1. I’ve got a nice butt, my girlfriend calls it a “baseball player butt,” and have had compliments from other women as well.

  2. My boyfriend told me he used to play baseball and I responded: “oooooh yeah, baseball players have the best butts!!!!” Really it’s just cause he worked out a shit ton and is super hot lol.

  3. Doesn't matter if anyone thinks it's douchey. You got a nice ass, you have an obligation to share it with the world bro.

  4. A baseball player Butt is far more masculine sounding than the Kardashian Ass nickname my gf has for mine.

  5. Good Proportionality. Separately, the body parts seem to be just parts. It's like looking at a door from a beautiful car, not a the whole car.

  6. I see this in women all the time, granted it came with age/wisdom. Traditional standards held me up in my youth. Nowadays I find so many types of women absolutely gorgeous. Different faces, body types, heights….. The Sum of the Parts.

  7. My boyfriend's butt is so cute. It's one of the first things I told my mom about him in 2008. After she met him she confirmed he had a cute butt. It's 2022. His butt has only gotten cuter

  8. I remember reading that women tend to have better peripheral vision, aside from usually being socially conditioned to be more discreet when ogling men.

  9. Had a longtime girlfriend that LOVED to slap me on the ass and say “that’s all mine right there.” She got a big kick outta that, loved to do it publicly too and I have to say I didn’t mind. Every now and then she would also grab the “package” and just go “hmmmmm” I’m a lil hungry what u got for me.….I miss this woman EVERY….SINGLE….DAY of my life. I’ve loved this woman since I was 13,but she died recently and I’m sure I’ll never get over this. Sure of it.

  10. I’m really sorry to hear that. We never forget those we loved, but with time the pain will become bearable.

  11. I certainly notice when a guy has a nice butt; unfortunately a lot of men are rather underwhelming in that category. It would seem the creator decided to give a nice scrumptious, pillowy, full butt to women more than men which is probably why we stare. It is a rare and beautiful jewel indeed. I think in general, women are more discrete and don't make wolf whistles or try to grab but we definitely notice, definitely.

  12. I once gave a gorgeous woman directions, and I stared at her walking away. I was taken out of my stupor by a fella saying "Stop looking at that bum, you!". We laughed cos I was caught red-handed, but even so...

  13. Oh, I'll look. I find most men unattractive, but if there's some real cake on display? You can *bet* I'll look. Ultra-skinny jeans on men was the best sartorial era in recent times xD

  14. Yes, as a woman, I do sometimes look…but a lot of the time it’s rather disappointing, as the men I encounter have no butt…and their jeans are very saggy. It’s not appealing. Not meaning to be rude, just honest about my experience.

  15. A while back these 2 woman passed me and 1 asked if she could smack my butt. No kidding they do. And my coworker has also stated that she likes my butt. So yes they do.

  16. And arms. When I first met my husband, his office had a fairly strict dress code, so he had to wear a suit. At the end of the day, he’d remove his jacket and tie and roll up his shirt sleeves, then I’d get weak in the knees and he’d make fun of me.

  17. Being bi, I look at everyone's butts sooooo I'm gonna go with probably. I'm a butt girl though, especially when it comes to men. My husband has a FABULOUS butt. It was literally the first thing I noticed about him

  18. Not that much. I will notice if it's out of proportion with the rest of the body, but I don't pay that much attention to men's asses.

  19. Women rarely stare while men often do. A woman will take a quick glance. Although I have seen a few women that get caught like deers in a headlight.

  20. all the women in my life seem pretty interested in men's butts, from my own mother, to women my father has dated up until and including his current wife, to my own wife (who identifies more as non-binary, but is okay with being called a woman still).

  21. I'd say no. I'm a straight female and I spend more time looking at girl butts than guy butts. They're just more appealing in general.

  22. This is me. Man butt has to be more vuluptious for me to look. That's typically the goalpost for all of us, male or female

  23. I had a lady buy me coffee because, as she said ‘I feel like after staring at your ass for the past 10 minutes I owe you a drink’. And a bosses wife, while drinking with my wife, told my wife and me that I had an incredibly sexy ass. I consider myself fat and not attractive but I do know of 3 women that consider at least my butt nice.

  24. As a man, I want to be objectified so badly. We really wish women would stare or do all the things you complain about us doing to you.

  25. Yes. Women are just as horny as men and are equally as attracted to men (if heterosexual of course) as men are to women. We just don’t do it disrespectfully often(you’ll see it from some women when drunk)

  26. Yes, I think it is funny how often men don't believe us, my boyfriend always thinks I'm joking when I'm complimenting his, still does not believe I really mean it when I say his booty looks fine haha

  27. I believe you. The woman I am currently seeing talks about my butt often, and the last few woman I have been intimate with have liked to feel on the booty during the act and it was clear it was doing something for them lol

  28. We look at everything. Asses, boobs, penises, we look at everything you do but we are taught to be ashamed of it.

  29. One of the top 3 sexiest things about my hubby is his ass in dress/suit pants. When we’re dressed up we’re normally out at an event but I just want to take him to the bathroom and.. well.. ya know 🙃

  30. I have to argue that pants play a big part in this conversation - if he’s wearing khakis’s with a belt or dress pants, then absolutely I’ll look. If it’s just loose fitting blue jeans then meh. Gym shorts can go either way.

  31. Yes, we look. I personally think of the nice ones for longer than I'd admit to anyone irl and mentally fight the urge to grab. I would never grab of course, but the urge to is definitely there. I think we're just better at being discrete about it when we oogle, but if there's a nice butt in front of me that's definitely where my peripherals are focused, even if I don't appear to be looking directly.

  32. I used to objectify my ex-boyfriend‘s butt all the time. He acted like he didn’t care but I’d catch him smirking to himself. I’d say things like “I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave” and “don’t break any hearts with that thing today“ and after we’d been apart for a few days “turn around and lemme see that thing” and staring at him dressing “just a nibble before you put it away?”

  33. My girlfriend looks at mine at least as much as I look at hers. Probably way more than I even think, actually.

  34. This is my time to shine. I’ve been saying it for years, a guy’s most attractive feature is their butt. From a distance, it’s the first thing I notice. If you walk past me while I’m eating and I think you’re a handsome guy, my knee jerk reaction is to crane my head and observe your posterior. I’m not married yet, but one day when I am, I can’t wait to walk up behind my husband in the kitchen and smack his butt

  35. I look at EVERYTHING, if it is nice looking. Some men have really cute butts. But the first thing I usually look is your hair, your clothes, your shoes, your whole body and if you turn around and have a cute butt, I’ll look at that too and smile ( inside)

  36. I really don't think the women here understand how ofter men do this. Like surely you don't do it as much, because us men do it with pretty much every woman we see everywhere.

  37. I have heard that the way we men are more crazy about women's boobs, in the same way women are crazy about men's butts. Don't know how much of its true though..😄

  38. I never really used to. I’d check out women’s butts, but never men’s until I started dating my boyfriend who has a very nice one. 😏

  39. I don’t actively scope them out, but I do notice if a man has a nice butt. And I know some other women who like men’s butts as well. So, yes! Butts are cute.

  40. Yes, proudly. I discovered my love for butts when I saw my now boyfriend walk to the counter to pick up our bubble teas.

  41. Probably depends on the person. I know I rarely look at anybody's booty or face. I'm usually too busy trying to memorize other things about them (the sound of their voice, their gate, their presence) so I can be aware and spot them later. I usually only start noticing a person's physical features until quite sometime after that.

  42. Yes indeed. My husband had a particularly fine example of a glorious butt in his younger years, and that was in the days when men still wore those short tight Magnum PI style shorts.

  43. According to a few of the women I’ve dated, some of them, anyway. At least the ones who told me how much they like mine.

  44. I’m a definite appreciator of a guys butt. From working in an array of professions, one of them being trades, I would say the guys that generally have the best buns - are tradies

  45. It’s funny, because you always hear the cliche tradesman ogling women. But you don’t really hear of a tradeswoman ogling men

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