1. “Fetch me the Spirit, the Son, and the Father! Tell them their pillar of faith has ascended, it’s time now. My time now. Give me my... give me my wings!”

  2. So cool to see unique releases! I still don’t understand what inclines people to give stuff like this away, but hey, all the more fun for us :)

  3. How does one person acquire so many incredibly rare pieces of merch? I appreciate the kindness of hooking up random internet people.

  4. I was at the 93 Lollaplooza show. I posted my ticket and my pic in the pit for Tool from the local newspaper. I’d love to have those!

  5. Ok I’m down, if I get picked tho I do ask to dm for my details as I don’t want this to be just some sort of scam to get my personal info. Also I’m not saying you don’t seem like it I just wanna make sure you’re legit so I also want a different picture of the cds in the dm. Good luck guys and thanks if the rng picks me

  6. Well you didn't win this one but there will be others in the future. And I get it. Feel free to crawl my post history and you'll see I post the winners Reddit name every time. I'm sure that if you reached out to a few they'd tell you they recieved their items with no catches or anything following the shipment outside of connecting with a fellow fan and for no reason other than putting some good out into the world.

  7. I don't normally reply to comments on these giveaways but you're right. I decided to post this in hopes that you would comment so I could reach you about your extended car warranty. ;) Good luck...spiral out.

  8. I just shit, cum, and bled all over my jeans reading this. Had to pull them up, strap em tight, and think about how cool I would be with 8 TOOL CDs. Cool stuff. Slick stuff. Neat stuff. Get your passenger!! Is that Charlie?? FUCK. DIRTY BITCH...

  9. In. I don't own either of these items, they will look good on the Tool shelf in my Tool corner, and my 4 year old rig is probably one of few that still has a cd player in the dash.

  10. You’re awesome! I would like to enter please. I may even bake you some hash cookies (with NO EGGS!!!) if I win!

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