1. Quite honestly I bet the show would be a failure if the people weren’t so attractive. That’s part of the the major appeal of the show is the people being insanely attractive. But the problem I have with the shown is it created an unrealistic sense of “this is what beauty is” when in reality a lot of it is just makeup and Hollywood effect on it.

  2. Yeah, exactly. And the whole point is that they’re finding contestants that are shallow and vain. If they went out of their way to make the cast more “diverse” in terms of body types, there’s a good chance 1) those contestants won’t be as shallow probably because of life experiences and 2) they may not get selected by the more conventionally attractive people and then everyone will complain about that too

  3. I agree, i watched a reality show where the people werent attractive (it was also an international one so beauty standards are different) and it was difficult to get into. I guess we are used to seeing a certain type of person on reality tv?

  4. Was about to say the same thing. Something that became super apparent this season was just how focused on appearance everyone was. If they DID include some other body types, even though we all know they can be hot af, I don't see the kind of people cast for this show feeling the same way unfortunately, they're all incredibly superficial.

  5. To be honest I take the show for what it is. Entertainment. Personal opinion I don’t think anyone on that show truly ‘changes’. At this point I feel they know what to say or what to do to be more appealing once they find out they are on too hot to handle. It is very cringe that all of the girls especially season 3 are carbon copies ( body type ) of one another. Whats up with the lack of variety of ethnicities. Everyone is practically from the UK. I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way shape or form but tbh these contestants are not as ‘Hott’ as they think they are 😆🤣

  6. That would be the quickest way at to end the series. Say whatever you want about acceptance of whatever, but the majority of viewers are only watching because the cast are ridiculously hot and ridiculously shallow. It’s like watching a cartoon, but with people. And everyone can look at every body here, male or female, and see they’re beautiful. That’s not going to be true if you start throwing in size 12 or 20 no matter how bad you want it to be.

  7. I was thinking the same thing about having queer contestants. Like, they could even do a combined season with some straight people if they wanted to, why does everyone have to be cis, straight, and super hot?

  8. I think some contestants have said they swing both ways, but it gave more of a “ill fuck anything in sight” kind of vibe.

  9. To be fair, I don't feel the girls were fighting over the men much this season. Evan, Harry, and Patrick went after Georgia, with Patrick singing a song and Evan opening up to her. When Truth playsed Izzy and Jaz, they were both done with him. Harry is the one who opened up to Beaux first as well.

  10. Or women with tattoos? They always have a couple of moderately/heavy tattooed guys but no tattooed women, i’ve seen heavily tattooed girls on THTH Brazil and 🥺 they’re so hot

  11. A bisexual season would be awesome! Think of the drama with so many possible combinations!. Have you seen Are You The One, season 8? Because that is an amazing show and the season is all bi people and it is fantastic

  12. if a girl was a size 20, there's not a chance she'd get picked unless a guy was desperate then the show would just get called "fatphobic".

  13. Well i imagine there would be bigger guys too, or the whole cast would be plus sized in this idea. Or half and half. Not just one big girl

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