1. I bet if it was a regular British citizen and not a celebrity, that person would have been wrapped up and sent to the FBI with a fat bow and a thank you card.

  2. The same man the queen spent tens of millions of taxpayer pounds protecting from the authorities after he raped underage girls, and who had such a close relationship with Epstein that he brought Ghislaine and Jeffrey to the queen's private cabin.

  3. Disgusting old perv, fondling his own daughter and he knew well that there were a lot of cameras pointed at them. Old habits don’t die

  4. His mother’s protection of him is the exact reason he’s still able to do this and know he gets away with it. I doubt that’ll change under Charles.

  5. I’m forced to give him the benefit of the doubt here. This can’t possibly be intentional because then I have to live with that knowledge.

  6. I remember when the Epstein story broke and if you googled Prince Andrew, the first photo that would come up was of them two taking a stroll in the park. The UK deservedly got blackmailed HARD.

  7. God I hope Charles strips Andrew of every title, honour and patronage the sack of shit has left, removes him and all his descendants from the line of succession and removes all of his legal protections in the UK as well

  8. Clearly not going to happen. Anyone thinking Charlie is going to remove royal protections from his own brother forgets the blind eye he turned to his best mate doing the same thing.

  9. The funeral's not for a while yet, this was them leaving Balmoral (the Queen's fancy house where she died) to view tributes to the Queen left outside. And that's one of his daughters.

  10. Forgetting your hand is on your daughter's back and you bend down and it accidentally grazes her butt cheek? Probably intentional but plausible that it is accidental.

  11. I don’t think he was trying to hide it. I don’t think he realised he did it either because he’s done it so much that’s it muscle memory. Disgusting. My autopilot is leaving my house without keys but his is groping children 🤮🤮

  12. Her funeral's not for a while, this was their first public appearance after her death was announced and it was to view tributes left by the public outside. And yeah, that is his daughter.

  13. 100% I was lining up for a water slide last week and my hand was resting on the railing when a woman accidentally leaned up against it with her ass.

  14. Most normal men don’t have a substantial power hierarchy to hide behind. Most normal men don’t have (presumably) years of getting away with stuff like this and can test how far they can go with nearly zero repercussions.

  15. Some men just get so used to inappropriate touching that I’m convinced it just becomes second nature to them. It’s like the men who touch the small of a woman’s back while moving past them in a bar. There’s no need for you to touch someone just because you’re in close quarters.

  16. Being a kid in the 80's, I remember seeing guys touching ladies' backs when they'd walk past them in close quarters, like hallways. I never thought it was right. Most of the time it was not even possible to rationalize the touch, except to touch for the sake of doing so.

  17. Think it is a little on twitter, but as usual with the Royals stuff is being muffled. For example, the TikTok I took this from has already been removed.

  18. Probably because it isn't as obviously incriminating as this thread suggests. This is fairly normal hand movement, and the guy is old with not so great balance.

  19. Very hot take but its because I dont think he grabbed her ass. He's obviously a creep but his own daughter? In front of cameras? Idk.

  20. Bro went two in the pink with no fucks given. I’ve given my girlfriend more subtle ass grabs than that one.

  21. The same man who paid 14 million with the help of the Queen Elizabeth II for not go to trial, now say all with me: justice is the same for everyone

  22. The creep is molesting his own daughter at his mothers funeral in public in front of millions of people around the world to see

  23. This man is a proven cohort of one of the world's most famous sex traffickers and child rapists, Jeffrey Epstein. And yet, despite that, there are those who are seemingly desperate to find a way to give Andrew the benefit of the doubt here. Why? Why care so much as to defend such a horrible man? At most, you could just ignore him, but to jump through hoops to find a way to give him the benefit of the doubt here seems ultra sketchy. Instant red flags lol.

  24. I didn't know this until recently, but pedophiles are actively organizing to infiltrate society. I was doing a deep web search just for the hell of it and some random threads from a pedo forum came up.. they were discussing ways to run interference and slide narratives in their favor. One of them was talking about which professions needed infiltration.

  25. Yikes not enough that this guy diddled a kid, but he has to grope kids on live tele. Fucking wanker should be executed in the tower of London like they used to.

  26. King send him to the tower already actually fuck keep that sweaty nonce in the dark smelly dungeon🤮Apparently hes 5th in line, lets just hope he NEVER is allowed to become king EVER

  27. This reminds me of when that preacher groped Ariana Grande at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. Grabbed a full cup of tit in front of a casket and cameras

  28. I really hope the FBI gets a hold of that guy one day. Maybe now that the queen is out of the way things will loosen up around him. I’m not sure how King Charles feels about him.

  29. The only bit of royal family drama I care about is the alleged fact that everyone except the Queen hated his guts.

  30. I mean, as much as I hate the bunch of inbreds: this is a stretch. I doubt he's actually deliberately copping a feel of his daughter knowing he's on camera. Grow up.

  31. If the joke here is supposed to be that he's now the King of England then you're referring to the wrong person. This is Andrew. Charles is the King.

  32. Is there a way to give him the benefit of the doubt? I know very well the person is crappy and all, but maybe it wasn't intended to come off as creepy? I don't know, just wondering.

  33. Come on guys, you all are overdoing it here. He was hugging his daughter and just used her as a support when he was going down. He was in grief of his mother's death and might have not realised where his hands are going. Plus it's not like he kept them there, he immediately removed them when he realised the hands are off the jacket and on the skirt.

  34. Bruh. The man just lost his mom like four days ago. Y’all really think he’s groping his fucking daughter in public while also knowing he’s on camera? Fucking get therapy Reddit

  35. Everything bad people do is bad and creepy, nothing can be explained. He is obviously trying to stick his fingers in to his daughters ass on camera while mourning his mother. He must be, he’s a pedo that’s what they do!!!

  36. As reddit has previously removed one of my comments on how to treat nazi camp guards because it was 'inciting violence' I would want to wish cringe adrew a very pleasant and comfortable six plank seat to the other side

  37. Isn't this the guy that was caught red handed on Epstein's child sex trafficking airplane and island?? Why does no one assassinate politicians and monarchs anymore?

  38. They probably wanted to keep the Royal Bloodline pure (not sure how they handled that) so I'm assuming there were probably instances of incest among a few early heirs. This decrepit freak is just a product of his ancestors twisted traditions.

  39. Actually crazy there's still people defending him, legit the amount of times I've seen something along the lines of "Did you ever consider he's just old and needs something to hold onto to bend over" disgusts me.

  40. Yeah they're all pedophiles and perverts billionaires and scumbags yet we all keep paying them for some reason? Through taxes buying their products voting there's so many different ways that they get wealthy stay wealthy and continue to defend themselves against our version of reality if we quit feeding the Beast the Beast will die

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