1. Maybe Morelull can potentially be good once they bring absorb, mega drain/giga drain into the game. Absorb should most certainly be a fast move, it's been a staple since Gen 1.

  2. The only Pokemon I don't care for of course got separate task. What's the point of Luvdisk quest if it gets research day this week...

  3. I thought hatch an egg was a bad task, but earn 10 hearts with your buddy? Lmao I would call this bullying from niantic. Big skip for me.

  4. No more eggs grinding for me. Tried in on helioptile and darumaka before. well, still hadn't the shiny. So I just wish I could encounter shiny in the wild.

  5. Do we know if "2x transfer xl chance" increases the chance on the 3 xl candy or makes it 6 possible xl? I think we've seen it both ways for different events.

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