1. Don’t focus exclusively on any upgrades. An extremely cheap damage upgrade is better than an extremely expensive health upgrade.

  2. Early game, top 4 are Thorns, Lifesteal, Defense %, and Attack Speed. If you can max them out early on in a run, then you can focus the majority of your cash into Health and Damage, which will carry you the most, and you should upgrade along with the above ones.

  3. Problem with free attack is when you are maxed out it only leaves damage and range which means your range will be upgraded out of orbs range making them useless. I do auto defense because same with utility it will upgrade attack which leads to the same issue

  4. These are my opinions and how i played so far and i suggest you figuring it out how you enjoy it yourself is the most fun:

  5. Lab wise, id say game speed, lab speed, health, and attack speed. Coin wise, id say coin per kill/wave generally is good so you can accumulate coin faster. Cash wise, its decent to have a higher health pool along with attack speed and some knockback chance/force to keep enemies at bay. This are like personally effective for me, take this advice with a grain of salt if you will. Hope everything works out for you, good luck and happy defending. Cheers.

  6. The health (!) of enemies increases very quickly - and very quickly, you reach a point where you can not kill them with your damage any more, "no matter what you do".

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