1. Hi /all TLDR a member of a YouTube group who whole ‘thing’ is that he loves his wife and kids, he’s our internet dad, cheated on his wife with an employee

  2. They’re probably devastated, too. I feel for everyone, so much. Hopefully them posting without Ned is an indication that they’re still willing to move forward without him. I’m sure they will since they have so many employees and people dependent on the company.

  3. I can't imagine how awful this is for all of them. Especially having to scramble today to figure out how to manage the social media aspect.

  4. I was holding on to hope that it wasn’t true at first, but then the evidence just kept piling up. I’m so devastated for Ariel and the kids. Idk if it’s just me, but I definitely want her to stick around and be part of Second Try (only if she wants to, of course).

  5. Hope ya'll don't stop watching the channel though since Eugene, Zach, and Keith have worked their butts off to establish it

  6. Same, not only that, but the message makes it clear that they didn't part in good terms, which makes it worse

  7. this being 100x harsher than the fifth harmony "via her representatives" Camila exit letter.... not even a perfunctory "we wish him well" damn this is actually devastating

  8. He put their entire company at risk with his behavior. And there is a chance this means losing their food network show, possibly being cancelled before the rest of the series airs. It happens. Not to mention feeling so disappointed on a personal level. They were family.

  9. I mean how could they? He's rocked their entire world, essentially. Now they'll have to regroup and rebrand, yet again, which was stressful enough the first time. I also wonder if it's going to affect the physical office too, because that used to be Ned and Ariel's house. I imagine they would have transferred ownership to the business itself but if they didn't, that could cause more issues.

  10. Like I would be absolutely livid if a friend just did this outright. Couple that with you're now screwing up our jointly owned business financially and in terms of personnel, he would be lucky to receive this nice of a farewell.

  11. He put the future of the company at risk. If he was in any way coercive towards Alex, and she decides to sue, it seems like an easy win to me, with how public this is. And the "consensual workplace relationship" line makes me think he's already got a lawyer because he thinks that may happen.

  12. That hurts my heart so much lol I just keep thinking about their first few videos like the try ladies underwear or when they served sushi off of their bodies and stuff

  13. For some reason, I imagine that Becky and YB, next to the other 3 guys and Ariel, are the most upset about this. Ariel and Becky have been there for the guys since the beginning and YB and Alex formed a real friendship through 2ndTry.

  14. Also Kelsey Darragh who went with Alex for the wedding dress try on video when she got engaged…

  15. Can't imagine how complicated this must be from a business standpoint for them. All the merch, pre recorded videos, TV show, etc. I wonder if he was pushed out or decided on his own to leave.

  16. Agreed. The legal side must be a mess. He's probably still entitled to part of the profits from things that have his image. Also wasn't he in charge of a lot of the business side of things?

  17. They have already shot without a recipe episodes. They would have to throw all that footage out...crazy! I think he was definitely pushed out...maybe they were negotiating a graceful exit but twitter forced their hand.

  18. Man, this bums me out. The Try Guys was always comfort TV for me and my wife. When we were bored, we'd go back in their catalogue and just start a random video and see where it took us. While I don't think thos videos are ruined, it definitely taints the homey-ness of the backlog.

  19. Good on them. Making such a decisive move was the best thing they could've done. And lets be honest, likely the only way to save the company.

  20. I have always had a tenuous theory that there’s a correlation between people who post a lot about their relationship, talk a lot about how great it is, etc and situations like this. It’s purely anecdotal but I’ve seen it happen so many times with people I know personally. The couples who don’t feel the need to advertise seem to be the ones who stick it out. Not sure what this says, if anything, but it’s one more anecdote for the pile.

  21. When you feel the need to perform your relationship for others, it speaks to a lack of satisfaction in the daily and personal part of it, imo. Like there is a massive difference between celebrating “highlight” milestones (trips, anniversaries, etc) publicly as a sort of proud thing and a more constant “Hey, can’t you see how in looove I am” posting that feels like you’re seeking validation you aren’t getting internally

  22. No it seems valid, projecting the total opposite of how you really are in order to portray a false lifestyle (see John Mulaney). It’s sad and only makes the fallout 10x worse.

  23. Lol the guy who cheated on ended up marrying the last girl he cheated on me with and his instagram is unbelievably cringy. Meanwhile there’s mad rumours in the old friend group about an affair that happened before the wedding. Also she wants him to be sober and cleaned up so they can have a kid and he’s selling drugs to people I know behind her back.

  24. I’m sure he’s lost everyone because of this. I can’t imagine the other guys wanting to continue a personal relationship

  25. Eh, sadly men with connections almost always find a way to bounce back in LA. He may not focus on YouTube for a while but I'd bet he lands somewhere.

  26. Felt increasingly sure that this was going to be the only solution. If any of these allegations have merit, Ned jeopardized the entire company. A boss and an employee?? All she has to imply is that she was scared of retaliation and losing her job and the company is sunk. This is the smartest move, though I know it hurts everyone involved deeply. Devastated for the whole team to go through this and still here to support Keith, Eugene, and Zach.

  27. Whether she feels that way or claims it or doesn't actually doesn't matter. There is always a power imbalance, not absolving Alex but Ned is the worst party here by far.

  28. I just want to say that it's refreshing to see them hold Ned so accountable. Business legality notwithstanding, this shows the other guys' character is genuine (not that I thought it was a shtick for camera, its just that we all know the stereotypical "men defending men" piece in the media).

  29. It seems like The Try Guys worked their asses off to create the company they have on their own and it also appears their employees enjoy working with them, even the ones that have left. Maybe we will get a different story now or maybe this was just on Ned. But it sucks how selfish Ned was not just to his wife and kids but to everyone involved. Try Guys seemed like a seemingly joyful little place on the internet. The fact that another employee is allegedly involved makes it worse.

  30. Honestly after listening to the YCSWU podcast for so long all I can think about is how sorry I feel for Ariel. Ned sucks.

  31. Didn’t she let him quit his job and start a business while she was pregnant? And use the house they just bought? (Which seems like a huge deal in LA?). I feel like she has sacrificed so much for him to have his career.

  32. The YCSWU podcast didn't put out an episode this morning. They usually post Tuesdays at 8am. I'm willing to bet they probably won't post the TryPod either

  33. I am so sad for his boys. And Ariel. I can’t imagine being in her shoes right now and wishing it were yesterday when everything seemed fine with my life.

  34. This is sad and confusing. Why did they do this? They're both in long term relationships. If they weren't happy, why not separate? Why hurt their partners and their team? Why damage their relationships, their families, their friendships, and their careers? I just don't understand...

  35. Not only that, Ned lost his job. If he was going to cheat. He could have cheated with someone he didn’t work with. Then that would be a personal thing to work through. Cheating with a subordinate could open the tryguys to a lawsuit

  36. I know we all feel sorry and wish our best to Ariel and her kids, but there's another victim we should acknowledge. Will Thayer (Alex's former fiance' and whistleblower for this whole thing).

  37. I’m really glad the rest of the guys aren’t letting his behavior slide. It really sucks for the fans though, hope it was worth it!

  38. I’m sad for the company, hopefully this doesn’t have too harsh of implications on the business/financial side of things. One person’s selfish mistake can impact an entire company of people😵‍💫

  39. I've commented this elsewhere, but as a divorcee who had a marriage break down because of my ex's infidelity, my cheating radar has been pinging on Ned for a while. I can't pinpoint when, but there was a point at which Ned went from charmingly enamored with Ariel to overly obsessed with being the married guy. His constant public declarations of devotion closely mimicked what my ex would do to keep up appearances in the eyes of family and friends the more he cheated. Ned's whole husband spiel rang hollow and smacked of "the lady (or the Ned) doth protest too much". I feel so deeply for Ariel and anyone else that this situation has negatively impacted, but mostly I feel for Wes and Finn and how this will change their childhood.

  40. I’ve thought for awhile that it’s odd that his entire personality is simply “husband”. We’ve seen Zac delve into his love life and health issues. We’ve seen Eugene delve into cultural, sexual, and political issues. We’ve seen the comedy, acting, singing and food interests of Keith. It always felt like Ned was never willing to show another side of himself. I wonder how long he’s been cheating. I can’t help but think it’s been going on longer than even before Alex was around. He’s never really let his walls come down.

  41. I can’t imagine staying at a job where everyone knew I slept with one of the bosses + then one of the bosses left as a direct result. She’ll probably resign. Or maybe they’ll offer her a decent severance package if she agrees to go quietly, sign an NDA, etc.

  42. Probably get the option to resign with severance. I can't imagine the rest of the crew will be excited to work with her anymore.

  43. You know, even with all the speculation and being pretty sure it was right, this announcement still kind of stunned me.

  44. Poor Ariel, dude. I can’t imagine having to go through this privately, let alone sooo publicly. What a stupid way to throw away your career, life, relationships. And he’s put their company in jeopardy too by fucking around with an employee. What a moron.

  45. I really hope that they take proper time to heal from this. Ariel and the kids are the big victims here, but this is very damaging for everyone with the Try Guys as well.

  46. "No longer working with" is an interesting phrase. I guess it's because he's still a co-owner of the company until they buy him out or otherwise settle that.

  47. Imagine being able to have an incredible career making fun content with your closest friends while also having a beautiful family and throwing it all away for a quick make out sesh in public. Wild.

  48. “A consensual workplace relationship” would’ve been okay if 1) you weren’t her BOSS and 2) you weren’t a MARRIED FATHER of 2. Such a cop out. You and Alex decided to cheat on your respective partners. End of story.

  49. I thought I was the only one who thought it was weird he felt the need to mention it was consensual. At the end of the day he was her superior, married with kids, and had power over her. But she's also horrible because she was engaged.

  50. I think it's pretty clear that this was the only morally correct thing to do, and also the only way the company decided they can keep going. I wonder what's next for them, how they're going to acknowledge the situation in greater depth, and how they'll move past this.

  51. I really hope Ariel sees the outpouring of love. And even though I think Ned deserves to be fired and dragged I feel for the kids who are gonna have to read this online for themselves eventually.

  52. I think this will be hard for them in the short term but might be a benefit for them in the longterm, maybe they can try rotating in replacements to see who fits best (likely after taking a bit of a break).

  53. We all know Eugene is muttering “goddamn straight people” under his breath at the moment

  54. I mean to be fair he did say in a polygraph video that he thought they would divorce as after his parents divorce he finds it hard to think people will stay married

  55. He destroyed his career, his family, his business, his friendship circle, and countless relationships. Can’t believe somebody would be so stupid.

  56. I’m disappointed but I’m also glad to see people stuck by Ariel instead of covering things up if this was the case. Especially if it was with a younger employee, i don’t think I’ve ever seen an all male group be this supportive.

  57. Shocking but not surprising. This really hurts as a fan, and I just can't imagine what Ariel is going through. Sending all the good energy her way.

  58. They took pics with fans outside in NYC which are crisp clear and are wearing the same outfit as in the blurry pic. With that info it’s really solid proof :(

  59. God I feel bad for everyone involved, but I couldn’t imagine putting my blood sweat and tears into a company for 1/4th of it to go fuck everything up. I hope this scandal brings them more viewers tbh

  60. This has been my worst parasocial day on the internet since Ryan Haywood. It’s always the “wife guys”

  61. This is just so, so sad. In every way. But the silver lining is I'm glad the others are taking a stance against Neds behaviour and aren't turning a blind eye simply because it's their friend. Still sucks.

  62. as insane as this is, i feel so bad for ariel and the kids, as well as alex’s (i assume now ex) fiancé. hope they’re all doing okay.

  63. You just know that Becky is that girl. Intuitive with her assessment of people, chill, doesn't need to make her whole life about the guy she's with. The only Becky I stan

  64. I think this was written by a lawyer (which is 100% the right thing). I’ve bet they’ve been dealing w this behind the scenes and meant to move slower however the gossip forced their hands.

  65. It’s a business matter so they have to be direct. I’m sure they’ll do something for the “fans” one day but right now it’s get this out and start the next phase of the clean-up

  66. Holyyyyy shit. Gutted for Ariel and all of them tbh but there was no other way to go. Variety is saying allegations of misconduct? Perhaps there was more than just this incident , with other members of staff? Or harassment?

  67. the craziest thing to me is if you’re going to cheat, very publicly i might add, why in the hell would you do it with an employee??? (like duh cheating is bad) but just business wise….like what the hell??? how could you be that fucking stupid?

  68. Wow. This is not something I had on my 2020s bingo card. I suppose I'm just glad they're two hopefully consenting adults and not uh... Stares at Mike Lombardo, Gus Johnson, Luke Conard, Alex Carpenter, Alex Day, Tom Milsom, Edd Blann (Eddplant), Shay Carl Butler Not all the same level of ick but all are notable internet guys I used to like.

  69. I know we're all making this joke but I feel like that might not happen. Can't imagine Kwesi or any of their other guy friends would want to fill that void.

  70. I can't believe this. The Try Guys deserve to be trending for something that's not this. I know it's human nature to be interested in great things and horrible things but this just sucks. Devastated for Ariel and the kids, hoping the Guys can pick the pieces up. Just stunned.

  71. My heart hit the floor when I read that. It has to go beyond cheating. This is so serious. I really respect the rest of them for taking such a strong stand against his behavior.

  72. Holy shit Ned wtff. I never imagined it coming down to this. And destroying your entire brand, friendships and family for what??

  73. Im so shocked by all this. i feel so sorry for ariel, the kids and also the other try guys since i believe it wasn’t easy at all to let go of a partnership and a friendship like this.

  74. This could also mean it is the end of Ariel contributing to 2nd Try (You Can Sit With Us podcast, Try Moms, other videos). It would make sense that she distanciate herself from the company, at least momentarily. That's too bad.

  75. They way Ned’s worded his statement really shows how much damage control lawyers are doing behind the scenes. Rather than admitting that he cheated he admitted to a ‘consensual workplace relationship’

  76. This was the absolute correct move. Happy for them that they are moving forward, but it’s very sad for everyone involved (except Ned, I do not have one ounce of sympathy for him).

  77. honestly I'm just shocked and disappointed.... I don't even know what to say. I'm just thinking about years of my life I've spent listening to their podcast every week, watching all of their videos, ever since early buzzfeed days... it's just the end of an era. I hope that Ariel and the kids and the guys are able to pick up the pieces. it really just sucks for everyone. of course I feel horrible for Ned's immediate family but I feel just as bad for the other three guys. like.... that's one of their best friends, basically family to them too, you know? that's something I always thought was beautiful about the try guys and to see everything crumble is just so heartbreaking.

  78. What makes this so difficult is Ned's whole schtick was being "the wife guy." I am seeing a lot of comparisons to John Mulaney, but at least Mulaney was (IMO) a genuinely great comedian with good timing and lots of skill both doing stand up and writing. He has an actual product (his art of stand up) that I can enjoy separately from his actual personality.

  79. I’m actually in shock. Like I kinda figured it was true but to have an actual statement from them…what’s gonna happen now

  80. I just saw this posted 16 times back to back (including mine). I hope there is a more detailed statement soon. I hope Ned also explains himself.

  81. To see this statement and realize it's all real is so sad. Let's not forget that Neds first house became the Try Studio. This man was baked into the very foundation of this business. This whole thing is tragic for all the employees and loved ones who have been hurt.

  82. I’m glad to see the guys doing what is right. Too many friend groups side with their friends even when they’re wrong and keep them in the fray. I think having Ned leave the group shows that they do not tolerate his actions.

  83. This might be the wrong take, but after not watching The Try Guys for a few years, I may start watching them again without Ned. I think the others bring a lot more personality and creativity to the table.

  84. really makes you think about how fragile this company branding is at its core… a lot of their work is really branded around the notion of 4 happy couples being together, 4 best guy friends, 3 best girlfriends and a matt… that type of stuff doesn’t last forever. i’m sure people have all sorts of experiences with “we’re a family” type businesses who can relate. it’ll never be the same but it’s not surprising this couldn’t last

  85. Itll be fun to see Ned try to bounce back from this now that we all know he's full of shit. He made Ariel his personality and couldnt even do that right.

  86. Is anybody else seeing all the tweets from their old BuzzFeed coworkers? A bunch of the ones I’ve seen have been in the vein of “well we’re not shocked” and now I’d love to know what was going on behind the scenes 👀👀

  87. My sister and I have been talking about this for several hours (we are in Aus so we have been talking about it since 6pm AEST). The pictures never sold me that it happened. It was the silence. Because if it were false, everyone would have roasted the hell out of it.

  88. Just saw that the official tryguys Instagram unfollowed Ned but is still following Alex. Interesting.

  89. As others have said, due to the power dynamic it's very unlikely that they will fire her. She might resign or be asked to leave, but I doubt she'll outright be let go.

  90. Oh wow. Of all the statements to make this is… something else. I don’t really know what I expected but this was not it for some reason. I figured if the allegations were true he would obviously be separating, but I figured they would release a "we are investing" type statement first and then this. This is so sudden. It feels like a fever dream

  91. He ruined his life over a workplace affair? Ned did this?! The man went to Yale, he's supposed to be smart! He had a beautiful wife and two amazing kids!

  92. I’m sure the remaining guys will be just fine. My big concern for them is the food network show. They were able to cross mediums! They spent so much time cultivating it and now…who knows.

  93. Oof, They've changed the avatar and banner to an Orange background Triceratops and removed Ned from the bio.

  94. What else could they do if it was true. A boss/employee dynamic on top of their general “good guy fun type” personas this goes against their company ideals and for most of them would be seen as a huge betrayal. They’re all connected

  95. This is heart breaking because the try guys were first and foremost friends, when he betrayed his wife he also betrayed every single try guy that has worked so hard to build this brand. I cannot believe he did something so selfish and stupid. I hope everyone can find peace moving forward

  96. I hope Alex feels pressured to quit too. She gave me bad vibes when she told her Post Malone story on the podcast. About them basically flirting with each other and him giving her a wad of cash to go to the strip club without him and she was begging him to go with her. And His gf was pregnant. She complained how she’s been sexualized but I think she uses uses that to her advantage a lot. Good for Will to dump her her.

  97. Just so frusterating. This (hopefully) one time thing, is going to have lasting effects hurting their families, friends and (now former) company. People really need to think before they act. This whole thing is just horrible.

  98. I really feel for everyone at 2nd try. Especially the main 3 since the professional and personal were so closely tied together. Like, is Zach uninviting him from his and Maggie’s wedding? Was Ned going to be a groomsman? Sucks all around.

  99. I really genuinely wanted to believe that the photos were mistaken identity, that there was some other reason he was edited out of videos (I didn't realise until today they'd edited him out of Phoning It In and thought he was off sick or something when they filmed the standup video). I wanted a dumb video where they all made fun of "that time the internet decided ned was cheating with an employee", not this.

  100. I have really loved the work Ariel has put out with the Try Moms. I know Rachel is the queen of those videos, but I selfishly hope Ariel is still involved with those since I feel like they’re some of the best videos the channel puts out.

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