1. From my understanding, most Sonic carhops are tipped workers. Which means they're paid the minimum tip wage of the State they are in (often two to three dollars), and expected to make more via tips. Now, by law if they don't make enough in tips to make minimum wage, they're supposed to be compensated for the difference by the company. But companies are rarely held responsible for shorting tipped employees, and tip theft is common in the restaurant industry.

  2. Having been in the customer service business, I tend to tip wherever/whenever I can. The car hop definitely deserves a tip.

  3. We’ve only been to Sonic a handful of times as there is not one nearby, but yes, we have always tipped the carhop. I’ve worked in the service industry a lot so I am compelled to tip well.

  4. Judging by the reaction the time I tipped the carhop $20 (she was pregnant and on roller skates!! I was impressed!) everybody does not tip, but it is very appreciated when they do.

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