1. The difference between getting a Goomy and a Delibird on the research breakthrough is a bit funny

  2. Interesting that we have a significant gap between the Valentine's event ending (14th) and the pre-Hoen tour event (22nd).

  3. i remember stocking up on pidgeys just to evolve them. the mass transfer update was a lifesaver for transfering the hordes of useless pidegeottos lol

  4. Not sure whether to spend the hour evolving, or catching pidgey and stock them up for the other 2x evolve event later this month.

  5. I'm happy we're getting a mega fairy type again. I started just a month after Mega Altaria this past year and have been waiting for a chance since.

  6. Started playing last summer and Gardevoir is the only pokemon i have as maxed out hundo. Getting it to mega evolve feels huge.

  7. I have a L50 hundo purified Gardevoir from the pre-shadow buff that has been waiting all this time for this moment

  8. Fairy. Top fairy attacker. Alakazam/Latios is the best psychic mega (although I prefer Alakazam as you can give it shadow ball and do super effective damage while boosting XL chance). But they're all just keeping the throne warm for mega Mewtwo.

  9. It's better as a fairy, but is the second best psychic mega for now, and doesn't have its best move locked behind an elite tm. It has better bulk than alakazam, which negates some of the loss in dps. Mega latios has slightly better bulk again, for another trade off in lower dps.

  10. don't have the numbers run or anything, but psychic isn't really one of the better raid attackers so it'll probably be better as a fairy.

  11. That requires people to kick my pokemon out of gyms regularly instead of having all 4 kicked out within an hour of each other

  12. Feels weird that they keep featuring Vulpix. I think it has been a boosted spawn in like two different events over just the past few months already (Halloween and something else forgettable), so why does it need a Go Battle Day too?

  13. Not sure if this relates but the Pokemon Store regularly features A-Vulpix, especially in the Northern hemisphere winter months.

  14. Shadow Kanto Ninetales with legacy Ember made a splash in the PVP scene when Cindy won a regional tournament with it.

  15. Innit. Only Mega I've not got, cos it's not been in rotation since the changes and I didn't quite get enough research candy over Hallowe'en. Getting frustrating!

  16. It was available through research tasks at one point, the one I'm waiting for is Kangaskhan. That came out once in raids and never been seen again.

  17. Atm we just know 50 power for PvP, with a 100% chance to decrease opponent's attack. (I'm guessing 40 energy)

  18. LETS GOOO MEGA GARDEVOIR FINALLLLLYYYY!!! My two best buddies shluckies are excited in their spots rn

  19. Late but no surprise here, pretty much everything except Spotlight Hours was already announced (just not summarized in one place.)

  20. There are five bonuses and we just got double transfer candy today. If a month has only 4 Tuesdays, it will miss one of them. We should get double transfer candy again as the first spotlight hour of March.

  21. There was one yesterday for Blitzle spotlight hour but I missed it :( will have to keep all my spare Pokemon for a while longer.

  22. All the spotlight hours are duds for me and I don’t need either the vulpix or luvdisc days. Doubt they would ever do it, but a spotlight hour for the heart Spinda would have been lovely. They make those tasks waaaay to rare and I really want that shiny. Overall a really boring month for me, which is kinda nice. I’ll go hard on the tour and valentines events, though. Lots of good stuff, just not stuff I need.

  23. Have we ever had an event that gives Extra XL candies for transferring? Wondering if I should transfer most of my Reshirim/Zekroms or wait…

  24. Does anyone know if the primal energy will be required to transform Groudon and Kyogre each transformation? Or will it be like the mega energy since the update last year where you only need to use more energy to transform before the timed cooldown.

  25. It should be the same as Megas, you'll use a larger amount of energy the first time, then subsequent reversions will cost less energy, and you will be able to do it for free if you wait out the cooldown

  26. I think it's more that it's a packed month (and January was packed as well). I suspect March we'll see them return

  27. Wow, for people not attending LV HT there is 7 day gap between events (15-21), it's quite long considering their usual stream of events.

  28. Not a bad month imo. Has some less exciting stuff, but it's also got some big highs around the end of the month and some nice raid bosses, so I nice balance where it's not all exciting fomo stuff but not super boring either.

  29. It seems like (for the most part), an even will have a new Mega, Shiny, OR dex entry. Some do have 2 shinies/new Pokemon or a combination of those, but generally, it does seem to be one each.

  30. If we don't have any of the deoxys forms yet? Will we have to spend money for extra passes or are they going to be making an event out of it?

  31. Please no more Galarian Mr. Mime as a research breakthrough. I've got enough of those, I have Pokémon Sword so I can go catch my own.. Just please, no more.

  32. Has anyone encountered a shiny furfrou since the fashion week? Nobody in my friend group has.

  33. I'm a bit out of the loop, but are primal Groudon and Kyogre only available to ticket holders this month?

  34. During the in-person hoenn tour, you can do primal raids from invites of people in Vegas but you won't get primal energy nor exclusive move. But during the global, anyone can do the primal raids and will reward primal energy and exclusive move.

  35. It's just the 99 cent special research they offer for every CD. The Community Day is always free, but you can buy that special research for extra encounters and a few items.

  36. Between Hoenn tour and my hunt for shiny Tapu Lele, I may actually have to spend money on raid passes. Gonna be a busy month for me

  37. Keep it as a shadow and try to get a hundo regular Gardevoir. A high IV Shadow is much rarer than a non-shadow hundo.

  38. I have a Vegas ticket and it said we'd be getting special research to "help us prepare" any idea on what they mean?

  39. Could be unannounced. I'm not counting on it, but it's still possible that we'll get (mildly) boosted shiny odds for the Global Event. They don't often mention Shiny odds in Global events beyond Incense shiny boosts

  40. Every Wednesday at 6 PM local time, every Gym assuming it doesn't have a raid/egg already, will get a Legendary Raid, lasting 1 hour.

  41. I guess they consider that Asset Gathering week before Go Fest so players can stock up on items/coins/bag space

  42. If I am remembering right in 2019 there really wasn't much in the way of shinies. Some community day shinies and the occasional release of 1 or 2 a month I think? I highly doubt they had anything even close to an equal trade.

  43. Kind of coming in late on this one but no mention of elite raids again after nothing in January. Seems like a bit of an admittance on their part they failed at this. Anyone think they'll try a re-launch?

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