1. Appearances aside, my husband goes out of his way to tell me how much he appreciates me. Tries very hard to help around the house so it’s equal. (I work from home and he works 60 hours outside of the home so it’s above and beyond for him, in my opinion) We go to therapy and work on communication so we can resolve conflicts easier. It isn’t so much about appearances - we take time to grow intimacy outside of the bedroom and the payoff is very rewarding inside the bedroom

  2. This is so important. I told my husband once that I need appreciation randomly—like I want him to just sometimes pat me on the shoulder and say “APPRECIATION”. So now he does it sometimes and it’s not only exactly what I needed but also a hilarious joke. Sometimes I want him to spontaneously care. Appearances are so not the #1 issue.

  3. My husband is very similar! I think I see it differently as he's a retired military veteran that still works daily for the govt.

  4. Can I ask you and your husband's ages and sex frequency? You husband sounds very similar in our approach. Im 30yo I'm in good shape(something I can be pridefully of, but not cocky) cook every night and I mean ever night except date night which I try to change up. Meals I try to change up as well so were not eating the same things all the time. I do the dishes as well, I even clean, vacuum, carpet clean on a weekly bases. I think we have heathly sex when we have it, but have noticed drop in our frequency over the last 2 years too the point that I'm lucky if it's every 2weeks. And honestly think half of it is out of her feeling obligated.

  5. This is true. It is complacency. Plus, for me I entered menopause last year at 49, in quarantine, and it's a serious bitch. To all the older women out there who didn't warn the rest of us about menopause, shame on you; you all suck.

  6. Yeah, reading twoxchromosomes, I see a solid number of marriages that seem like bait-and-switch - let's put in effort to "get" someone, then change up and do less and less, especially once it's harder to leave. Can't detangle yourself after a decade /a kid / a house /etc.

  7. I’m middle aged(44), and fat and I don’t get to have sex w my wife consistently. Part of my being over weight is lack of motivation, it’s also stress to do with my wife and kids. And lastly depression. The sex is because of the above reasons and to be quite honest we can’t get much time away from our kids(twin autistic 7 yr old boys). I know I should give a crap about my health I just don’t.

  8. 100% - I'll just put this down. I'm mid 40s, and am in really really good shape. i have lower bf% and am much stronger than most guys in their 20s, because i work my ass off (literally) to be this way.

  9. I know of marriages that are dead in the bedroom because the guy isn’t interested in sex. Also, women let themselves go just like men. We all get old, lol!

  10. Lack of effort, lack of reciprocating, lack of even the slightest amount of actual love for their partner considering the majority of GenX and boomer "comedy" is "Hur Hur I hate my wife, the ol ball & chain"

  11. Struggling with alcoholism, lack of empathy and selfishness here....he is a good provider and works "hard" (he's a big boss now, so can dictate out) but I do literally everything household and child wise, plus I work full time. Then when I want but 5 minutes to myself, it's either sabotaged because he won't leave me be, or he pouts and just makes my time after miserable. Then he pleads he doesn't understand why I am upset.

  12. Are you me because same here, hes hella depressed and claims WoW gives him that distraction he needed. Ive spent alot of effort trying to find games both of us can play together on, activities etc but somehow WoW dailies and raiding still comes first to him :’)

  13. I’m going to get a lot of downvotes for this but after ending two relationships with gaming addicts, I no longer date gamers. It’s just not for me. Thank God my fiancé couldn’t care less for games.

  14. We actually had this problem in the first couple of years, so maybe that is a red flag or precursor to behaviour like my partners' later on. Eventually I actually "hulked out" (he likes to call it that) and picked up his PC and threw it out onto the driveway. when that happened, i couldn't believe it because i thought my relationship was over, he actually backed right down and realized how much that game was ruining his life and never played it much again.

  15. Jumping off this to add that I hear a lot of married women online talking about how they have no energy for sex because they do all the cooking, cleaning, child-raising, family scheduling, household work, AND work full time and their husbands come home after work and choose to veg out and demand a home cooked meal.

  16. This. I would bang my husband all day long if I felt like he respected and valued me as a partner and an equal. But most women my age are not feeling this right now. Just google “strategic incompetence” because almost everyone I know has the same issue regardless of how “nice or happy” their marriage is. It’s not always malicious, but it is always there.

  17. My husband has mentioned his weight more than a couple of times but I really don't see it at all until he says something. What has happened is we just had a baby and he's stepped up in so many ways and I've never been more attracted to him.

  18. Afaik libido can change with age and health etc as well so it can sometimes be a biological issue to some extent

  19. This is correct. It could be a small part of a bigger thing, generally I wouldn’t care about looks as much as I care about affection. There is one massive factor here too, and that’s misunderstanding menopause. This affects both parties, and both should understand the changes and how to tackle them. Ignorance towards menopause can mean death to marriage. And very important to understand that the husband needs to be as included as the wife.

  20. This. Spouses need to contribute meaningfully, not ‘help’. Did you eat? Do half the dishes. Did you sleep? Make at least half the bed. It’s not hard. Honestly it was hard to be attracted to my spouse when he’d sleep till 8:30am as I was getting 2000 steps in just getting the kids ready for school. And when he awoke he’d only be responsible for himself. That’s not partnership. It’s better now, but the cautionary tale stands.

  21. I thought it had something to do with testosterone levels during puberty, since all of the tall, muscular, athletic guys from high school ended up going bald early. But then again, so did several short, unathletic guys, so I guess I should have realized that there's no correlation. But in my friends group specifically, literally every single guy who works out on a daily basis except one has started to bald significantly. And then there's me, who hasn't gone to a gym since the Twin Towers still stood, and I've got a glorious head of hair... But then so did my grandfather. I should have used better critical thinking skills.

  22. I’m close to middle aged and have been with my husband for a decade. We have a very active and engaging sex life.

  23. This is how I am sexually! As a single mom, I thought I was done having sex since my last ex betrayed my trust. Zero drive for over a year or so. Now I'm with someone that highly values consent, emotional support, communication, and intimacy (along with sexy masculine traits). And I've never been more turned on in my life.

  24. Well written. In 16 years with my wife. I agree totally. I would say that these things you mention work synergetically and affect each other. We've had slumps. Horrible ones where all these issues turn into a downward spiral. The most important thing is to communicate, talk and stay connected. And to be honest, not shame or blame the partner. To see that we are but humans, being human.

  25. I have tears in my eyes reading this. I'm in awe first of all, emotional intelligence goals right here. I feel like this could be something I would write 10 years in the future after suffering through learning the hard way. I wish we could sit down, have a long lunch, and talk.

  26. Its not even like the letting go of themselves, its the fact that many men stop putting effort into their relationships. Not all women, but some women and me included I am not sexually aroused by just looking at a penis or just deciding I want to have sex (although this can happen). What really gets the gears going is being taken out on a nice date (doesn’t even have to be fancy), or just an activity where you get to spend time alone and laugh and stuff. Which puts the woman more at ease, rather than stressed from day to day life. Another thing is men think if they’re the sole earner, or even if they make more or work more hours they don’t have to do anything around the house, or give their spouses a break. Would you want to have sex after scrubbing the whole house and never being told thanks? Would you want to have sex with someone who basically demands you serve them dinner because what they don’t have two legs? This isn’t all men, but many men do act this way and then they wonder why their wives are so tired and worn out 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️.

  27. From my experience as a middle aged women, whose circle of friends consists pretty much of other middle aged, mostly married, women, the reason is that most men don't carry their weight around the house. Years and years of doing everything yourself and having to shoulder the mental load of making sure everything get done breeds resentment. Bonus points if his response is, "Just ask me to do xyz." Because there's nothing more attractive than having to make a chore chart for a grown man /s. Woman want a partner, not someone who needs as much parenting and their kids.

  28. Absolutely, if I wake up and there’s a bunch of dirty dishes from him drunkenly making snacks while watching football after I went to bed… I’m annoyed. If I come home from a 11 hour shift and the dishes are still right there while he’s relaxing on the porch after his 7 hour day of much less labor-intensive work than I do, I’m pissed. If that shit is still there when I’m getting ready for bed, I’m definitely not thinking about having sex.

  29. As a male RN, I’m always surprised at how many men don’t do anything to manage their own healthcare. Sometimes I’m jealous (my wife probably couldn’t tell you what medication I take), but it’s also weird to me that these wives (Oftentimes even exWives!) call-in to schedule his appointments, attend, and manage all the man’s healthcare needs. He’ll even be like, “Talk to her, she handles this stuff.” Sometimes I’ll have to make a call to follow-up and he’ll immediately hand the phone off like, “Hold on. Talk to my wife.” It’s pathetic.

  30. THIS! We've been together since high school -- literally kids. We're pushing 60 now and I still have to tell him not to leave his clothes on the floor??? Don't get me wrong, he's my best friend and we're a generally happy couple. But frequently I feel more like the mother, not the partner. I resent that so much!

  31. I agree with this. I’m 43 and have been with my husband for 22 years (dating and marriage). The burden of being a wife is hard. Taking care of kids, managing a house, working and being independent so you don’t loose yourself contributes to all of it. My husband and I don’t match in the bedroom though. I have more of a drive than he does. And over the years, I find he’s more tired all the time.

  32. I 'retired' at 48 due to reasons too long to go into. My wife had a job that paid very well, with shit hours. My retirement was spent ensuring she did nothing other than work and do what she wanted. When she came home, dinner was ready, house clean, oil changed, and not in pajamas. In the winter, I'd have a heated blanket on her chair and in bed (she's always cold). She never took this for granted, always thrilled to be taken care of, which motivated me. We did this for 12 years lol. It was insanely emasculating, but I have proven myself. I'm secure enough to wash clothes and dishes. I'm pretty sure, this is not common. My level of security, my willingness to live this way, was due to the constant positive reinforcement I received from her.

  33. Yes! I’ve been with my husband for 8 years almost,I’m 25 and we have our 3rd child on the way. I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO ASK FOR HELP! I don’t want to be on the verge of a mental breakdown before I get taken seriously

  34. Many of my friends in their 20's are having issues with their recent marriages. It seems like as soon as the paper is signed, guys let go of a lot more than their looks. They stop with kind gestures, random affection, have less attention and start going back to hobbies for larger chunks of time (oh, didn't know quality time was only for the dating stage). It's like they're finally finished a race, and now they can go 'back' to how they want to be. Looks are not as important if the man stays caring/attentive/affectionate.

  35. My last two long term relationships (2 & 5 years) ended because of this and I didn’t even marry them (lived with the 5 year one though). You nailed it. It’s like they pass some invisible finish line in their head, think I’m not gonna go anywhere, and now they don’t have to act like a boyfriend anymore. Well, I don’t want a future of spending lonely nights waiting around on a 33yo who can’t turn off a video game and come spend an evening with me. Not sure how that surprises them.

  36. There's a classic reddit post explaining what romance is to men. About how men are most often the active givers of romance and women are the passive receivers, how romance is work for men, and that takes the enjoyment out of it, and how men's ideal love is one that is unconditional, loved for who they are not what they do. To not have to compete or perform for a woman's love but for it to be secured for them.

  37. The way men handle their hair loss has a pretty dramatic affect on their appearance though. Bald men can be incredibly attractive, but super thin hair, comb-overs, stragglers, etc can be pretty unattractive.

  38. By the time a man hits 35 he has a 50 percent chance of losing his hair. It only gets worse after each year. By the time a man is 45 - 50 you can almost guarantee hair loss. Those that don't have hair loss at that age are the luckiest of the lucky

  39. I think it's more about how men treat their wives like their mothers and how wives are often just exhausted and going through weird hormone shifts. It's not uncommon for the thyroid to go or for women to develop an iron deficiency or PPD etc etc as they go through their 30s/40s.

  40. I’m a middle aged man. I’m bald. I'm less ripped than I used to be. And I’m married. I'm the perfect guy to answer this question.

  41. Well said, sir. As we progress in long-term marriages, it’s clear that we’re trading the short shallow dopamine hits of serial romance for the enduring satisfaction of truly being known and loved by one’s partner, IF both of you stay awake and feed the relationship. It’s undervalued, but for those of us seeking an authentic meaningful life, it’s wayyyyy better.

  42. My husband’s sweatpants started looking so comfortable that I went out and got some myself. Now we both wear sweatpants most of the day! (And I was a dress and heels kinda gal before the pandemic).

  43. My immediate thoughts on reading OP's post was that he was a bit out of touch with what it is like to be a middle-aged man, and I was sad that I had to scroll this far down to find a comment that touched on that

  44. This is the best comment I’ve read in a long, long long time. You sound like an amazing human being. You’re someone I’d want in my life —whether you’re my neighbour, uncle, or teacher. The wisdom you dropped in one post is just…overwhelming (in a good way of course). You have a very mature way of thinking and shit it’s very refreshing. Your wife is a lucky one 😌

  45. Some yes and some no. As a man in my mid-40s the idea that sexual compatibility was something you should seek before marriage was never even on my radar. I think a lot of us old people got married young before we knew what we wanted.

  46. Yes this also. Especially people who grew up in very conservative families. I will never get marrying someone in your 20s. The 20s is when you are supposed to go out and fuck around, you discover what you like and what you want in a partner.

  47. I think for us women it’s less to do with your weight & more about your habits & how helpful you are around the house. Too often women carry more of a burden than men. We’re supposed to wake up, get the kids ready, get ourselves ready, sometimes even help our husbands get ready & make sure everyones fed. Then you have to drop the kids off, work, go grocery shopping, cook dinner, clean the house, handle the finances, pay bills, help the kids with their homework, put them to bed & remind your husband every 6months to fix something he still hasn’t fixed. You’re also supposed to try to take care of yourself when you’re lucky enough to find the energy, be a perfect little wife & a perfect mom & try to maintain your sanity. Meanwhile men just go to work, come home & relax. So you could imagine the resentment that builds up. And once you start to resent someone the least little thing they do disgusts you. Not to mention if her needs aren’t being met outside of the bedroom he’s definitely not trying to meet them inside of the bedroom. And who wants that?

  48. That’s part of it. The other big part is that, if a woman works outside the home all day, then takes care of hubby and the kids when she gets home, she’s so tired and resentful there is nothing left for sex. It’s about just trying to survive physically, mentally and emotionally. If the husband has more free time than she does, that’s the problem.

  49. Yes. I am almost “middle aged”. And men, my partner included, makes very little effort with his appearance. Frankly the only reason he showers daily is because if he doesn’t, I won’t have sex with him.

  50. Yes, this. How can you possibly be sexually attracted to a person who is like a child? Gross. If I lose respect for a partner and start to look at him with disdain, there is no bloody way I'm going to be naked and vulnerable with him! Good grief!

  51. This seem to be a popular answer among women on this thread and there's something I can't understand... why do you marry/keep married to this kind of men? Please forgive me if you find my question offensive, I swear I'm not trying to be rude or trolling. I am just curious. To me, having a partner like this sounds sad and tiresome, so It's hard for me to understand.

  52. From my friend circle, I’d say it’s often because men don’t do equal work at home. Women are exhausted from working full time and doing all the housework and childcare. They have no energy left for sex, and no desire for the man sitting on the couch, drinking beer and watching sports while she does all the heavy lifting.

  53. All I (22m) want to say is I appreciate all the women's inputs on this thread, and maybe I'm wrong, but the main consensus seems to be 'We don't mind if your body changes, as long as you actually help around the house with it'

  54. There's also the fact that middle-aged women have often borne children. Though it's rare for women to talk about, this can sometimes result in pelvic floor damage that makes sex painful. It's hard to get in the mood when you're bracing for pain!

  55. I'm old, been married for 41 years. We have sex regularly, average a couple times a week. I'm ugly, fatter every year, crap shape. My wife greets me with a smile, hug and kiss constantly. She tells me I'm sexy and handsome. She grabs my ass and crotch several times a day. I do the same thing but I'm not as diligent about it. I think that the illusion of sexy can translate into actually being sexy, at least to each other. My wife read a lot of relationship books early on. Point being, relationships take work. Asking a 50 year old man to get in shape is pointless. He'll do it if he wants to. There's more to a long term sexual relationship than a 6 pack.

  56. Testosterone levels start going down in your mid to late thirties and keep going down as you age. Of course, nowadays you can get a prescription from your doctor to deal with this, but it's just part of the natural aging process.

  57. No it’s fucking kids. We all had kids. It’s exhausting. We’d love to have sex but kids are fucking exhausting. This is shit young people ask because they are dumb.

  58. So middle aged married man here...it is a complex issue. First middle aged women can be in pre menopause or further, it changes hormones, moods, etc. Sex drive too. Could be other items like they have gotten into same ol same old and need to spice it up. Could simply be after having kids, working their asses off all day, and other life stress she just ain't in the mood.

  59. This may be true for some couples, but I think in general this is such a dangerous way to view or approach sex in marriage. It shouldn't be some reward that a wife grants a husband when she's wanting to show appreciation for his work/efforts just like it shouldn't be expected by a husband just because he's married.

  60. I think, when you've been married for a while, eventually you reach a point where the physical appeal of intimacy takes a backseat.

  61. Is there any room in this tread to mention that you're right, middle aged med don't get to take care of themselves. Men's mental health is a major underlying issue and if men mention needing anything, some of our partners are great. But on average we care for anything other then men's health. He stops being the useful provider, he gets tossed to the curb as a failure.

  62. What fucken country do you live in where middle-aged non single women are thinner than men? Also what kids do to a woman's body is as much their fault as a man's baldness is his fault. Also all a woman needs to do to be attractive is not be fat. Men have to not be fat and be athletic. Also are you sure it's married men complaining about this?

  63. I've heard so many stories of women finding skid marks in their boyfriends or husband's underwear recently I'm sure that's affecting it somehow (men please wipe after you take a shit until the paper comes back clean. It's basic hygiene)

  64. I can not comprehend how anyone could wipe their asses and not get everything off. The idea of walking around with shit all over me is horrifying.

  65. For effs sake, America needs a collective come to Jesus moment that results in the mainstreaming of bidets. Wash your butts already y'all. This has gone on far too long. Ladies too

  66. From what I’ve seen, heard and somewhat experienced. A lot of men use women to masturbate. Only so long a partner is going to enjoy that initial spark and not mind before sex becomes a one sided chore. Also wasn’t there a study that wives who found themselves cleaning up after their husbands became less attracted to them as they took on a mother/son role? Not sure how much looks come into it personally as from my experience and things I’ve seen again, women are more accepting of their partners looks as they age than men are.

  67. This is true. My husband looks great but I find myself holding all the responsibilities, which makes him less attractive.

  68. Yeah I could see guys are likely a culprit of this behaviour. But the opposite is also true. I'm a married man and I keep it trim, eat right, emotionally available, and a hella involved dad. My wife on the other hand has completely let herself go, constantly rocks sweatpants with holes in them, farts and burps like a trucker, smokes like chimney. She basically lied about her whole personality and hid everything so I'd stick around long enough for us to start a family and get a home. It all started going downhill when we got married, she also just turned 30. We have sex maybe 1 every 2 months and I hate what my life has become.

  69. Women definitely gaslight more than men I’ll believe that. Emotional manipulation is why so many men keep a guard up and don’t like to share their feelings and be vulnerable because some women weaponize that. Hell I’ve recently been wondering if my current girlfriend has been starting to gaslight me to get me to marry her really quick. I’m only 23 and she’s my first long term relationship and we’ve been dating for a year yet I’m always hearing about marriage.

  70. I had the exact opposite problem. My wife stopped taking care of herself to the point that I was disgusted being with her. I always took care of myself. We ended up divorcing.

  71. Or is it correlated to men get used to not having sex because womens sex drive is lower until mid 30s and so they fuck it and become trapped in habit and life routines. My sex drive is 100x more than my partners. A middle ground of self pleasure is key and communication.

  72. I’m a late 40s woman who has a lot of sex, and while I think men may be part of this, when I tell my good girl friends that after my divorce I have several guys I sleep with most all of them react with “Really? You’re still interested in sex?”

  73. i'm 43 and technically peri-menopausal whatever the hell that means. I love sex. i got married when i was 30 so loooots of dating life before then. And when i'm not feeling resentful of my partner we have sex daily. Even during our worst parts of our relationship we still have sex 3-4 times a week unless we're ACTIVELY fighting about something. so we both have an excellent and healthy sex drive.

  74. Could be part of it, but there's more to it than that and probably not fair to blame men, as according to the CDC there is not a significant difference in adult obesity between the sexes. There is however a much higher severe obesity rate difference between men and women, with women having the higher rate than men.

  75. Just because you added balding as something that’s their fault I’ll call you a asshole. I’m 22 and didn’t choose to lose my hair

  76. Do these men help out around the house like adults or sit around and watch TV while the wife cleans everything up and then want sex and wonder why she’s just not in the mood? Idk man… mysterious…

  77. Yeah, homeboy only notices the good looking women and just see chumps as their partners because he's a young hetro male. It amazing how people ignore all the ugly old women since alot of them were young and good looking in thier day!

  78. Middle aged men and women look like hell. When I actually worked in an office before quarantine, the vast majority of women were shaped vertical rectangles with feet. No one has any body definition anymore unless you consider obesity to be a shape.

  79. How old are you OP? I'm guessing/hoping pretty young since you thought male pattern baldness was caused by not taking care of yourself. I've never even heard of anyone else thinking that.

  80. I feel like it's the attitude to marriage generally shifting. Millenials (especially younger ones) and genz have a very different attitude to marriage. It's literally nothing but a choice to us now (rather than an expected step) we all define it in our own way, and living together, parenting together, living as man and wife etc BEFORE marriage is the norm.

  81. no that's not the reason, the reason is that -at least some of them- become insufferable.. know better, judge everything and be very vocal about it, be unpleasant and tell sharpe remarks at my expense every single day.

  82. As a middle aged woman I’ve seen this happen amongst my married girl friends. One instance has led to separation. She has only improved with age, takes care of herself - stunning, immaculate and always beautifully dressed even when she dresses casually. Her husband hasn’t been to the dentist in over a decade, wouldn’t brush his teeth before bed and would dribble red wine on his pillow at night. His hygiene slipped, he gained weight and stopped attending to himself. This (amongst other more pressing things) led to their sex life grinding to a halt. Eventually they separated amicably.

  83. Egg or chicken situation imho Lack of effort to take care of themselves or lack of effort to take care of the husband the cause?

  84. Not really. It happens because human beings aren’t meant to sleep with the same person for the rest of their lives so it gets boring really fast. We’ve all seen plenty of women cheat on their husband with an equally-as-frumpy middle aged man lol. Everyone on this planet wants to sleep with other people we just pretend that we don’t.

  85. Yes! People don't want to admit it, because they don't want to believe their weight gain can affect their desirability. But yes, a man's appearance does affect his sexual desirability. I make an effort to be attractive for my husband. I would always love my husband, that would never change, but if he let himself go, it could definitely affect my desire for him sexualy.

  86. I do believe that you are talking out of your ass. You can't possibly believe that a couple people complaining on reddit can correlate to reality. that, my friend, just doesn't make any sense. reddit, like the internet in general, is a silly place.

  87. Ok Mr Straight dude. You have 24 hours in a day. 8 hours are suppose to be spent sleeping and as a middle age man I get about 6 hours. So that leaves 18 hours. I go to work, driving a truck and hauling beer kegs around for 12 hours. So that leaves 4 hours a day to see my 3 kids, eat, wash, clean and relax. On my 1 day a week off I have more time with the kids, home maintenance, time with the missus, and I need some me time. When exactly is a bloke suppose to "work out" or "take care of them selves". If that's the reason your wife won't fuck you then obviously either she is a shallow bitch or you are such a bland and boring person working out is the closest you will get to a personality. Try and have a good think before making a statement such as this. Now I could be wrong about you but if your partner loves you for who you are then it doesn't matter if you look like GUMBY affected by radiation she will want to be intimate with you ( not a dig but assuming physically it's capable). Mate we are all different think different and for yourself and you will find the answers to questions that don't need asking.

  88. I think society as a whole has huge problems with health. We promote being unhealthy and can no longer call in unacceptable to not take care of yourself.

  89. This is an extremely unfair and outrageous question. Plenty of men do put forth effort. Plenty of women don’t too. This isn’t gender specific, for one. For two, fizzling sex lives almost always are a product of other issues inside of the relationship, not an attractiveness issue.

  90. I want to start off by saying there is way more pressure on women to keep up appearances than men in society. but that’s just my opinion. secondly, most men give up on the middle of the marriage. they stop helping around the house. doing chores. they settle into routines, and suddenly your wife isn’t even attracted to you anymore because you’ve settled. in most cases the woman becomes the household caretaker. working, cleaning, and taking care of kids. while dad just works. so yeah they probably get stuck in a rut and their wives no longer find them attractive, not just physically but mentally and emotionally and it wrecks sex lives. no one wants to have sex with someone who put in no effort. lol. again this is an opinion.

  91. I beg to differ. I see far more married women getting out of shape than married men. And us men still want to have sex with them

  92. You didn’t know balding was hereditary? Also, sex is not always related to physical attraction. I know a guy who’s 300 pounds and his smoking hot body wife milks him out every single day lol. Does she think he’s fat? Yes. But she doesn’t care because he treats her like gold.

  93. Now switch the roles. Because it can go the same both ways. And then you'll be hated for hating on women. Wtf has reddit come to smh

  94. Are you 14? You clearly know very little about women. I’m guessing you’re very young, never been in a serious relationship, and likely have no father in the house. The simple fact you thought going bald was something you can stop with diet and exercise makes you sound very dumb.

  95. The percentages of obesity and overweight for each sex are basically the same, at all ages. There's minor differences, but they're so close as to be meaningless when talking in general about it.

  96. You sound like a kid who thinks that his youthful appearance is going to last forever. Your metabolism will eventually slow down. There's a good chance that your hair could start receding and thinning as early as your twenties no matter how healthy you are. Your body changes as you get older.

  97. Idk I think that's a lot of generalizing and taking men as a very broad group. I can't imagine this is something you can be an outsider to and get an answer about. We don't know everyone's personal life or sexual habits by looking at them.

  98. Older women stop caring about sex. Men stop giving a fuck. Ask yourself why YOU give a fuck. That's right...you want to get laid.

  99. If you didn't know balding was hereditary prior to making this post, You probably are not qualified to make a judgement on anyone's physical attributes, man or woman.

  100. Shit son, if the roles were flipped in this question, you’d be having your ass reemed for being sexist. But it’s cool to shit on dudes so it’s fine…

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