1. Only 3 people on here have ever said I’m too short. Around 90% of my matches all turned out to be cool, so I see it as a definite benefit now, and a filter to weed out the bad ones.

  2. That's great, however you should reconsider your first picture. It's better to have a nice looking picture of just yourself as the first one

  3. There isn’t a height requirement to order from the kids menu. Sometimes there is an age requirement, so the joke is not funny because it doesn’t make sense.

  4. from a woman’s perspective - i instinctively tend to swipe left on people who have a group or family photo as their first pic, as do most of my girl friends. just so you know!

  5. Dude… wouldn’t have noticed the disability had you not mentioned it. Nonetheless, gotta love yourself first… looking good and like you have some good peeps around you.

  6. You’re the second person who has said that exact statement to me! It really shocked me as it was definitely more of a mental hurdle than anything. Thank you so much!!

  7. Idk how you didn’t notice , look at the way he’s standing, look at his face , I’m not being rude I’m just saying it’s noticeable. Good on him for going on tinder tho

  8. I was legit confused and had to stare at this picture and read all the comments to get it. You're all cuties.

  9. I see my height as an automatic filter, so most of the girls who i matched with on here all turned out to be pretty cool people with an actual personality, so in a way, I couldn’t ask for anything better.

  10. Op just showcased this one from his bio just to give potential matches an idea of his height. From what I’m seeing he has more pictures than this one.

  11. Short dude here bro. It’s definitely a hurdle with our society, but something clicked for me the other day… I always knew that my height naturally grabs peoples attention immediately, only I had attached society’s negative connotation to myself, and then I realized… wait, I naturally get attention. Why the fuck am I not using that to my advantage? Easier said than done of course but I’m getting there. Totally stealing your kids menu line too! Good luck my man!

  12. Totally true, I live in a city that is known for being absolutely terrible for singles (bottom 10 type terrible) so there’s almost no where for me to go but hopefully I get to go to the city I want (Orlando) because I know for a fact that tons of my favorite bands always pass through there while on tour so that would absolutely get me out there and having the time of my life

  13. You are very up my alley! I wish we lived closer ♡ I love short men because I'm short and they like hover over on me, makes me nervous. You seem so sweet and down to earth too. I'm e-crushing on you, king 👑

  14. I knew this guy, similar disability as you. He pulled. Just act confident and treat people how you want to be treated. You'll do great.

  15. I don’t know if he has the same relationship issues as me, but I can definitely pull. I just can’t get them to stay past the next day or so. Stings after a decent/good conversation and feeling something of a connection, but better the next day than a few months down the line

  16. I don’t doubt he was, I can definitely see it. I myself knew almost my entire graduating class in high class, and could’ve maybe won prom king if I was more active/friendly as I was (and probably should’ve been)

  17. It’s actually not my dad lol. It’s my grandfather from my mom’s side of the family. That day was actually the first time me and my cousins had all been together for the first in nearly a decade (issues prevented me from being able to see them), and it was the last time I saw him before he passed, so I’m forever thankful for this photo.

  18. i respect your opinion, that’s for sure. But I just have to see it as me finally realizing something about me is ultimately uncontrollable and that I had to learn to accept it no matter what. How people chose to react and what they ultimately commented was of their own decision

  19. Okay, feel free to have your own opinion, I respect it whether I agree with it or not. That photo means a lot to me personally so I’ll definitely be keeping it whether it’s what’s considered a good profile picture or not

  20. Didn't even notice, I had to go back and look after reading what you wrote. Good luck with the OLD. Shit is BRUTAL. So don't take anything personally, ever.

  21. You look cool bro. With a personality like that , i hope you get a lot of good matches. I loved the kids menu comment. Thanks for the laugh!

  22. I actually have. Can’t say I’ve had any luck, but I actually try with my responses, so it’s ultimately up to the other person. The only luck I ever actually had on there was a “date” with a girl (she only went because she couldn’t go the previous day, but we did see Spider-Man: into the spider verse, which I absolutely loved so it was a great day in my book regardless)

  23. Thank you so much!!! I never ever thought i would get this much love, but you have no idea how much it really means to me

  24. Funny thing is that my last name is really close to Bieber, so you can only imagine how 4th-6th grade went for me. Even funnier is that I had a PE coach named Coach Bieber

  25. What’s your dream show? Mine already happened and I missed it sadly, but it was the wonder years/spanish love songs/origami angel. Pretty sure I would’ve fainted from pure joy

  26. Ngl this brought a tear to my eye. It seems like you have a really positive outlook and amazing family, any potential partner would be lucky to have you!

  27. Thank you so much! I’ve survived a ton of bad stuff so I feel it would just be wrong to not at least try and be positive, especially during those down moments in life

  28. Glad you have had your ah haa moment. Everything about you is whom you are. Self love teaches others how to love you.

  29. Definitely. I’m so shocked this post has exploded the way it has, but I’m really glad it has, people need to have positivity especially in these times

  30. I’m not sure which one is you and I’m not seeing anything that makes anyone stand apart from being worthy of a date on tinder except the underage kids.

  31. Congrats on actually being somebody who can call themselves short instead of being an insecure average person. But seriously good luck, seems like you’re a funny guy which helps, tinder can be a shallow place so if you’re looking for long term relationships I’d try some dating sites like OkCupid too

  32. I feel like any site can/will be more shallow towards me simply because of my short stature and not even give me the time of day, but I’m sure there’s ones out there that certainly will

  33. Cool, self awareness and all, but it's kinda like a rule on Tinder to avoid group picks. Besides the tittle I legit couldn't know who you are

  34. You're the same height as me :) it's not so bad down here, you don't have to duck to walk under trees or to open cupboards. And in the supermarket, someone more adequately sized will help you to reach the top shelf.

  35. The ones I know the most apart are easily Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, as I did an entire project on the Columbine Massacre for my American history class in college. How about you?

  36. Yeah man, most of us have things we don't like about ourselves that we can't change. And there's really nothing to do but own it. Head up king.

  37. Hell yeah Justin power to ya. We shouldn't let our disabilities hold us back if anything it's what makes us unique. I know the feeling maybe not the same way but I always wished I was normal since I have adhd I don't know how it feels to be able to relax and not stress over everything. In the end instead of wishing it was gone I embraced it same as you and honestly I've been doing better mentally

  38. It’s not apart of you, but “a part” of you. A common mixup, but you don’t want to be saying the opposite of what you actually mean. And you have nothing to be ashamed of. Love your style too.

  39. love the personality bro, makes me want to be your best friend lol good luck out there man, you've got more mojo than most dudes I know

  40. Own it bro - best thing you can do for yourself is love every bit of yourself. If you can’t do that, how can you expect some one else?

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