1. It's still pretty early to have anything definitive, and unfortunately several of the perks end up being situational. All to say, it's hard to make an easy ranking/tier list. There is a basic one floating around the discord, and some discussion on the topic.

  2. It's been a month are these ranks still solid? Also, I've never used the ranged enemies down perk, how good is it? I'm currently farming T8 and to around wave 2600 with the +1.8x coins, tower health -70% perk.

  3. I don't know if this is available anywhere else, if it is let me know and I'll edit this post with that location.

  4. The value of the perks depends on your build and your goals for the run. For instance, 1.8x Coins -70% Health is phenomenal for coin farming, but awful for pushing max waves. -50% Damage down, -50% Enemy Damage is great for Health builds but awful for Glass Cannon. Enemy Speed -40%, but Enemy Damage 2.5x is awful for Health but really good for Glass Cannon.

  5. Because of the way thorns damage is calculated, the "tower does 50% damage and enemies do 50% damage" one effectively doubles your health.

  6. I disagree with this chart. Being that orbs is the best killer according to stats, preventing 100% of enemies entering with orbs +1 is my strat and it works.

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