1. My daughter has mild OCD and she says her acrylic nails keep her from picking at herself 🤷‍♀️

  2. Wait is it like harder to maneuver or something? I can’t stop picking at my skin till it bleeds so I’m wondering if it’s made a real difference for her

  3. They help me from picking at myself too! And I can still type a 15 page paper. I don’t care what men think about my nails!

  4. It stopped me from biting my nails and scratching myself (you’d think it would make it worse but the sensation of pressure on long nails is not good for me lol)

  5. I've met women with long nails who CAN do normal things (type, wipe their ass, etc) and I've met women with long nails who can barely open a fuckin car door. There's two types of acrylic wearing people, those who can and those who cant

  6. I used to have acrylics, loved I was able to do gardening without having nails that tore. For nails however goes the same thing as goes for anything, you pay for quality.

  7. Dolly plays guitar with her long ass acrylic nails and i still find that incredibly impressive. Some women are hindered by lomg nail and some excel.

  8. I don’t keep my nails long often. It gets dirt underneath, gets in the way of judo, and my macaw tries to rip them off. It’s not fun.

  9. You could always try press ons with stickers. Could put them on for a a day or so and then take them off. I know a woman who does that because her day job is in the medical field, but she wants her nails to stand out just for a bit here and there.

  10. As someone with short fingers I get that. I also started volunteering for a parrot rescue and an with an absolutely gorgeous cockatoo called Bert and he likes to try and rip off false nails too. He also doesn’t like earrings haha

  11. All trends and fashion statements have utilitarian roots. I’m not a historian, so I could be wrong, but I believe the long nails originated in China. Women with long nails would pick the tea leaves so the oils on their skin wouldn’t taint the tea. Later, this became a symbol that one was high class because they didn’t work with their hands. Hope this helps

  12. Yeah, iirc that's the root cause for most of those fashion trends. Same as with why really white skin was fashionable. It showed that you didn't have to work on the fields and could afford to stay indoors. That's also where the nobility is "blue blooded" comes from, if you have very pale skin then the veins are more visible.

  13. I never heard about the tea thing, but I do remember hearing that the malformed feet caused by foot binding were desirable precisely because they made walking difficult. So it was a signifier of wealth, as the person with bound feet would be unable to perform many kinds of work.

  14. That's interesting. This is the first time in a long discussion of many many Reddit posts about the same exact topic that I actually learned something! Sorry I'm a little bitter, and one of those girls with those extra long nails and I'm so tired of having to defend the fact that I wipe my ass just fine!!

  15. In mid-millennium Europe it had the function/purpose you mention at the end. Aristocrats grew their nails long as a status symbol because it showed that they never had to do anything approaching manual labor, or even preparing their own food or cleaning their own homes.

  16. Chinese royalty wore them long to prove how rich they were. I have so many servants I literally don't have to do anything for myself. To prove it I'll grow my nails so long that it's actually impossible to do much of anything for myself. Reinforced by the fact that it takes a long time to grow them that long, proving you haven't had to do things for yourself for all that time

  17. its so wild to me that some men think we do everything for their attraction… like we arent our own people with our own interests and passions. like we just exist to find a partner and all our energy goes to thinking “how can i attract joe shmoe today?” how self-centered can you be to think women only do certain things because they want a man to like it lmao

  18. Women aren’t getting intricate nail designs for men. We know men don’t care/notice. We get them because it’s a fun way to express yourself and you get a little hand massage at the same time and it’s fucking relaxing.

  19. To answer your actual question though, I think most women do things appearance-wise because they like it themselves, not because of a hypothetical man.

  20. Men don’t understand this for some reason. Women can ask the same thing why men have loud cars when women are turned off by them.

  21. And other women like it and will compliment said nails. They don’t give a fuck about mens opinions on this shit

  22. This. I don't have the long nails OP described but I do my hair and makeup everyday and it's 100% for me. IDGAF what others think of my looks, it makes me happy and its fun.

  23. This is it when I have fake nails on and I look at my hands I automatically feel happy lol I don't know why but they're long and slender and look pretty. I love looking at other girls nails. We do it for the girls.

  24. I heard it put well once "why do guys think I spend hours practicing and applying makeup for them when they can't tell the difference between ruby woo and Russian red?"

  25. Because like any fashion or beauty trend, people generally do it because they like it. That’s it. It’s not for you, or me, or other men or women. The end.

  26. Also maybe the men who don’t like it haven’t been touched by many women, because most men I know loooove the back/head scratches from long nails. Also there’s a difference between small acrylics and something CardiB would wear

  27. I get them done because it makes me feel awesome. I told my husband it makes me feel like I have claws and he called me an edgelord. I don't care. Leave my claws alone.

  28. Why would women have thoughts and feelings about things they do? We're just women after all. Clearly we Don't have brains, just long nails and titties.

  29. Lmao yeah. This gets posted every month with basically the same "But men don't even like it!" and all the top answers are exactly like yours

  30. Yeah lol. I love nail art, I love expressing myself through that means, and more nail= more space to paint tiny pictures of animals

  31. goodness I'm seeing this "mEn dOnT lIke iT, nOt oNe" shit for the millionth time. I'll say it again for the millionth time. no woman does if for goddamn men. it makes them feel neat, pretty, badass, thus they do it. get it in your head that it's NOT for men.

  32. Click click click click click tumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen pour myself a cup of ambition yawn and stretch and try to come to life

  33. I have more men compliment me on my long nails whenever I have them than women. I like them at first but they’re actually super annoying and I can’t get used to having nails that long.

  34. Yep, exactly. I have long nails and I get them for myself. Men tell me they don’t like them and I say ‘well it is a good thing I don’t get them for you.’

  35. I personally get my nails done for self care, not necessarily anyone else. It’s my alone time every couple of weeks, I get to watch shitty reality tv shows I don’t even pick and get my nails done and they look great in the end. I personally don’t get them long because they’re not for me, but they may be for others! Can they be annoying? I’m sure. But I’m sure they figure it out. As long as they like it and it’s not harming anyone!

  36. Don’t you all know yet, by now, that we do many, many things because we like them. Everything we do is not to attract men. What you see us wear, our hair, shoes, jewelry, makeup… it’s not for you. We do it for us, we have opinions and individual taste. Btw, I don’t like fake nails but some women do. I find them cumbersome. Also, I don’t think many, if any men, are passing on a woman over the attractiveness or practicality of her nails.

  37. I love long nails and I think they are so pretty. That being said, I am currently training a new girl at work and "watching chickens eat" is right. She has long fake nails and it takes her for-fucking-ever to type a simple case note and she is constantly backspacing letters she accidentally hit. It really affects her productivity and is a massive inconvenience to the whole team because she is so inefficient.

  38. This question is asked like every other week. The same answer every time - its not about you. They do it for themselves because they can and its pretty.

  39. Yeah like this exact question, same wording and everything was already discussed a few weeks ago right? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

  40. This. Imagine thinking people do things to themselves to only appease other people or to attract a mate. Maybe, just maybe - we do what we like to ourselves because we like it, it makes us feel good. If it's not affecting others lives, who gives af.

  41. We don't do it 'because a man will like it', we do it because we like it. And even then, that's only if it's our cup of tea, and if the situation practically allows it. Personally, having long nails would make me giddy every time I see them or hear the clackety clack on my phone, but it would be difficult to pick up my baby and my job would ruin them shortly anyway so I don't. I sure would like to though!

  42. Not everything a woman does has to be for a man?? She likes them, she wants them, she gets them. Also there are so many women with nails like this and they get through life just fine. Just because you “can’t do basic things” with a set like that doesn’t mean they can’t.

  43. Whenever I have long nails on, I can promise that the last thing on my mind is whether or not random men like the aesthetic.

  44. Because they like how it looks and believe it or not not everything women do is for the male gaze. They’re pretty, a fun form of self expression, and personally I like them because they make my hands/fingers look nice (I have stubby fingers and short nailbeds)

  45. Honestly, it’s kind of annoying and makes me sad/uncomfy. It seems like a rhetorical question, “We don’t even like long nails. Why you still do?? 😤” There’s of course the chance this person is being sincere, but their little blurb makes it seem otherwise.

  46. I’m a guy and I appreciate a pretty set of nails. Not that they do it for guys, I just mean I get why people would want them. They’re pretty.

  47. I’ve got long acrylics at the minute. I love tapping with them and how they elongate my fingers and they just make me look well groomed straight off the bat. Saying you’ve not met one man who likes it implies that even comes into the equation when these ladies get their nails done! I personally do not do it for male attention, and I don’t care if men do or don’t like it. However that being said, I work in two pubs and it’s a good 50/50 split on who compliments them. Both men and women always tell me they’re pretty!

  48. I’m a man who likes to see women with long nails. I think it’s sexy, I love seeing women being super girly or feminine, women with long nails have a certain dainty quality that’s rare now in days. I’ve always thought long nails on hands and toes are very sexy. Especially more than little nub nails.

  49. Short answer is we don't care that men like it or not, trust it or not! We do it for ourselves, as it makes your fingers look longer, thinner and it enables us to have some pretty cool designs and colours on our nails. I only did it once because it was expensive and I didn't like the feel after some time, but I loved how it looked. Also, usually at the beginning it's very awkward to type, take off your lenses etc. but you very quickly get used to it. Basically after a while you can do anything with long nails!

  50. For those with 4+ inches long nails, I don’t understand either.. how do you wipe your butt after the deed? How do you hold a pen/pencil if you’re in class or at work? SO MANY QUESTIONS 😫

  51. I type better (both on my laptop and my phone) with long nails - you learn to angle your fingers differently. I also find long nails easier to clean than short nails - w/ gel polish or dip powder, the nail is thicker and not as much dirt gets underneath.

  52. Most girls dont wear them to impress men. In fact, i doubt ANY do. Women who wear them do so because to those women they're sexy and feline like. Its ok if you dont understand. Im a woman and dont wear long nails but i understand that people are allowed to feel sexy in something that i dont do.

  53. Because I like em! And you can do everything, just in a different way. And maybe we don’t care if men like it or not because we do things inherently for ourselves as well? Also my partner loves when I wear blingy fake nails and he’s a man.

  54. Its cultural mostly but some men do like them. I bit mine for ages and people would comment on how ugly they looked. Ive had naturally longish nails that looked pretty. You'd have to nicely ask someone who has them. I've seen women with really long nails type fine.

  55. Am woman who doesn’t have long nails and finds it too bothersome personally but here’s my perspective: if a woman is doing something men don’t like, that means she’s doing it for herself lol. You guys have to start doing things for yourself more… You said it yourself. They find it pretty. Boom you literally answered your own question.

  56. Do you want the honest reason? They’re just pretty and fun to have. Some people even like the little clicky noises they make. Different people do different things for different reasons.

  57. I dont like them either, but most of us dont like to make ourselves pretty only for men... Theres more important things in life (liking how we look ourselves f.e.)

  58. Historically, fashions have been meant to show that you do not have to work. Showing that you are rich enough to not have to do anything practical has been the whole point.

  59. Why would you assume everything pretty or aesthetic done by women is to impress men? When I get my nails done I’m literally fangirling over them myself until they reach the annoying regrowth stage lol. I also appreciate compliments on them from other women - I know that guys don’t care.

  60. I never had acrylics but I do know that women don’t wear them or anything really “for men” so it really doesn’t matter how men feel about it 🤷🏼‍♀️

  61. they think it looks pretty, and prettiness matter more to them than wiping good or typing or opening things. in short, they're shallow

  62. I honestly don’t understand it myself. If they can make it go though…? It’s the cleaning after you go to the toilet that kind of freaks me out.

  63. Why does a man need to like them in order to be justified? Maybe they like their nails long and don’t care who fucking likes them.

  64. A huge myth you are buying into and I would encourage you to challenge/explore, Women don’t do these things for the male eye. They do it for themselves. Apply that more often when considering women and what they wear.

  65. Girls don't really do that becaude guys will like it, they do it because they like it themselves. On a side note, i am a girl and i don't like fake or super long nails on myself but if others wanna do it then whatever

  66. There are definitely men who like acrylic nails on women. It’s part of a hyper-feminine aesthetic that’s especially trendy right now, but not everyone’s tuned into that kind of thing. Also I find most women get them for the sake of following girly trends as opposed to trying to attract men with it.

  67. i am literally begging you to touch some grass if you actually think women do these things for the validation of men. this is a horrible mindset to have like are women not allowed to do things for themselves?

  68. As a man I do like them (not for myself, needed to clarify that) and they usually show/give clues about the physical self care from the lady in question, but it's not like I remember any woman for her nails, like "OMG patricia had such beautiful nails, I hope I can see her again"

  69. Function is not the only purpose of fashion and style. Sometimes people choose to do things for other reasons that functionality. Anyway, lots of women with long nails can do normal things perfectly fine.

  70. For the life of me I don’t understand. Never have. Some say, “I do it for me because I like them and I feel pretty.” I accept that but I don’t agree with it. Those long ass acrylic nails look horrendous. The better question is how do they wipe their ass? Is masturbation a challenge? Is looking pretty and doing them for you worth the sacrifice of being able to tie your shoes?

  71. I have never met a dude for whom this is a dealbreaker, or even really had an opinion on nails whatsoever. So even if they think it's weird, it doesn't bother them that much. Just enough, apparently, for this dude to ask a bunch of random women "if I don't like this, why do you do it?" because "people do stuff because they like it, and people includes women" either didn't occur to him or wasn't a good enough answer. It's no wonder that he doesn't have women to ask -- this shit is exhausting, and I definitely walk the other way when I spot guys like this.

  72. Where are you seeing people not being able to not function with them?? It’s not hard. I feel like people like you just make these assumptions up

  73. Well you’re assuming women have those nails for men it’s because we like it. Duh. And we know how to do basic functions with it.

  74. I mean most people do it for themselves, because of how fancy and uplifted it makes them feel. Also they are just so cute! ..and y’know it’s really not to impress guys.

  75. Maybe they like it themselves?? They don't have to do their nails to appeal to men you know.

  76. There’s a woman in my office with nails that are a little long and it’s SO LOUD when she types on her phone. I don’t get it. I’m a woman and I like nail polish but I can’t stand how it feels if my nails are even slightly long.

  77. I'm a man who has long, lady-like fingernails. It's a hassle typing, they tear right through Nitrile gloves, they get really dirty underneath working in the yard or garage, I'm constantly worried about breaking them on something, and I accidentally scratch myself sometimes just getting dressed.

  78. We don't have them long to make men happy. I have them long because I suffer from sensory issues with keeping my nails short, and I am more comfortable with them HELLA long. I like them, they're comfy, and I think they look nice on me:)

  79. Historically long nails were grown by women to display their class status and attract men from the upper class , women with long nails were usually from the upper class and did not do manual labour - how can you with long nails? For upper class men, a women’s hands and nails were a clear message that a woman was from their class. That is also why women want to keep their skin soft and without calluses which were also a sign of having to do physical labour.

  80. Short nails all the way for me, but that’s probably because I used to bite them and they don’t grow out all that well. Also I kind of don’t like how long nails feel - catching and squeaking on things. shudders

  81. Why don’t we men finally understand that women do things for THEMSELVES not to suit our pleasures and fetishes?!

  82. Well, first: most women with super long nails can do just about anything unless they’re new to it in which case, they will learn. There are techniques for everything.

  83. I’ve asked my mom this question my whole life. She says it’s because she hates her real nails and acrylic nails hold polish longer. She doesn’t have to repaint ever. As someone whose nail polish chips within a day, I say fair enough.

  84. My sister does have nails, she had Velociraptor claws. I am. She's a nail tech by career and has been in nail and makeup magazines so she has to represent herself as such. Everyone in the town she lives in knows her and goes to her for nails and everything else. Apparently she has adapted so well to her long ass nails that it's second nature. It's funny seeing her tap on her phone because it sounds like a cat or dog on running on hardwood floors.

  85. Why do so many guys obsess over having massive muscles with almost no utility (ie. actually useless at physical labor or fighting) in the form of body builders, when "most" women just want a jacked/ripped dude not some roided out gym rat?

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