1. SAME. I barely made it past day ONE. As soon as she announced, I knew it was going to be baby, baby, baby- 24/7/365. Because you know, Trisha IS, in FACT, the only woman to EVER experience pregnancy.🙄🙃

  2. I’m hoping she’ll just turn into a blueberry at the end of the 12 weeks and hopefully some oompa-loompas will just roll her off for good and that will be the end of her.

  3. Why does she do that weird fake laugh shrug thing the whole time?? It's SO WEIRD?? Girl you are not in a Target ad.

  4. Let's face it all her clothes and bikinis have been ill fitting before the butter noodle baby came along. it's like she wears smaller sizes because she doesn't want to accept the real size she is.

  5. I can only imagine daddy Moses taking little Malibu to the park to flirt with all the moms. You know Trisha doesn’t want to go for a walk around the park, she might get spotted

  6. genuinely, no joke, it makes me sad to think about. Kid stands no chance. As cruel as this sounds, the best thing to happen would be for the child to be raised by someone else. Because Trisha is legit gonna turn the child into the focus of her social media, which is just cruel

  7. I know this Kate Bush song is a trend on Tik Tok right now. I HATE IT!!! She's an absolute sacred treasure and these idiots have no respect or even understand the song.

  8. Just shows how desperate Tricia is. Who the hell tries to compete with their husbands celebrity crush? It screams “insecure, desperate and absolutely pathetic”. Congrats Trisha, you won 🏆 you are officially the most vile, low rent human being on this earth. Cheers 🥂

  9. I first learned of Kate when I saw “She’s having a baby”. That pivotal scene in the movie and her beautiful song, This woman’s work, gave me the ugly cries lol. I had to find out who sang that song. Maxwell did a version also that I like, but nothing compared to the original.

  10. She doesn’t even understand what the lyrics actually mean. She really should google before using it as a bump date song lol 😂 Alexa…what is running up that hill actually about?? (Just read that last part out loud Tricia. I did the hard part for you)

  11. she still hates kate bush lmao in the recent blog where the walk around the neighborhood, the way trisha talks about KB after she realizes Moses isn’t gonna romantically sing to her (bc hello “deal with god” isn’t even a romantic song???) is with so much resentment. he’s not even allowed to have a favorite female artist without this bitch feeling threatened, it’s so pathetic. and doesn’t bode well for the daughter on the way.

  12. 12 more weeks and the attention on her goes "bye bye". She's going to be more unhinged than ever when that happens. Postpartum Trish is going to be off the chain. They really should have already had a competent nanny lined up. She has no business being alone with a newborn while Moshe "runs errands" all day in one of his gas guzzling douchemobiles.

  13. IRONIC she uses Kate Bush’s song now that it’s a trend but Moses couldn’t listen to her a few months ago because she was “too pretty” and was jealous..

  14. You know it absolutely did, wifey! She did that just for us. Again, telling us exactly how bothered she is by trying to act unbothered. Love that for her. 🥰

  15. This is what a end of 3rd trimester belly looks like. She's going to be extra miserable because it's summer too lolol

  16. I was literally gonna comment this. Shes gonna be a hot air balloon come september. That baby must be huge with all the junk shes eating. And GD makes your baby bigger, especially if on an unmonitored diet. I ate strict diet for the 2 1/2mo i was diagnosed (ate fairly well before that, i just cut the sugar and carbs) and my boy was still 8lbs+

  17. To be fair, half of that belly is just body fat, the uterus and baby are not that big. But they will get significantly bigger in the next 12 weeks and she’s probably going to gain even more, she’s going to be miserable. When baby girl comes she’s already going to be a tired mess.

  18. I wasn’t gonna say it but I would have put her at 38 weeks. She’s way bigger than I was when I delivered at 36 weeks. Big ass baby girl.

  19. Seriously, is there a pregnancy bump enhancer app because her stomach "bump" goes up and down on a daily basis and its not the angles.

  20. IF she has 12 weeks left and her belly really is that size then omg she is going to be immobile by the end of pregnancy. Of course, I think she's pushing it out as far as possible though. And she needs to stop with that filter.. makes her nose look 10 feet wide!

  21. Exactly what I was thinking! My last 6-8 weeks I blew up... and I'm less than half her size & 5 in. taller. She's in trouble!

  22. don’t come for me- but I never really thought of trish as “ugly” until recently. whatever she has done and keeps doing to her face.. good googly moogly.. she looks truly terrible 😟

  23. I think it was just denial and wishful thinking on their parts. No one wants the insane bitch to really be carrying a child and eating like she does.

  24. She likes to either edit her stomach or poke it out cause when she is relaxed it’s nothing like that. I think some Wifeys don’t believe her because she lied about being pregnant and having a miscarriage multiple times. There is some Wifeys that do believe she is pregnant so.

  25. 12 weeks left assuming she isn't induced early because of some sort of pregnancy complication. Not that I would wish it on anyone, but she seems to think she's in the clear with her careless diet because she passed a few screening tests... that 34 week mark is what she needs to be worried about.

  26. I'm willing to bet she's got a c section scheduled so she doesn't have to endure a vaginal birth ....tearing the vagina.... the contractions.... she gets to hop skip thru all of that.

  27. Guarantee she thinks its easier and thinks moses will take care of her. Probably even doing it specifically so moses doesnt ignore her when the baby comes and has to take care of her. If not? Youtube vid about how he neglected her after surgery. Same shit happened with sean

  28. The minute she found out she’s having a baby girl she’s gone out of her way to troll and harm that baby through her diet and lifestyle choices, I don’t expect anything different in the next 12 weeks

  29. Why does this beast appear in my feed all the time? I keep blocking the accounts, but it keeps reappearing in my feed, please help.

  30. We still DONT care for these updates n neither does ur family so Trisha just focus on eating healthy n clean ur house.

  31. I don’t know a whole lot about Trisha, besides her doing whatever she can to get views regardless of the controversy and hate she receives. She literally makes money off of pissing people off. If I had one wish for her, it’d be for her to chill on the lip fillers. They literally look like a hemorrhoid ridden asshole

  32. Does she not see how creepy it is to use Running Up That Hill for this … yes it’s a popular song atm but to use it while she is pregnant because she wants to be while half of the population of the US has lost the right to not be pregnant if they don’t want to be … it’s just in bad taste in my opinion.

  33. I wonder if she has been drinking like her mom did through her pregnancy? The kid might not be as developmentally disabled as she is. Still, that ultra narcissist parent is going to wreck the kid anyway.

  34. Imagine being born into this dumpster fire of a planet and your mom is TRISHA PAYTAS. Talk about down bad.

  35. as nervous as i am about this pregnancy, i just hope moses doesn’t bail and abandon this kid to deal with trish all by themselves. trish has already demonstrated their inability to care for anyone but themselves. and they’re losing money bc of content/infrastructure changes? hoo boy. this kid is going to have some big bills to pay.

  36. When I stick my stomach out and arch my back I also look pregnant it’s not a hard thing to do especially if you use filters on top of it. It’s so fucking strange the way she is always arching her back and sticking out her gut to make herself look more pregnant…just show your natural stomach Trisha if you are actually pregnant because this ain’t it…

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