1. To all Tennessee residents: the spay/neuter custom plates don't have any cult propaganda on them and a portion of the proceeds go to spay/neuter clinics :)

  2. I was very upset by even the words when I went to select my tag. Why should I be forced to voice my religion in my front yard if I want to simply drive to work. Very upsetting.

  3. It shouldn’t even be legal to do this religious bullshit. Separation of church and state, people. It shouldn’t be on our money either. That is a relatively recent thing for propaganda reasons. Get it off there. Stop pushing your fucking cult on everyone. Go join ISIS or something if you want to have religion in place of government. The rest of us want to be left alone.

  4. Meanwhile here in Florida we can get like 150 different plates. I swear I see a new one every day. Some of them are fuckin cool too lol

  5. Sounds potentially dangerous. Giving some D-bag the ability to target one versus the other. There could be police discrimination as well.

  6. The police discrimination was my first thought and feels like the point here. Identify the non-christians to identify who they want to pull over more.

  7. It’s quite literally to make discrimination easier - no need to look for the Christian Rally Cry - just look for the order of letters/numbers

  8. In southwest Missouri, my youngest son was a bit of a rebel, and too smart for his own good. He got sent home as a sophomore for having a Tsirt with TOOL (the band) on it.

  9. Smart boy using abstract reasoning that eluded school officials! That'd be a winning college essay at many of the most selective colleges in the US.

  10. This is how legislation works. You attempt to stop one act, but in doing so you inevitably cover ground on something it wasn't intended to. So as not to discriminate you just tighten the law, rather than revoke the original one. Eventually you live in a dystopian nightmare where kids can't wear anything but their assigned uniform, can't express ideas, and certainly can't take risks or be creative.

  11. Hope they do a study about percentages of vehicles pulled over from each. I have a feeling there will be more “letters first” pulled over. Anyone want to place a bet?

  12. I'm curious if people could end up getting stalked or worse because of this too. There's definitely folks out there that would be willing to target people that aren't religious like they are.

  13. They're dying to! "Godless drivers commit 10x more traffic infractions." Republicans aren't people of science, but they'll use that "evidence" to profile. Always after the others, these people

  14. I feel that is exactly what will happen and some lucky lawyers is going to make bank on a lawsuit by showing a practice of discrimination based on perceived religious grounds

  15. I live in NC. Our license plates have always had “First in Flight” on them. A few years ago, they added “In God we Trust” as an option. Thankfully, I see many more First in Flight’s out on the road still.

  16. That's the default option as far as I'm aware. Speaking from past experience, I was never even asked if I wanted a "in god we trust" at the tag office. I was handed a First in Flight with no questions or mention of other options aside from the fancier ones.

  17. Man I miss my NC plate. Moved to KY and had to change. Still have my NC one in the garage. Always felt a small amount of pride in “First in Flight”.

  18. We have them in Utah, shocking I know. I just bought a new car in April. I couldn't opt out of in god we trust faster. Why would someone get those when we have cool ones with The arches or a skier on it?

  19. In Indiana there are two completely different styles of plates. The Jesus plate has an American flag and the normal plate has a covered bridge.

  20. What's funny is my wife is Christian and would choose the license plate without "In God We Trust" because she recognizes the history as a cold war relic of anti-comminist performantism.

  21. I'm Christian and I still wouldn't get the "In God We Trust" because the state should not be getting involved with faith

  22. Why is it that Americans seem to love a good cult? Is it that there is just so many people so all the weird people can find each other?

  23. I usually get the Dolly Parton one because proceeds from that go to the Imagination Library foundation which is one of the coolest things out there for children.

  24. When I was young and stupid I lived in Idaho where the slogan was "Famous Potatoes" I took a sticker with "hol" on it and changed it to Famous Potholes.

  25. As someone raised in that backwater state I can tell you this is 100% to single out the Christian’s from the others. Fuck Tennessee

  26. I live in TN and was ready to choose the plate without In God We Trust but...they didn't ask. They just gave me one without. Maybe the girl behind the counter was a secret atheist and was giving them out to anyone who didn't specifically ask.

  27. I’ve heard similar stories when getting the plates in person. I did mine online and chose the plates without it, because fuck religion.

  28. If you don’t have “in god we trust” on your license plate…make sure you have a dash cam or keep your phone ready to record if you get pulled over.

  29. I just renewed my TN license plate online last week. The default selection online is without “in god we trust”. While I still believe that there are individuals who will target vehicles based on this, I would be more concerned if the default was “in god we trust”.

  30. When thinking about items like this, I like to ground how stupid they are by applying them to different groups.

  31. I've always found US ideologies a little baffling, so maybe someone can explain it to me. Thinking of all the other countries in the world I can't compare the US to any other where their founding history is so ingrained in every day life. You always hear about "founding fathers" and the constitution is quoted all the time. But in looking at US history it was founded by people trying to escape religious persecution, but the US has a large amount of religious persecution going on. Not just now, but in recent history too. Why is it that a country of people are always looking back on what the "founding fathers" envisioned for their country but completely overlook that leaving religious persecution was the initial vision? It's also baffling the US is the first to denounce countries that are ruled by Islamic faith are seen as horrible and evil, while at the same time imposing their own religious laws on their own citizens.

  32. Fascism tends to look to tradition and historical achievements to establish legitimacy. So different countries may have different flavors.

  33. I lived here when the state was blue and voted for Bill Clinton. Nowadays people think I'm a nut job for suggesting that it hasn't always been this extreme here.

  34. Wasn't there another authority that once made members of a religious group wear a badge or something to identify them? I'm sure I remember it...a yellow star maybe?

  35. It's crazy/impressive/scary how many people will avoid this conversation until we are locking people up in camps.

  36. I've said it before and I'll say it again, organized religion is a fucking disease. Believe what you want as far as the existence of God, but this cult-like, herd mentality that comes with organized religions is absolutely a massive source of problems in our society, intentional or not.

  37. Utah has a similar thing, the Mormons always have the “in god we trust” plates. I’m convinced it’s so the cops don’t pull over the fellow Mormons.

  38. Don't fool yourself, this was perfectly designed to make sure your neighbors know what cars to throw bricks at.

  39. Same but I wouldn't bother scratching out the words. As an atheist that stuff is meaningless anyway so what do I care

  40. I’d opt for the in god we trust. The sheriffs will probably leave you alone if they think you’re a god fearing christian.

  41. If anyone cares, Tennessee doesn't use every letter and number when creating possible plate codes. They also dont allow certain combinations of characters so her numbers are pretty off.. they have been issuing alternate codes for plates with the phrase for over 5 years in Tennessee. This is also the standard in some other states. Get the not God one, so when they re-evaluate the ones chosen, there won't be an above 50% selection rate for "in god we trust" and they can cycle to different defaults. Several counties in Tennessee have a nearly 100% selection rate for the "in god we trust" default option and may explain why it continues to exist.

  42. A quick Google search shows that vowels and the letter q are not used. I can’t find anything about numbers, but let’s assume 0 and 1 are not used as well. That’s still over 32 million plates.

  43. As a Christian (not very devout, but still), I absolutely loathe this change. First of all I'd argue a separation of church and state, since the DMV is a state organization, 2nd it could lead to a variety of discrimination issues. This is absolute BS

  44. Interesting… here in GA the tax offices have stickers you can request the say “in *** we trust” that are meant to cover the county badge. They are nearly always out of stock.

  45. Born nondenominational, raised Christian (non-strictly), converted to atheism. This bothers the ever living shit out of me. Why the fuck does religion have to leech into my life like this?

  46. To be completely honest, this is literally completely avoidable. There are literally over a 100 variations of the TN license plate that you can chose from. I’m an atheist that lives in TN and I’m sitting here thinking if you pick any of those two licenses plates you’re a fuckin moron. Also she’s giving too much credit on the overall intelligence of the TN government. Each year they get dumber and dumber

  47. The first 3 months the plates were available, our county website did not have the option to choose one plate or the other. Everyone got the plain plate by default…it got fixed after some loud bellyaching from the church folk. Like, God’s not checking your plate when you get to the gates guys. Yet another thing to divide people or to pointlessly argue over.

  48. Intentional. Nazi Christians want to be able to identify those in public with that which they do not agree with, and if things get more violent they will use these as identifiers in their holy war.

  49. We are in a fucking theocracy. Someone sue Tennessee. I know it's futile with the current SCOTUS, but it needs to be done. Make a statement. Make it clear so we can change course.

  50. Tennessee resident here- my dmv didn’t give me an option when I updated my plate. Not only are they forcing an ugly plate on me, I didn’t get to outwardly deny the plate with “in god we trust” on it. Sad day.


  52. No it's so pigs can subjectively marginalize and penalize you for choosing not to support their indoctrination of NOT separating church and state. Speeding with god? Probably a warning. Speeding heathen? You're getting FINED.

  53. This is the biggest "nobody gives a shit" I've ever fucking seen. Like I genuinely want to know who tf asked.

  54. I'm Christian and on the opposite side of the earth to America, this is odd. They will only drive people away from Christianity if they try to force people or coerce them. Plus I'm sure these council members who are controlling things don't have the best reputation or views if they're in a state like that. A lot of people don't want to be involved with Christianity because silly people make it all about rules and rituals, coercion, and in America, they tie it together with loving guns, being anti choice, anti LGBTQ, being sexist and all kinds of crappy things. Jesus didn't go around forcing people to do things, he focused on individuals who were doing harm or who were misguided and showed them a different way, for example when men were about to stone a woman to death for allegedly being a sex worker, Jesus simply went to them and said "He that is without sin among you, let him be the first to cast a stone at her" and the men walked away. He didn't force people, he didn't yell at people or organise protests or going around with pitchforks. People often use Christianity for evil reasons, there are plenty of people who claim to be Christian who are not. Satan can quote the bible. These council members are not drawing people towards God, so it's obvious they are not acting out God's will with this behaviour. God gave people free will. If you are punished for making a normal decision then there is no real freedom. Having serious consequences due to objecting means you had no choice at all. It should be a choice between having the traditional phrase or not, without any other changes. Jesus did not teach anything about targeting non Christians or harming them or singling them out. It should be about inclusion and welcoming. If not, they're failing and not following God

  55. Religion is directly responsible for the demise of civility and our nation’s vast divisions in many key issues dividing the country. Which is exactly why I will never be religious ever again in my life.

  56. Why the fuck does the license plate say stuff about god to begin with, it's a car. If you want god on your car get a sticker. What the fuck :'D Is the US okay?

  57. I always forgot how religious the us can be. In France it would be unthinkable. But it's true you have the president swear on the Bible. I wonder could there be a non Christian or even non believer be us president?

  58. I'm a devoted Christian living in Tennessee. I got the tag without In God We Trust because Christian nationalism is ruining politics and Christianity. Keep My religion out of politics so that politics stay out of religion.

  59. I’m sitting in my car in my lunch break - saw this, had to go check my plate. I just got a new one a few weeks ago.

  60. look, I thump bibles as much as the next bible thumper, but this is still wrong. This is how you actively push people away you dumb bible thumpers. talk about actions having the opposite effect.... well actually it is having the effect they want, but not the effect they should want.

  61. This kinda shit makes me ashamed of Christianity. I'm not forsaking my faith over the stupidity, hate and intolerance of others, but it still makes me ashamed.

  62. It has to be a violation of the First Amendment for the government to institute a policy that publicly identifies people based on their religious beliefs.

  63. Highly doubt this is some conspiracy and just a legal technicality brought about by having two official versions of a license plate.

  64. I'm from Tennessee. Nobody cares. A lot of people didn't even get a choice of tag. In addition there were two versions of the previous tag, one with the phrase and one without. Both tags have been used for the last 5 years with no issues.

  65. Just got word a few months ago that my pedophile father requested transfer to a prison in Texas because they are more lenient on pedos. Super godly state, that.

  66. As someone that practices an eastern religion in the USA, I am growing more and more concerned about these Christian nationalists.

  67. Are there grounds for a legal challenge to this? Outside of attacks/discrimination from people against other people, obviously will be used by law enforcement to target folks.

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