you’re able to pay for the school on your own, do it. You’ll make the money back in a few months and you’ll have the freedom to explore all options right out of the gate. Good luck!

  2. +1 for trying to find a private school to get your license. That’s without a doubt the best option. If there’s not a school near you or you can’t afford it, then the only other option is to go to a mega carrier like Schneider.

  3. I used to work for an insurance company. Great pay, benefits and all in the comfort of my own home. I was miserable and hated the corporate lifestyle. I decided I had enough and got my CDL. Fast forward to today, I love going to work and can't get enough of it. There literally is always room to improve and so many different specializations to choose in this industry. If I were you, I would definitely consider it and not be scared of driving a truck. If you set your mind to it, you will learn in school and become confident and it will become second nature. Hope it works out well for you! Cheers

  4. I got my CDL when I was 26. I went to a school and paid for it myself. Used my PTO and told my office job at the time I was having a vacation. Put in a two weeks notice when I got back. Did OTR for first year paid by the mile because I just didn’t know any better. Bought my own truck and leased to Landstar because I was a glutton for punishment I guess. OTR grind is tough, I didn’t see family or friends as much as I wanted. Came off the road and worked back in an office doing anything from dispatch, driver manager. Recently I was a transportation manager for a small outfit but stress was killing me. Ended up driving for them instead. Local and by the hour.

  5. Good advice, with my current job I get no benefits so literally any other job would be better as from what I’ve seen most company’s do. I’ll take the training soon and see how I like it but I just realized I’ll need to wait at least 90 days because I smoke recreationally. Which sucks but that’s just how it is I guess. I’ll definitely be doing more research into this in the following months

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