1. A fucking fortnight huh. Abe Lincoln wasn’t murdered, he moved to Australia and writes sorry letters to people

  2. It’s funny but I didn’t order from Amazon initially because I didn’t want to have to wait to get it! By the time Aus companies announced their prices Amazon had already sold out.

  3. Nah. Sony(?) wouldn’t print locally so they’re all imports - which is why we have had to pay $140 AUD (around $95 USD) just to get a copy from an Aus company.

  4. Yeah I most likely will... but I was sooo looking forward to that excitement of going to the shop and picking it up, getting home and unwrapping it, and then the anticipation of watching it on my pc as I rip it, then sitting down and hitting play. Oh well.

  5. Ouch, you may have missed out - I haven’t got one of these emails. I assume I got my order in early enough to snag one on release.

  6. Blame Sony Australia. My local record shop sold it for $185. They weren’t allowed to order it elsewhere but through Sony Australia. From what I hear JB HI-FI have only sourced there’s via overseas means and not at all through so t Australia. And they have no stock right now as they even called my local record shop to ask if they had any spare stock . That’s desperation.

  7. Was it Sony's fault that JB decided to take online orders without guaranteeing stock? Sony was definitely clueless as always but JB online sure was shit to take orders without securing. Whats more frustrating I could have ordered from the retail stores where orders are actually being met! I could have amazoned or walmarted it through relatives. No JB online confidently sends you emails saying your order is secured bla bla bla! And now I dont even know if I will be getting the order. This is after they paypalled the entire price from my paypal wallet!

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