1. I’m from EU and I dont even understand why people circumcise, other than its some religious thing.

  2. It’s because of sone aushole cereal mogul. He promoted circumcising in 19th century America as a way to keep teenage boys from masturbating so much. It is also why the graham cracker was invented. This country was ruined by puritans which is the opposite of what the founding fathers wanted.

  3. For the US, at least, you can blame John Kellogg. The same guy who started the cereal company also crusaded against masturbation and popularized circumcision to stop it.

  4. even the religious part is not understandable. you don’t just get to cut your newborn’s dick because an iron age book told you so. it’s barbaric.

  5. I wonder if it became popular way back when there was slot less bathing going on, and a lot of men were having infections, then religions roll in and start adopting it as a sign of cleanliness and a sign of faith

  6. As an American who went to a rather "wordly" school full of wordly peni, I cannot see the practice of circumcision as anything other than a form of genital mutilation.

  7. I hear people say "they want him to have a attractive penis" which ew. Other want them to look like their daddy, others say it's so they're not made fun of in a locker room. Others are just not educated and under the impression that it's hard to keep foreskin clean. That is the biggest argument I hear..so clearly just uneducated Americans being ignorant and hard headed.

  8. Same here. Most people I know here find the practice barbaric and surprised it's still so heavily practised in the State's. You're mutilating a baby at birth for no reason other than religious reasons. It's fucked up.

  9. Thats a shame. Just like gauging ear's the skin can be streched over time with devices to fix that without surgery and leaving your skin intact. :( Also if you want you can do foreskin restoration. It wont replace the nerve endings you lost, but by protecting the glans and moisturizing them like crazy you can regain some of the lost sensation. Ive dated a few men that restored and it wasnt bad at all. Id recommend looking into it if that interests you

  10. I had the snip myself a few years back, I was around 25. Same reason, foreskin too tight. Best decision I made. Sex is more comfortable, easier to keep clean and doesn't look too bad now the scars have all but disappeared.

  11. My hubby is cut, and we decided for our son that we'll let him choose to do it when he's older. He's 15 now and guess what - he said hell no EDIT: "Hell no, I'm glad you didn't"

  12. You had a kid and granted them autonomy over their body even before they were 18. If that ain't good parenting, I don't know what is.

  13. I don’t think there’s very many men who would voluntarily have anything done to their penis. So many men go kicking and screaming for the snip and that’s the balls, only second and third most important body parts.

  14. Yeah my parents asked me when I was ~4. Asking a 4 year old, do you want the doctor to cut your dick? Idk what they expected lmao

  15. The only issue is that it is extremely painful to get it done when you are older. I had a bf that has it done at 18 and it was horrendous pain for him.

  16. This is exactly what I would have done if my daughter had been a son. My husband is uncut and didn’t have a preference if we did have a boy, but I’m feel very strongly about permanent cosmetic procedures on a body that is not my own. I would have supported him either way. Plus boys die from being circumcised and it’s just not worth the risk imo.

  17. I'm a medical professional and no, this is not a customary practice. This is only "normal" in the US, but in most of the rest of the world no one is circumcising their children unless there is a medical indication for it.

  18. I actually keep my dick and ass clean. Others don’t. Circumcision never got in the way of cleanliness. It’s a myth — even the dirtiest dick motherfuckers are still dirty after a circumcision. Only get one for medical or religious reasons otherwise circumcision is utterly useless

  19. This comment seems to be rather low in the chain considering you’re the only one so far who actually bothered to answer the question and provide feedback.

  20. Yesssss. Said pretty much everything I wanted to say. I'll add, in case no one else has, that infants do sometimes die from the circumcision procedure. Over 100 per year in the USA alone. That's a lot of needless deaths for what amounts to a purely cosmetic, unnecessary procedure.

  21. I got it done at age 22 because of bad phimosis. Stretching was painful and there were no results from it. I miss my foreskin but i wouldn't say there is never a reason for it

  22. Currently weighing this with my newborn, and while my first thought was maybe, this has reminded me why I had my doubts in the first place. I think we'll hold off until he's old enough to make his own decisions, or until there's a medical need for the procedure (which doesn't seem likely...)

  23. Yup, beyond the obvious consent issues it is just so weird to put your newborn through a surgery, which like all surgery has some serious potential risks.

  24. As a woman living in the US it truly makes me so mad how many millions of men were robbed of this. Sex even on the receiving end is so much better with a guy who’s intact

  25. This. Foreskin exists for a reason and there are quite literally no good reasons to get rid of it.

  26. This is so well put. I don't have a penis and I'm not planning on having children, so I've never really given this much thought. thinking about your detail on comparing this to female genital mutilation. It's completely fucked that our culture normalized male infant circumsion just because a man can still feel pleasure with a circumcised penis. Also, the thought of how many doctors are wasting their time doing a surgery that's essentially cosmetic is mind-blowing during these times, too.

  27. The argument that no sensitivity is lost had always been hilarious to me, for this reason. You are literally removing loads of nerve endings. How can you tell me that sensitivity remains the same, when there is a whole part of the feeling dick that is simply no longer there.

  28. All of this stuff for what? Oh, religion. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Some sort of state of being pure or clean. Ugh. Another reason I wish I had a genie.

  29. My husband is the first uncircumcised person I’ve been with and the sex is next level compared to those who were cut. I’m so grateful he wasn’t circumcised!

  30. This was part of my reasoning. I know it's easier for them to do it as a newborn but I didn't get a choice in the matter. My son will choose. Also from what I've seen in current research, they have walked back the whole it's healthier to be circumcised.

  31. My father is still bitter with his mother over it: his big brother had his foreskin removed because of a medical condition, and the doctor explained it was better to do it to both boys at once, even if there was no problem for now with the second, as he would otherwise object to it after seeing his brother.

  32. I really upsets me. As an adult, I struggle really hard knowing that my parents did this to me and that I'll never be able to correct it. I'll never have that. I'll never know what it's like. It's heartbreaking.

  33. I feel for you I’m against it too and I’m a woman, can’t imagine your body being mutilated like that and you having no choice

  34. I had a circumcision at aged 9. Due to paraphimosis. That happens when the foreskin folds in on itself. I was kearnito pull it back and clean it and it wouldn't go back. Tried warm water but had to go to hospital. They tried relieving pressure, but in the end had to operate. I only believe in circumcision if it's medically necessary. And contrary to popular belief, it doesn't numb the glans or I'd last a lot longer than 5 minutes!

  35. I'm cut, it really doesn't effect me, and I don't resent my parents for going through with. But that being said I would not circumcise my male children, it seems unnecessary. Good luck with you pregnancy, all the best.

  36. This. I honestly don’t care that I’m circumcised and sex feels great. I suspect that many of the guys who think sex would be better if they had a foreskin are probably watching entirely too much porn and have death grip syndrome. I don’t really feel the need for extra sensation during sex.

  37. If you're in need of medical information, I recommend reading the Canadian Paediatrics Society’s paper on it. They give the actual stats in a clear way.

  38. Scottish person here. I don’t know if anyone who is circumcised except for one guy who needed medical intervention and even then, it was a snip of some bit as opposed to full removal.

  39. I raised an uncircumcised son. Don't pull back his fourskin for the fisrt year or longer, you'll see it losen over time and be able to tell when it's time to expose the head. When he's little make sure it's clean of course and dry. When you can expose the head also make sure it's clean and dry as boys can also get a yeast infection like baby girls. When he is old to do it by himself its the same deal, pull fourskin gently back, clean around the head, rinse good and dry well. Boys that are uncircumcised must clean more then circumcised boys as honestly all the dead skin and bacteria just sit inside around the head, I used warm water as soap can also give baby a yeast infection causing a bad rash and discomfort.

  40. As someone who has foreskin and is raising kids with it: DO NOT EVER PULL BACK THE FORESKIN ON A CHILD. if done before the body is ready it can lead to infections, or other complications.

  41. Thanks for the tip. I really don’t remember when I was able to pull mines back. I’ve been able to for as long as I can remember. I’ve actually been in shock when I found out some fellow bros could not. I have a boy on the way and was wondering how to make sure his doesn’t get stuck.

  42. i am not a parent but my fiancé is uncircumcised and we have decided not to circumcise our future son unless he wants it when he gets older. my future in laws gave my fiancé that choice and im very happy to do the same for our future child

  43. As a person who got himself circumcised at the age of 16 due to medical recommendation, I would say you should do this to your child only if a doctor says so

  44. I'm the most libertarian, 'parents should have the right to raise their kids however they choose' person you'll ever meet, but this shouldn't even be a question. It shouldn't be legal to perform unnecessary cosmetic surgery on a newborn baby. It's disgusting, barbaric, and the sooner it gets outlawed the better.

  45. It's funny how some mothers will play Mozart for the baby in utero for the supposed benefit of classical music and then immediately mutilate his dick the moment he comes into the world. Rest assured whatever benefit those soothing sounds had on him are negated by such a horrific procedure.

  46. My oldest is circumcised. It was wrong to do. I knew that the first time I changed him after his procedure. It’s a fuckup that can’t be unfucked. His brother is not circumcised.

  47. Please don’t cave. Leave your child as is. It’s not hard at all. I promise. Just don’t retract it and let it do itself naturally. As for your family’s opinions - they are a little too invested in genitals that aren’t theirs. Also they don’t need to know or approve of anything. It’s his (baby’s body) and you shouldn’t alter it.

  48. Do not circumcise, it is completely unnecessary. Why would you cut off a healthy, working park of someone’s body?

  49. I am in the US. I did not circumsize my sons, they are adults and married, and I absolutely made the right decision. They have never once asked about getting it done or expressed that they wish it had been done when they were born. Nor have they ever had an infection or any problem with it. Its not a big deal to tug up a little and show them how to do it in the bath from an early age. Just don’t force it, no need to tug further than it will easily go.

  50. My partner is circumsised, and when I got pregnant with our son I was 100% against. He was on the fence though. We did some research together and made the decision to leave the baby intact. He is a perfectly healthy walking 11 month old and we haven't had any issues with keeping him clean. We just wipe it like a finger, no retracting is necessary until they are able to retract themselves which I've heard can happen in toddler up to adolescent years depending on the child. He used the potty for the first time this morning when we sat him on it, so I think he will be on the way to potty training soon lol. We have 3 older girls and this is my first boy so it's a lot different for us. But I know we made the right decision. He's been the happiest baby ever since he was born!

  51. I am circumcised, I don’t remember it however, if it’s not medically necessary, there isn’t a real need to cut it off. Cleanliness isn’t hard as others have pointed out. It’s just a dumb cultural thing in America to do it.

  52. My circumcision was done loose enough that I think I have a good idea of what having a foreskin is like (which makes my situation better than that of a lot of circumcised men), so I say…no, don’t do it. No benefit is great enough to be worth it.

  53. I was a mom in your position. What changed my mind was the idea of causing my baby pain. Circumcision is a "social norm" not a necessity, and I hope with time and knowledge, Circumcision will become a thing of the past. My son is 11, and he is just fine. I hope this helps.

  54. I’m a man from the US and do not understand why so many parents choose to do it. Luckily I had a daughter, but stressed over it until we knew. The only reason I stressed was because of comments I’ve heard about uncircumcised penises in my youth. I am not circumcised and I keep myself exceptionally clean. Like, I will shower before sex 95% of the time and clean my self down there daily like most. As I’ve gotten older I believe the trend in the US is going down as more people realize they are subjecting an infant to an unnecessary medical procedure that up until very recently wasn’t done with any form topical anesthesia.

  55. Against. I am circumcised and my wife and I have 2 kids now (no boys though). Each time we agreed no circumcision. There's really no reason to do it and it's a permanent change to the body of a person that has no say into it. If they want to be circumcised later on, they can make that decision, but it's frankly really weird that it is acceptable, especially within secular people....

  56. I am circumcised. It has never been something I thought about until crazy people on reddit started getting up in arms about it. Either way your child will have a wonderful life.

  57. As someone with a big scar down my shaft and who's dick would split when I started getting real erections during puberty I certainly wish it had not been done to me. The only perspective I have is my own but my opinion is that it's risky and unnecessary.

  58. I am deeply unhappy that I was circumcised as a baby. Please let your child have a choice about what to do with his own body. Circumcision can be done at any age but never undone.

  59. I'm not a parent or a guy, but my stance is that it should be done under the penis-haver's will when they're old enough to decide

  60. I got circumcised at 14 and let me tell you it was night and day but mostly just pleasure wise I'm 28 now and if I could go back and change 3 things that would be one of them I didn't circumcise my son also

  61. Observing a circumcision during nursing school was hands down THE WORST thing I witnessed. I was not mentally prepared for just how awful it was. Strapping the little guy down and basically hacking the foreskin off with a scalpel. I almost passed out which hadn’t came close to happening while in attendance for far more gory surgeries. The poor baby was just in agony. Some baby boys go into neurogenic shock. I hate to say this but also consider the healthcare provider you’re being told to consult more than likely has a vested monetary interest in recommending it.

  62. I wouldn't even pierce my daughter's ears when she was little. Not my body, not my choice. I have two sons and the thing that made me against circumcision, was watching a video of the procedure. I couldn't do that to my baby. I consider it more cosmetic than medically necessary and never had any problems explaining to them how to take care of themselves. I respect you for gathering all the information, it really is a big decision. Either way you decide, there isn't a right or wrong answer.

  63. I had a foreskin until 32. I decided to get it removed due to medical reasons. Since then I have noticed a loss of sensitivity during sex.

  64. I got rid of mine when I was 20 years old because mine was a bit tight. I could’ve lived with it, it only hurt when having sex for a prolonged time. My girlfriend at the time was a nympho and she persuaded me to get rid of it so it wouldn’t hurt me in the long run.

  65. I live in Illinois where it gets cold as shit. Went for a run in 30° weather (colder taking the wind into account) and mid run my entire crotch area - scrotum, foreskin, etc. - went completely dumb. Thought my foreskin froze off or got frostbite or something. Thank God for foreskin cuz the head of my dick would've had 3rd degree freeze burns (exaggerating) lol

  66. such a good analogy. Your dick is always exposed, reacting to stimuli. Youre literally learning not to blink... becuase someone cut off your eye lids. Im sure people with foreskin get less random erections

  67. I love in the UK where circumcision really isn't the norm outside of religious groups. Most men aren't circumcised. Health services won't do routine circumcisions unless there's a health issue

  68. Anti-circ. I worked Labor and Delivery for the 1st part of my nursing journey. I would NEVER put my son through that unless there was a CURRENT medical reason.

  69. I had my son circumcised after being on the fence for awhile, and I’ll just say that I fully regret it.

  70. Circumcision is so antiquated and grotesque. Its really sad to do that to little children. Plus theres so many complications in healing. Why potentially ruin your childs sex life or leave them with a painful disfigurement. Also, dont force initial retraction if you choose not to circumcise. That can be painful. Just clean his little member thoroughly and start the conversation when hes a baby. Literally, before you think he can understand you, itll make you both more confortable when its time to talk about it.

  71. In US here. My husband is from the UK and was adamant that our boys were not going to be 'mutilated ". They are now in there 20's and my fears of them being 'different" has not been a problem for them. They never had an issue with other people, and I am grateful that we made that choice.

  72. Can’t miss what you never had. That’s the same thing people who are born lacking certain bodily functions or even limbs. Can’t miss what you don’t have, so no phantom pain or wishing you still had it.

  73. If as an adult you wanna get it, sure whatever. Forcing that decision on a lil baby though? Fuck no.

  74. Before I went to nursing school I would have said I am definitely pro-circumcising my kid. After my pediatrics rotation and seeing infants getting their foreskin cut off I definitely had second thoughts. I know the newborn won’t remember but why put your newborn through this traumatic event for cosmetic reasons even if they may not remember? Plus how can you prove that it doesn’t affect them, trauma is strange.

  75. I’m circumcised and it fucking sucks. Don’t do it to your kid. If they want to mutilate themselves as an adult more power to them.

  76. My oldest son is circumcised because my son's stupid ass Father and my OWN father told me I HAD to and he would be different and blah blah blah. Well surprise, my poor baby was botched and now he doesn't look intact or circumcised. I was bullied into that decision.

  77. I’m cut, and I honestly have never thought twice about the matter. Only recently have I began noticing what a hotly debated topic this is (like so many other things).

  78. I’ve never heard of a single person who thinks about this topic for more than 10 seconds except on Reddit lol

  79. So when I was pregnant with my older boys twenty odd years ago here in Aus, it was still considered a viable option. After doing some research I decided against it. Rather horrifyingly one of the biggest arguments for it was the need for mum n dad to have to help clean under it. That would be a big no. The foreskin doesn't pull back until six or seven and I can guarantee you they will be so bloody proud of it they will inform you of this new and fascinating process. At that point you can explain that they can pull back and make sure it's all rinsed in the shower. No reason to put them through that pain at all unless there's a medical reason.

  80. I think the better approach is not to call it mutilation and child abuse and compare it to gouging out eyes. I get the the thought experiments and how one can come to those conclusions, but we’re still in a culture where it’s not that rare to be circumcised, so if you refer to it like some sort of catastrophe, you seem like a zealot and are less likely to be taken seriously. That means you are less likely to convince someone not to circumcise their son.

  81. On the other side, I have a really hard time getting off during sex and I'm pretty sure a lot of it is due to desensitization from a somewhat botched circumcision. It was also done without my consent and I wish that was a choice I could have made.

  82. People really make it out like cleaning & hygiene is rocket science. Come on now, if you can wash your damn hair, washing your 🍆 aint difficult

  83. It is really no big deal at all. Teach your kid to pull the skin and wash. As early as possible. Just as you will tell him to wash behind the ears. Simple as that.

  84. If I knew what I know now. I wouldn't have allowed it to be done. I had my son at 19 and thought it was something you had to do. No one ever discussed it with me or said I could refuse to have it done.

  85. There is NO fantastical knowledge to impart, no “processes” - it’s a natural, useful, part of the body, some people need to have it removed for medical reasons, others (by far the largest cohort) for cosmetic or some by religious tradition.

  86. Don't listen to your parents, it's not their decision. My husband and now young adult sons are intact, it's easy as pie to clean. Just pull the foreskin back and clean. It's no different than cleaning any other body part. The one thing you should know is that sometimes little boys become so fascinated by their foreskins that they play with them all the time. My youngest son couldn't keep his hands off of his foreskin when I was potty training him. LOL!

  87. I don't support cosmetic surgeries for babies. I wouldn't even get my babies ears pierced. There's a YouTube lecture called sex and circumcision that blew my mind. I thought baby boy penises were broken and needed fixed. Nope, there's a reason the skin is there.

  88. Against. Hubby is uncut and 3.5 year old son is uncut too. He's not retractable at all yet and I won't know when unless he tells me. Cleaning is easy, since it's not retractable yet, wipe like a finger. No extra cleaning steps needed.

  89. Completely against it. I think it’s utterly ridiculous. It’s also not common where I live. The only people I know who get it done are religious. I’d much rather just teach my son to clean his privates. I would never do FGM on my daughter so I wouldn’t do the same with a son

  90. Adults can get circumcisions. Don't mutilate your baby. Let them decide when they are older. Your child will be perfect, why change them?

  91. From the uk here. Where circumcisions are incredibly rare. There is no extra cleaning. Do not do anything with it at all. Boys fiddle with it and will pull it back by themselves in the bath. As my son got older and was left ok his own in the bath I’d just say “ make sure you clean in and around your penis” and no issues.

  92. Circumcised American here. Happy with it. Lived with it all my life like most American men and I thought it was the norm. My British wife and I didn’t even think about the issue before my son was born. A couple of days after he was born they casually asked us as if it was routine (because it is here) and was about to cart him away. Ny mother in law was horrified. My wife asked for more time to think about it. We discussed it, did some quick research on our phones at the hospital, and decided to give him the choice later. I was forced to confront my sense of norms and biases. Now in retrospect, and armed with more info about the practice, I am very glad we made this call. But that’s just us.

  93. Please, please don't make the same mistake I did!! I felt the exact same and didn't want it to be done..... his father pushed and pushed until I caved in..... and I feel horrible about it, he is 8 and thankfully everything was routine so he is fine but here's the thing..... we made a life long choice for him without him, if it's something he felt strongly about (like his dad) then you can always get it done later.... but you can't ever get it back........ stick with your gut and know there's always time to get it done when he grows up if it's something that is wanted

  94. Don’t feel bad your son will be fine and there’s a 99 percent chance he won’t care. Just don’t be stupid and apalagize for it. That will make him feel like there is something wrong with him

  95. If you take a step back and think about circumcisions from a purely logical and non emotional stand point, they should be illegal when done for zero medical reasons.

  96. There’s not much to explain beyond basic sex education. It’s not a problem. You tell them their father is circumcised and you are not. If you have health questions talk to your pediatrician. Relax, you’ll do fine.

  97. do not have circumcision and I am glad my parrent let it this way. No problems with hygiene, one of my friends said he went through and now his penis is far less sensitive.

  98. This is so weird. Are you American? I only ask because in the UK this is so rare, and is a religious thing rather than just normal practice.

  99. I’ve had a foreskin my whole life and zero issues. The only benefit to not having a foreskin is you don’t have to wash it as much which is disgusting anyway. You should wash your dick everyday as I do.

  100. Against. It’s non consensual when your child is an infant. If the boy wants to get it done at a later age, when he’s a consenting adult, that’s up to him.

  101. Circumcision is cruel. Would you do that to your child if she was a girl? No. The kids did not consent to being circumcised so when they are adults, let them make the decision for themselves

  102. Us Europeans are always very curious why Americans choose to circumcise their kids if there’s no apparent medical or religious reason.

  103. People can chose genital mutilation later in life if they want. It's not really something you can restore later in life. So leave the choice to the person with it.

  104. I don't wanna guilt trip you or anything but people have to understand that it's literally just child genital mutilation which should not only be discouraged but also illegal

  105. I have been circumcised and had no interest whatsoever in continuing the practice with my son. There is virtually no benefit involved and I can't get behind it.

  106. Heavily against genital mutilation. That is something that you should let your child decide once they are older if that is something they would want because there are some people that get it removed because it didn't grow in/stretch out properly. Aside from that, there's no reason for it.

  107. If you live in the US, you should really consider it. I personally know 2 guys who weren’t cut at birth who had it done in their 20s. One for medical reasons and one for personal reasons. Both say they wished it had been done at birth because it was a horrible experience for them getting it done later. This is just food for thought. Ultimately do what you think is best, not what someone else thinks is best. Don’t let anyone pressure you. Just tell them the topic is not open for discussion—period.

  108. I got circumcised when I was like I want to say 8-10 years old, and I just kinda went through because my parents said it was some that needed to be done, and it was an interesting process, I was literally just in bed for like 3 days straight and then started showering and the stitches just fell out on their own, and that was that, it was excruciating pain for the first day or so while the nitrogen came off and my po de thawed back tho

  109. That whole "it's more hygienic" to be circumcised malarkey was propaganda from a time when people were filthy and poor and couldn't afford basic hygiene. In my country it's very rare to meet someone thats actually circumcised and usually it was only done for medical reasons not because their parents thought it was a good idea.

  110. My GF is pregnant as well. We are expecting a boy! So this topic has came up. I’m not circumcised so naturally I don’t want to do it to him. My GF is in agreement she never really had an issue with me. Her sister on the other hand dear lord. Talks so much shit saying it’s gross and girls won’t wanna be with him. Obviously I’ve never been like well I’m not circumcised lol. In my view it’s only us here in the United States that do that bs. To me a real man will have a uncircumcised penis. All the awesome statues of the past with big muscular men are all uncircumcised. It’s our natural human body why do we find it gross here in the US? Just gotta teach them how to keep that shit clean. I’ve never had an issue with a female saying something about it. Obviously the only one who looks at my penis now is my GF lol.

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