1. Although you should focus on just catching the pidgeys during that hour. There are the same evolve XP bonuses again in the month, especially for 3 days during Rayquaza raid event and maybe in the valentine event as well. Thus catch lots of pidgeys and then evolve later

  2. Would recommend focusing on catching pidgeys instead of evolving, the primal rumbling event at the end of the month has 2x evolve for the whole event so you can just stockpile pidgeys for that

  3. What about connecting to an auto catcher and catching and evolving at the same time? Or will auto catcher not try to catch while you're evolving stuff?

  4. Before anyone complain about no 2x candy transfer, it will be in the first week of March. All the bonus rotate. With 5 bonuses, obviously some month will only have 4.

  5. There is also a global challenge unlock for 3x transfer candy during the valentines day event, assuming we reach the goal within the week.

  6. Be sure to save the Combee and Audino research tasks from Valentines day for the Woobat spotlight 😊

  7. Like nobody has Lucario. At least put Chansey/Blissey, they do not do damage, but they're far more annoying to take down.

  8. Woobat and Slakoth are the 🤤 ones... But spotlight hr on valentines is gonna get me killed 😥... Good for the single folks, killer for the married ones 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Shame I won't get to play it, somewhat of a social date in my calendar that evening and a death stare already being shot at me from my partner just in case I feel

  10. i hate you. noy YOU, but the universe at large. my maximum pokemon was reached today, er, yesterday. so i made a choice. popped a lucky egg, and evolved all 50 pidgey i had. i figured the evolution bonus would take forever to arrive.

  11. Pidge I get, it's basically been extinct in public for ages and the wing attack variants are highly desirable now in great and ultra League so it's a great opportunity to earn the candy xl for UL.

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