1. Psychopath here, I use arrow keys: right hand for up and down, left hand for left and right. 4 fingers for 4 keys

  2. Seems pretty good, in a quick try I'd say S X E or R D C are better for the position of my keys, I think I might start using it.

  3. Where do you rest your elbow? Do you always have it hovering above the rest of the kb, or do you just set it down and ignore the fact that you're probably pressing a ton of keys?

  4. While my dominant hand is the right hand, I was already accustomed to paying keyboard games using WASD, so when I started playing trackmania I played with WASD as well.

  5. Only right hand (My dominant hand) arrow keys (up for acceleration, left and right arrow keys for turning and down arrow for braking

  6. That is the only thing I would recommend against. Unless you can fit your thumb in there, it leaves very little room to press accelerate and brake at the same time. Which fingers do you use?

  7. None of theese fit. I play with left hand and use space bar to brake(fith my left hand) i have my right hand hovering over actionkeys. Qnd I am right hand dominant.

  8. I use E and R for accel and brake, arrow left right steer and arrow up down for cams. Its really ergonomic.

  9. When I did play kb I used my left hand for steering and brakes (A S D), and my right hand for accel on the arrow keys. I'm right hand dominant

  10. I use my right hand and only the arrow keys. When I want to accelerate + brake at the same time, I just rotate my middle finger backwards and hit the down arrow with that first knuckle. Have played like this for years, haven’t run into a single bottleneck

  11. I let my left hand (my dominant) do everything except braking. It flows better for me that way

  12. right hand dominant, but driving i use left hand for wasd, left hand spacebar for brake. right hand hovers over delete and backspace for respawn and restart (ive only ever misclicked respawn like 2 times and neither were crucial)

  13. I use my left and right hands. I am left hand dominant. W and S as re left hand for front and back and right hand on the side arrow keys for direction

  14. I have a pretty cursed way of playing, I used my left hand for W and A, and my right hand for down and right arrows.

  15. It depends, sometimes I’ll use only the 4 arrow keys (with 3 fingers since the forward and brake arrow are aligned)… but most of the time I use space to brake so right hand to play and left to brake.

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